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Wyc on Ray, KG, and the need to beat Miami

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 15, 2012 Free Agency 7 Comments on Wyc on Ray, KG, and the need to beat Miami

The end of this season hasn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but we’re still stinging a bit from it all… especially as we watch more basketball being played in the NBA Finals.

But for our Celtics, it’s time to move forward.  Today, on WEEI, Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck touched on a few subjects (transcribed by our own MrTrpleDouble10 on Twitter).

First, he touched on the elimination at the hands of Miami.

“I won’t get over the (series loss to Miami) until we get past those guys. Have to find a way to beat them.”

Sounds great, Wyc.  It’s a great sentiment.  And since we bill ourselves here as “The voice of Celtics fans”, I’ll take this opportunity to speak for us all and shout a hearty HUZZAH to you good sir!  We’re coming back to take Miami DOWN!!  Here, we already made the promotional poster for next year’s season.

Rajon Rondo

OK, Wyc.  So… what’s step 1?  Doing whatever we can to bring back our defensive stalwart Kevin Garnett….  the man who, along with Rondo, flat out carried us in the playoffs?

“We have to let that stuff play out, let him speak for himself…”

Umm… Ok.  Well, what about Ray Allen?  I know there has been some souring here but we can kiss and make up.  Before he was hurt, he was having one of his best shooting seasons in a long time.   We can use bench scoring like that.

“I did not have a conversation with Ray Allen, but having both he and Avery Bradley would be an embarrassment of riches scenario”

Alright.  Well.  Tough to speak on that now, I suppose.  You can’t even really talk to them now until July 1 anyway. So what else have we got in mind?  There’s got to be some grand “reloading” plan to get us back into a series against the Heat…

“We want to stay contenders if we possibly can, but we’ll see how this plays out”

Some contradictory stuff there, I know.  And like Jay said in his tweets… Wyc can be a pretty big influence on “how this plays out.”  Sounds to me like he’s a guy that doesn’t like the Miami Heat much, but he’s not going to go tossing around those cartoony sacks of cash with $$ on front of them  in some misguided attempt to beat Miami.

As much fun as I had with Wyc on this, the prudent thing is to build this team properly without regard to what other teams are doing.  Focus on the C’s, their weaknesses, their financial situation, and the current landscape of available players and build a quality team going forward.

I want to beat Miami too… but I also don’t want to go through one of those 20-year title droughts again, either.

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  • screaming jay

    How’s everybody feeling about Dwight Howard these days? Last year I was very interested in him becoming a Celtic, after this past season and the shenanigans he pulled….I don’t really want him in Celtic green.

    There’s no denying his defensive prowess, but there are definitely other big men I’d rather have. Just don’t like the guy much.

    • Wil Reyes

      seeing how ggood rondo was able to get Garnett the ball inside.

      DH was stupid not to want to go to boston.

      He wouldve easily averaged 5-6 more points a game with rondo.

  • Jason

    With Dwight, KG, Rondo, Pierce and Bradley, if the C’s score 76, they win.

    • Jason

      Ain’t happening of course, but point is if you can get Dwight, you get Dwight. I wasn’t particularly fond of his behavior this year, but did he break his hand fighting a friend? Did he commit any crimes? No. A little immaturity and a lot of frustration. Bad combo, bad reaction. With Doc, KG and Pierce (not to mention an actual PG that would elevate his game even more), he would fall in line just fine and be a tremendous asset.

    • KY Celts fan

      ha! very true. that team would be a defensive dynamo.

  • paul

    Mealy mouthed words from Wyc and Ainge, and from KG and Allen and the rest of the players we are getting a hard slap in the face.

    So I think it’s time to clear the decks. Keep only Bradley and Rondo. Try to keep Pietrus, Wilcox, STiemsma and possibly Green. Everyone else? Gone. Trade Pierce to a contender for whatever we can get (otherwise he’ll just retire on us).

  • GarnettsGrl

    I love this team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!