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Durant learning there’s a double standard for LeBron

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“I just missed,” Durant said.

Was there contact?

“I really couldn’t tell you. I’ve got to watch the film, I guess.”

Are you saying you don’t think you got mugged by LeBron on that last play? You don’t believe you were fouled?

“I missed the shot, man.”

Durant knew he was fouled. His reaction on the court after the shot caromed off the rim and into LeBron’s arms said enough. He’d nearly pulled off one of the great NBA Finals comebacks of all time, scoring 26 points in the second half. Given the ball and a chance to tie with less than 10 seconds left, he spun on the baseline and lofted a shot from seven feet that was about six inches short. James made the mistake of looking away from Durant, then he tried to slow him by pinning his arm underneath Durant’s right shoulder.

Yahoo! Sports – Heat even NBA Finals, beat Thunder after controversial non call on James

What a farce. You think LeBron wouldn’t get the whistle if the roles were reversed?


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  • bill

    Exactly. Stern wants to give him a ring to quiet everyone about his cash cow. Durant has to pull a fuel and just play through it. Thunder are a better team, better coach, just stop battier.

  • IanD

    LeBron also fouled Westbrook on the arm when he grabbed the rebound. The Ref was 3 feet away, thought we was gonna choke on the whistle he swallowed it so far.

  • Kristovar

    Yep, obvious fouls. Stern would LOVE for the Heat to win this.

    I have to admit that while I sincerely want OKC to win this series, I can’t help but derive a little schadenfreude over my countless friends who are Thunder fans going berserk over the non call(s) after they told me to stop whining about the refs in game 2 of the ECF.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Stop with the refs. I agree it was a big problem in game 2 of the ECFs and in game 6 of the WCFs but every other game it’s just been an excuse for the losing team. If you’re going to complain about one call, all I can say is the best team and the best player finds a way to win. LeBron is the better player and when firing on all cylinders the Heat may even be the better team. Ask Scott Brooks if you think they could have won if they didn’t shit the bed in the first half and he’ll give you a resounding yes.

    Chris Bosh got hammered all game and shot five free throws. It almost seemed like LeBron himself went to the basket more than the whole OKC team in the first half yet OKC still managed to shoot one more free throw over the course of the game. And if you wanna talk about specific calls, how about that late and-one on LeBron to put Westbrook at the line? What a load of crap. That’s not an NBA Finals caliber foul at all.

    KD is humble and all but he also knows better than to complain about the refs when they pretty much gave him a trip to the Finals in game 6. LeBron had the better game, move on to the next one. I’m sure the Thunder will bounce back.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Oh, and why is it news that the better player gets the calls? Maybe it’s because Pierce has been absolutely robbed of that treatment these past couple of years but still.

  • Lakerhater

    Stern wants at least 6 games. I had to laugh win pundits were talking okc in 4. The game will continue to slip in credibility until Stern leaves. And no I haven’t stopped beating my wife yet.

  • zippittyay

    I counted 3 fouls and a travel by LeBron in that one sequence.

  • bill

    Tim Donagh’s book is a must read. It lays out how the fixing works. Damm Chris webber should have had that ring in 2002. I still hate wade more, lebron is his scapegoat