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It’s official: Bass will opt out

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 14, 2012 Brandon Bass, Free Agency 15 Comments on It’s official: Bass will opt out

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This is as surprising as Chuck ordering another beer…

While there has been considerable speculation as to what Bass will do this summer, his agent tells that the 6-foot-8 forward plans to not opt-in to the final year of his contract, and thus test the free agent waters.

However, all indications are that Bass is hoping to return to the Celtics with a multi-year deal.

There was  absolutely zero chance Bass was going to exercise his $4.25 million dollar option.  He earned a raise this past season.  The only question is how big a raise. 

My guess is the bidding will begin at the $6.4 million Glen Davis is owed next season.  Some teams might decide to go as high as $8 million.

In figuring out what other options there might be out there besides Bass, the name Kris Humphries keeps popping up.  He’s a really good rebounder that would fill a huge void with the C’s.  He’s a strong power forward who has averaged more than 10 boards a year the past two years, but his mid-range game is no where near what Bass’ is.  And he made $8 million last year and might be looking for a raise himself.

My guess is the C’s get Bass in for a Big Baby type of deal over 3 or 4 years… but you never know with free agency.

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  • In all honesty, Bass was not that great. the only reason he started was because the Celtics did not have anyone else. And he is not that great a rebounder and is at best a rotation player off the bench.

  • Double P

    Ya am I missing something? Bass is a role player really.. wouldn’t mind if they let him.walk for that $

  • Wil Reyes

    Starting line up offense was bad at the start of the season, but when they put in bass it shifted. Their bench scoring became bad.

    I like his ability to knockdown shots. One of the consistent ones this season.

    But 4 year deal? no, Josh smith is a free agent next year so, I’d say wait for him and Iguodala.Plus Jajuan needs more play time

  • vivek NJ

    i am on the wall about bass. i won’t be upset if he walks. he showed he is a 10-15 ppg player. he rebounded decently in playoffs. but i am not sure he pushes himself hard. he can be an above 20 ppg player.

    • sev

      Bass cannot be a 20ppg scorer, and the only way he gets 15 a game is with a point guard like Rondo. Bass has NO post game, and his 2 handed dunk was becoming ver predictable, as he even struggles to just finish with layups around the rim(everything seemed to be power dunks only). Thats how Wade was able to block that dunk(even though Bass got his revenge). Jump shooter only with occasional big rebound games, plus good D. On a team that doesn’t spread the ball and/or no post player, Bass would struggle getting more than 10-12ppg

      • Jeremy Etom

        Absolutely right. The only reason he could flourish was because he was in the right system that could bring his strengths out. Nothing more. A big man with a solid mid range jump shot, but with no post game nor ability to drive to the basket. Take his jump shot away and he has no threat left. Rondo’s ability to get the ball to him is a huge part to why he is enjoying this success right now. I like Bass, but I hope he understands that it’s the people around him that raised his value, and not him.

      • Sev…You hit he nail on the head! Although I believe Bass could make a contribution to any team, he is not the key player that will cary the Celtics anywhere. He’s strickly a #3 who has difficulty finishing at the rim and lacks some ball handling skills. The Celtics desperately need a post player which would allow KG to set up at #4, but post players are at a premium in the NBA…good ones anyway. As the Celtics continue to get longer in the tooth they better make some serious changes before they find themselves unable to climb out of the abyss.

  • sev

    I like Bass, but the prob with him and a lot of NBA players is that they think they deserve more than than worth based on the fact that some team out there will most likely pay them what they want.(Glen Davis) If we give bass 6-8 million and pay Jeff Green around the same, before you know it we won’t have money for the big tag free agents. Obviously thats why the key is to lock them up when their younger based on potential/home town discounts etc. If Rondo is making 10 or 11 is Bass worth 6-8? Not a lot of room for error in the NBA with these free agents, unlike baseball(red sox). Bass was an improvement IMO over Baby, although not as big as some people would argue when you consider their entire overall game, but it’s hard to pay him anymore than 6 when all he really does is shoot the ball very well(fits the celtics as far as spreading the floor,but as was mentioned we do need rebounding), and play solid D. Hopefully he will settle for a long term contract with an annual salary around 5 to 6 max, otherwise danny needs to keep no looking. Green can play PF too. IMO Wilcox was going to play better under Doc than he has on any other team.(loved his rebounding and he is a better scorer than people think) His low post game is better than Bass, but is he healthy(is Jeff Green healthy for that matter) These are gambles that will have to pay off if we are making another run with KG and Paul or somebody else that we trade Paul for. Rondo, Bradley, Green, Gasol, KG or Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, Green, KG. If KG was smart he would sign for very little(giving us more money for free agents) as he does not need money, but another title would do way more for his legacy(and I think he understands that). I’ll take Ray off the bench too.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m hoping we can get him back, something around what Baby got, 3 years. The other unrestricted 4 guys that I like are KMart & Maxiel. Obviously I wouldn’t want LMart long-term. Sounds like DA has to handle all this other stuff before KG re-ups.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Bass is a good player, but he`s replaceable at $8M. Boston has better ways to spend that kind of money than giving it to Bass.

    Humphries has too much off-the-court drama in his life. When an athlete is mentioned more on TMZ than ESPN…it`s a major distraction and problem.

  • Astarot

    Solid player throughout the season. He made an impact (on offense) when they put him to the starting line up. But as being said bad rebounder also had problems on defense. Maybe his worth 6 – 6,5yr but nothing more than that.

  • paul

    I wouldn’t go higher than seven million.

  • Lakerhater

    7 is about right.If he goes to a hand therapist and learns to catch passes. Not saying he’s got sheldon williams hands but he fumbles the gather wich makes him easier to block. But I guess you could argue it got him some trips to the foul line too.

  • Shawncvd

    Any player already in green needs to understand that while there’s more $$ to be made elsewhere, here you get an opportunity to play under Coach Doc. That alone should illegitimately justify a hometown discount .

    Bass 3 years, $18 mil. Or 1 year $8 mil so the C’s can pursue in the strongrer FA Summer of 2013

    • michael

      I read through all of these, and I couldn’t agree more Shawn. Clear, concise, and 100% accurate!