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E’Twaun Moore wants a bigger role next year (and should get one)

I know…

I could write a headline saying “a starving person hopes for more food next year” and it would make just as much sense.  Of course E’Twaun wants a bigger role.  Garbage time minutes, especially when you had a few good games earlier in the season, are not anyone’s goal.

I think Moore is going to be good.  Good enough, in fact, that next season he could fight for the role Ray Allen was supposed to play in the end:  shooter/scorer off the bench.   That is, if Ray doesn’t come back.  And the thing is, E’Twaun knows he can fight for that role too… because he’s got a good amount of confidence in himself.

“Very confident,” C’s coach Doc Rivers used in describing Moore. “But not cocky. He feels he’s good enough to be here, he belongs and he’s not shy about letting you know. That’s a good thing.”

Added Paul Pierce: “He’s one of the best shooters on the team. He’s going to be a really solid player in this league, in time.”

Unlike draft picks in the past, I have a lot more faith that Moore and JaJuan Johnson will pan out.  Moore has proven he has the potential by performing well in his pre-lockout stint in Italy, and scoring 16 points in a huge comeback win over Orlando back in January (on 4-4 shooting from 3).  This kid can flat out shoot the ball, and he’s had a year to watch one of the best shooters ever and learn.

I like the idea of E’Twaun in the shooter-off-the-bench role.  Maybe the Celtics will pursue a Steve Novak or someone similar to help in that regard and space both sides of the floor.  But I like E’Twaun off the bench next season.  I’m all for giving this kid a shot.

Quick Poll:  Who do you think will come back to the Celtics next year?

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  • PakkAttackj

    Definetly deserves it. We need to get started of the youth movement already. Let Ray walk, bring KG back. Then the youth movement with Rondo, Avery, Green, Bass, E’Twaun, JaJuan, Stiemsma & player(s) we draft.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Moore can shoot, and he played with poise.

    He made 17 of 45 three point attempts. Had he made 18, he would`ve shot an even .400%. Plus, he was a perfect 1.000% at the FT line.

    I`d make him the first guard off the bench next year.

  • NoLeBronInUbuntu

    I watched the open practice at the beginning of the year. It was actually a scrimmage, not a practice.
    Moore was one of the standouts…and JJJ hit some smooth midrange jumpers.
    I would have liked to have seen more of them this season, but, instead we got more minutes from the biggest standouts from the practice….Bass, Bradley, Stiemsma, and Wilcox.
    Lack of practices this season really hurt the rookies.