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Your Morning Dump… “Sources” are talking about Kevin Garnett

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“First, he has a lot of respect for Doc (Rivers, the C’s coach),” the source said. “I’m not sure there is someone else he could play for at this point. He’s very loyal. But he’s also very proud. As long as they pay him what he feels is fair, this will be the place he wants to be.”

Herald – Plenty left in Garnett’s tank

But quality of life is an issue, too, for KG, and he has found a comfort zone with the Celts that would make it hard for him to go elsewhere if he isn’t able to find a mutually beneficial deal here.

In this regard, some close to the issue think it’s possible Garnett waits to see how the club plans to shape the roster.

“Kevin’s very loyal, and he hates change,” one source said. “But I think it’d be hard for him to come back if it’s a total rebuild. If he’s going to play, he has to be playing for something.

“I think he’ll wait to see what’s going to happen. If Danny can give him a solid answer right away, then maybe he gives them an answer, too. But KG’s going to want to know who he’ll be playing with.”

The above source also noted that it might be difficult for Garnett to accept the Celtics [team stats] bringing in a free agent who will make more money and be asked to do less.

Herald – Situation must be right if he’s going to return

The Herald’s Steve Bulpett and Mark Murphy both quote sources with some knowledge/speculation about Kevin Garnett’s mindset.

To summarize, KG:

  • Wants to play for Doc
  • Is very loyal
  • Wants to be treated fairly
  • Doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild

I can’t imagine Garnett waiting too long to make a decision. Unlike years past, Danny Ainge is going to move quickly in free-agency. As he targets players, it will be beneficial if he can say, “KG is coming back and wants to play with you.”

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  • KY Celts fan

    I still can’t get Red’s Army to load on my phone. Any update on that?

    • John

      Please go here: and make sure you use “website comments/concerns” in the drop down menu to report this.

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      Red’s Army works fine on my phone. By the way, GREAT job on the mobile version of the site. So easy to use, neat, and I like how each story displays how many comments there are.

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        I did send an email so hopefully it gets fixed shortly.

  • paul

    Danny needs to shut down the Ainge Express and make some apologies to the veterans for the disrespect he has shown by constantly threatening to trade them.

    • vivek NJ

      paul you are always cynical poster man.

    • bruce

      Thanks Paul, but you didn’t go far enough. Specifically, get rid of Ainge, let Doc run his team.

  • colaroaster

    2 yrs/20M with a player option, no trade clause, starting power forward, limited min’s, etc.. with the shades down that contract was signed during last year’s all-star break. ray’s coming back too, the mother ship is riding out with the big 3 in style. not to mention danny finally has a ton of cap room to screw around with and a kick ass owner willing to gamble. there’s no reason to underestimate these guys operate on different levels than us. plus its no secret wyc, danny, and doc carry the big dick around the league. 2013 could be more wild than last years lock out..

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  • PapaIrish

    Gotta think a no trade clause would go a long way with both kg and Allen (if Ainge even wants him back) and it might even be a requirement for kg.

  • Skitchy

    works fine on iPhone. and yeah,great mobile version,only the logo is blurry

  • JaiBeasley

    Anyone who says Miami is a better team is crazy! Give us Wilcox and Bradley and we’re playing still!!