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Words KG said: “Last train stops in Boston”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 13, 2012 Kevin Garnett, Rumors 15 Comments on Words KG said: “Last train stops in Boston”

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While we’re all waiting for what Kevin Garnett might do, Jay (MrTrpleDouble10) and his encyclopedic memory reminded me of this interview KG did back on media day in 2010.  It ends with this:

Is this your last stop, the last place you want to be?

Yup, this is it. Last train stops in Boston

The facts are what they are:  Kevin Garnett is a free agent, thus he is free to speak with any team he wants as of July 1.  He just proved he can still play by virtue of dropping NINE separate 20/10 games in the playoffs, and easily being the most important player in this run that fell a few minutes short of the Finals.  So that means he’s going to get offers. 

But you’ll have to excuse my lack of worry when it comes to KG.  I’d bet actual cash money on KG not playing for another team next season.

Now… will that last stop mean retirement soon?  Maybe.  But I think KG could be convinced of one more run.  Between Doc’s begging and a full offseason to recover, I think he can be convinced to come back.

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  • Wootay

    I hope he is back!! I cant picture him on another team like many other Celtics fans. I want to throw this out there. What if the Celtics could trade one of the first round picks and a player (sign and trade like etuan Moore ) for Varejao of the Cavs. Hes one of those KG type players you hate when you against him but would love his rebounding and hustle for the C’s.

  • JB

    Danny Ainge has only himself to blame – he keeps either of Perkins or Big Baby we win and move on, he gets his head out of his human pocket and gets one solid pick up or two mediums we win – but know he is the hot shot who knows all – well DA you alone are responsible for this years end. The guys gave it there all – that was so obvious

    • KY Celts fan

      you’d honestly want Big Baby over Bass? Really?!

      The only there is to blame for us not winning Game 7 (if you must pick something) is health. No Jeff Green, No Wilcox, No O’Neal (actually a good thing), no Bradley, a hobbled Ray, a hobbled Pierce. You can’t blame DA for any of those things.

      • paul

        How about game six? You kewl with the way we laid down for The King in game six?

        • KY Celts fan

          1) We didn’t lay down for Lebron. We were playing pretty solid defense on him, forcing him into tough shots. The guy was just on fire that night. He played in a way he never had against the Celtics, ever. Not even when he was in Cleveland.

          2) Even if you believe the Celtics put a poor effort into that game, DA wouldn’t be to blame. That falls on the players and the coach. They’re the ones in charge of how the actual games go.

          I’m no DA apologist, but if you’re gonna dog the man, at least find something you can actually pin on him.

  • @JB – that’s a joke, right? Perk woulda been gone regardless cuz we couldn’t offer him enough $$$ to keep him (OKC gave him about $7M per, we woulda had to offer around $5, and yes, that was last off-season his deal woulda expired.) Also, despite some poor D on LeBron late, Bass is waaaaaaaaay better than Baby, and had Jeff Green been healthy, he, not Bass, woulda been the guy guarding LeBron late in game 7. You are so ill-informed it’s not even funny.

    • paul

      Ah, no, pally, we probably COULD have resigned Perkins, especially if we won a championship with him.

      As for Baby, he is a far better center than Bass is.


    I’d love to have KG back, love it, would rather he retire than leave.

    However, he also said “I am ‘Sota”

  • Wootay

    Bass is 4X better than Baby but Baby did step up come playoff time. Plus all that driving to the hole Lebron was doing Baby would have taken a charge or two!! Perk gotta love the big fella but no worth what OKC is paying him!!! Spencer Hawes or Chris Kaman who would you rather have at C for the celtics next year!!!???

    • paul

      So you are saying that OKC would have been happy to hand Perk back to us this year?

      • KY Celts fan

        That’s not at all what he said. But now that you mention it, OKC is likely to amnesty him so that they can afford to resign Harden and Ibaka. Another team will likely pick him up off waivers, so he won’t be back here. But all rumblings say that OKC regretted giving him a contract that size.

  • paul

    Well, John, as you know, Rondo was the key guy in the playoffs. The team itself acknowledged again and again that how far they went depended on Rondo. What made KG seem so important was that without him, we had essentially no Bigs. As has been pointed out here, we can thank good ole Krazy Danny for that. Do you remember a year ago or so when Krazy Danny decided that we didn’t need a starting center? Oh, I thought not. You don’t ever criticize Sacred Danny, do ya?

    • KY Celts fan

      Your ramblings have become more and more irrational. Put down the bath salts.

    • John

      I criticize him when its deserved.

  • Quest

    Allstar weekend 2011 KG also said that when it was time to leave Boston he would just “fade into Black”.