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Garnett fined $25K for dodging media after Game 7

Not a big deal. He was pissed off.

I would have done the same thing.

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  • Mike

    werent you the one who was all over rondo for not talking to the media after his triple double against the bulls earlier this year?

    • IanD

      That is a little different then game 7 of the ECF

    • Chuck

      Yes, I did criticize Rondo. But a Game 7 loss is a completely different animal.

      • Mike

        Couldn’t it be argued that after a game 7 loss, potentially the last game of your current teams era, and your career is a more important time to speak with the media?

        I have no problem with him not speaking to the media by the way, nor did I have a problem when Rondo didn’t mid-season.

  • That’s a stupid reason to fine somebody.

  • Brad Bailey

    Wonder what the NBA does with the fine money?? Hopefully they donate it to charity

  • paul

    I’d be happy to send KG a check. If we all send him five bucks, we can cover the NBA theft.

  • Lakerhater

    seriously doubt he cares. I wouldn’t be able to sit throught the dumbass questions these guys have to field. Were you tired at the end of the game? What do you think the difference was in the score tonight?

  • Quest

    What a bunch of BS by the League. What did the media want KG to say after losing the Eastern Finals.

  • i’m sure 25K wont make a difference since he makes 21M but that is still a dumb excuse to fine someone. The NBA always finds the dumbest reasons to fine players.. must have been short on its revenue that week and they have to make up for it by fining people for technicals and for not answering the medias stupid questions.

  • Greenman

    Did the fine the refs after games 1 and 2???

  • GarnettsGrl

    I understand his pain, I teared up as I watched Doc, Ray, Paul and Rondo say their final words on game 7. Seeing the pain in their eyes was more than I could stand so for me KG not speaking was just fine with me:-(((((((