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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is “a players’ coach who will kick your ass.”

Doc Rivers

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

In the Atlanta series, when Bass failed to close out on a Josh Smith 3-pointer late in the third quarter, Rivers yanked him from the game. Bass thought he was done for the night, but two minutes later, Rivers gave him a shot at defensive redemption.

“They say Doc is a players’ coach, and he is,” Bass said with a grin. “A players’ coach who will kick your ass.”

ESPN Boston: Celtics in good hands with Doc

That piece by Jackie MacMullan is so good, I could write 11 other, different morning dumps on it.  I’m not even kidding.  Here are all the great topics for discussion, all within this fabulous piece.

  1. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich:  “Some coaches don’t [demand things from players] because they’re intimidated by their ownership or their contract situation. Doc isn’t intimidated by anything.”
  2. The relationship between Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo was strained enough that Doc had to implore them to trust each other
  3. Doc had to discourage Paul Pierce from falling into the “Hero Ball” mode all the time, and had talks with him about it.
  4. MacMullan’s line: “if you really think Ray Allen is returning, then you haven’t been paying attention”
  5. Doc’s wife telling him after last season:  “Well, if you take a break, you can’t come back to Boston.”
  6. Doc: “I honestly think the lockout saved his season.  [Garnett] got some unexpected rest, and his knee got a chance to be healthy.”
  7. Sam Cassell  is trying to convince KG to come back for another year: “I can’t see him playing for anyone else except Doc at this point.”
  8. Rondo wanted to skip the All Star game out of spite because he was so pissed at being left off the team, but Doc convinced him to go.
  9. Doc took full responsibility for looking at Avery Bradley as a point guard, rather than as a two-guard.
  10. Doc on why it’s so hard for rookies to break through on his teams:  “You can’t hand it to them… I look at the Washington [Wizards] model, where they played Andray Blatche and those guys, and what did it teach them? That they’re going to play them anyway?”
  11. Doug Collins:  “He’s street savvy.  Doc can walk into a corporate function and speak to those people as effectively as he speaks to his team and the media. In today’s NBA, that stuff matters.  “And nobody — nobody — does all those things better than Doc.

It’s all so overwhelming, I don’t know where to begin.  I guess all I can do is sum it up by saying Doc Rivers is by no mean’s perfect, but he’s probably the single biggest reason why this whole thing worked this year.   Think of all the things that he held together with Ray and Rondo… and Pierce playing hero ball… and KG playing a position he hates… and so much more.

Who else gets this team to stick together?  Gregg Popovich?  Hell, I’m not even sure HE could do it because I’m not sure his personality would fit with Rondo’s.  As much as I love Pop and think he’s one of the best ever… I still think he’d have had problems with Rondo, and that might have still derailed this whole thing.

The Celtics had no business being six minutes away from an NBA Finals berth.  They just didn’t.  But Doc kept it together, and he made it possible.  He made mistakes along the way… but even his mistakes were made under a greater umbrella of getting the absolute most out of all these players that he could.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Look like there was a bigger story with Ray’s and Rondo’s relationship. A lot of it probably had to do with the fact that Ray’s shot was really struggling for a while, and Rondo didn’t want to pass the ball to him even when he was open. And that probably pissed Ray off.

    But the main point of the article is how great Doc is, and I adamantly agree. There’s no other coach I want for this team. Everybody that plays for him loves him, and he knows how to deal with prickly personalities better than anyone else. I’m hoping for a Jerry Sloan type tenure for him.

  • paul

    Jackie Mac writes yet another fawning piece about a Celtics big shot, and Redsarmy hyperventilates over it. Yawn.

  • classless

    Sounds like Ray Allen was a bit of a malcontent towards the end.

  • RedsLoveChild

    A coach is only as good as his players…and there is no better example than Doc Rivers.

    Rivers was 102-144 his first 3 seasons here..when he was given crap to work with {Telfair, Blount, Dickau, Gomes, Green, McCarty, LaFrentz, Banks, Davis, Olowokandi, etc.}

    That said, he owns the locker room and is respected by his players.

  • hebertofnh

    Eventually, Doc will get us a prized free-agent. That guy is a leader of men. Not surprising that Ray is on his way out. I’ve said for a while that you can tell that Rondo enjoys playing with Bradley way more than Ray. It’s absolutely pivotal that we surround Rondo, Bradley and Doc with guys who will keep them invested beyond their contracts, because they’re the future and the nucleus that will get us #18