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So what now? Who stays and who goes as many contracts set to expire

So after you are done sticking the Lebron James voodoo doll, trying to find a way to set Delonte and Gloria James up, looking at photo comparisons of Chris Bosh and an ostrich….it is time to look at what lies ahead for the Boston Celtics. This Summer could be one of the most turbulent and unpredictable off-seasons in recent memory. The Celtics have quite a few tough decisions to make and very little time to make those decisions with the NBA draft looming in just a few short weeks. So with that said, lets take a look at the contract situation with the the members of the 2011-12 Boston Celtics and what we can expect to happen with each, though this all won’t matter much as we will have two months of basketball in the fall until the world ends in December.

 Kevin-garnett.opfg-14106-midKevin Garnett

This is likely the trickiest of the group to predict. Garnett has been less than open about his intentions, will he stay or will he go? His contract is technically now expired and he is technically a free agent. Garnett has three options, A. rejoin the Celtics and give them one MAYBE two more halfway decent years and retire in Green.  B. retire right here right now  C. Take the highest bidder or team most likely to win a championship and play for one last season.  I think we can eliminate C though the Nets have professed that they are going to make a huge push, still don’t see Garnett going that route. Personally, I think B is the most likely option here. Garnett does not want the last memory of him being an old washed up shell of himself (I.E. Shaq), he dominated this postseason and what better way to end it than on your own terms? I Kevin Garnett may have played his final game in the NBA after 17 seasons.

Paul Pierce

Pierce has repeatedly hinted that he would consider retiring after this season, he has $16 Million sitting on the table next year with $15 Million waiting in 2013/14, can’t see him demanding a trade, can’t see him retiring and passing up on that money. He will serve as a veteran presence as the Celtics attempt to make a youth movement .

Ray Allen

Like Garnett, Allen is a free agent. He will likely have surgery to remove the bone spurs in his ankles and it is very unlikely that he will be as sought after as Garnett in free agency (much like when his stock was down in 2007 after double ankle surgery). Allen could come back to Boston for one more season and retire in green but it has been widely documented his disagreement with Rajon Rondo towards the end of the season. What is far more likely to happen is that Allen will join a team like Miami, New York, or Los Angeles to try and snag one more ring.

Rajon Rondo

Rondo has three more years on his contract, which is likely the most team friendly contract in the league. He WILL NOT be traded, so don’t bother reading the rumors about his attitude or questioning his leadership. The Eastern Conference Finals ended those rumors once and for all hopefully. Face it, Rondo is the face of the franchise much like the Celtics hoped that Reggie Lewis would be as the Original Big Three began to decline/retire.

Jermaine O’Neal

This deal is finally off the Celtics books, can’t see any team giving this guy more than a pack of bubble gum to play, O’Neal will likely retire and very few people will shed a tear.


Brandon Bass

Bass has a $4 Million player option, he would be foolish to accept that unless he truly believed that he would be a starter all season for the Celtics and that they have a legitimate chance at a title. Bass will become a free agent, some team will overpay for him and we will look at that contract four years from now and say “what the hell were they thinking?” (I.E. Tyrus Thomas) Solid player, a bit overrated in Boston but certainly not worth what he is going to get paid on an open market in a weak free agent class.

Chris Wilcox+Jeff Green

Yes, I know the Celtics released them, yes I know they are coming back from HEART SURGERY but I think bringing back Green would be well worth what little the Celtics would have to risk. I was never a huge fan of Wilcox, he was a strong rebounder but the offense really hit a brick wall when he was on the floor. Green HAS to be better than what we saw in 2011 even after the surgery. He spent the entire season hanging around with the team and he clearly wants to be here. I see the Celtics offering him a minimum level, highly team-protective contract for one or two seasons and it will go down as one of the best deals this team could have made in the rebuilding process.

Keyon Dooling

Before the postseason I really could have cared less if Dooling came back or not, he did nothing for me during the regular season, but it feels like Doc used Dooling in a different role once the postseason hit. His ball pressure was HUGE throughout the end of the Sixers series and the entire Heat series, especially with Bradley out. He is one of the only players on the team that could hit a three ball and reminded me of Eddie House at times (which if any of you who know me personally, Eddie is my personal binkie, so anyone that reminds me of Eddie is good in my books). Bring him back for a season and at worst, he can serve as a Sam Cassell ala 2008.

Avery Bradley

Three more years on the books with Bradley, he figures to continue to grow and will likely be the Celtics starting 2 guard next season barring an unforeseen huge move on draft day. Hook ’em Horns! 

Mickael Pietrus

I know much was made about how friendly, funny, any personable Pietrus was in his time here; but the reality is he made WAY too many mistakes on defense and missed WAY too many easy, open, and key shots. Bad fouls, bad reads on D, bad pick and roll D…the only thing he did well is snag a few tips that lead to offensive rebounds here and there, other than that he is expendable as his contract expires.


Marquis Daniels

I like Daniels, I always have. He is a good slash guy, a decent defender I just wish we could see more of him during the season to figure out which Marquis Daniels is the real deal. The one that always smoked the Celtics when he was with the Pacers or the injury prone bench warmer we’ve seen in Boston? Anything in the middle is worth bringing back, but the bench warmer is replaceable as his contract has expired.

JaJuan Johnson

Still under his rookie contract, he isn’t going anywhere. Ainge really likes JJJ as do I. He WILL be better than what we saw this season, take that to the bank.

E’Twan Moore

Interesting one here. Moore only signed a 1 year deal under his rookie deal, he showed enough promise that some team may take a chance on him for more than the Celtics are willing to spend. Is he worth it? Can’t really tell, he didn’t see enough floor time this year for us to make that decision. We know he can shoot but can he do anything else? Did we see him do anything else? Neither did I….. anything over a minimum contract and he walks.

Ryan Hollins

See ya! Disgraced the #50 for the Celtics, a slightly more talented version of Patrick O’Bryant.

Greg Stiemsma

Celtics have made a $1 Million qualifying offer, he won over the coaching staff here for his heart and hustle. He will be back with the team for training camp, but if the Celtics bulk up in the paint during the draft/free agency he may be a training camp cut.

Sean Williams

Might come back on short money, won’t lose much sleep if he doesn’t. 

Sasha Pavlovic

If there is a God, the Celtics will rid themselves of this guy once and for all now that his contract is expired….PLEASE.

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  • Grammarman

    This has so many typos and grammatical errors that is kind of disgusting. Will not be reading your posts in the future.

    • KY Celts fan

      Oh, grammar nazis. What would the Internet be without them?

    • Brick James

      I guess it’s OK to make up words such as ‘Grammarman ‘. Grammar does not include proper spelling, after all.

      Welcome to the Internet. Enjoy your stay. In case of emergency, please refer to the evacuation guide found in your instructional kit.

    • Josh D.

      Shut the fuck up who cares about the errors

  • Lee in Oregon

    No need to kick Sasha, he stayed ready, he just never really got many chances. He had the same vet min contract that Quisy had, so it’s not like Scal where we waited for years to be rid of the guy. I wouldn;t mind seeing him or Quisy back, both solid pros who wont make many mistakes, and one of them can actually shoot, or at least he could in Cleveland.

    I wouldn’t give up on Bass. I could see him back for 4 mill, and maybe an extension for 2 years, Would still be alot less than what Baby got in Orlando. Bass kinda got jerked around in Dallas & Orlando, he might like starting on a good team.

    • Jester00

      Lee you are right why the hate on Sasha he is a solid pro. I don’t how you love Q and hate Sasha look at numbers he Sasha better don’t know wrote tis but you are way off

  • colaroaster

    nice dig at bron brons mom, but no mention of ridding sheed or shaq’s contracts?

  • RedsLoveChild

    There is NO chance that a healthy and still productive KG retires. None whatsoever! KG`s love for competition {and money} will see to that.

    KG`s second half play makes it imperative that Boston resigns him.

    Also, don`t look for Pierce to be leaving…while $31M is sitting on the table!

    Keepers : Bass, Stiemsma, Moore, Johnson, Wilcox

    Adios To : Daniels, Allen, Green, Dooling, Pietrus, Sasha, Hollins, Williams

    • Brick James

      Not a chance DA let’s JG walk without giving him(self) a full season to prove out the ROI on the Perkins trade.

      Out of Quis, Pietrus, and Sasha – I’d honestly rather keep Quis than any of the others.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Green wants to remain a Celtic…but, Ainge is not saying a word.

        DA also picked up the Clippers pick in the Perk trade. I want Ainge to trade both picks, and move up in the draft.

    • Lee in Oregon

      yeah I’d be shocked if DA doesn’t make a hard run at Green

    • xXx

      PP left once while $21M was on the table. didn’t he?

  • Brick James

    Call me crazy, but if KG decides to return, Ray will be back. If he retires or signs elsewhere, Ray’s gone too. And I believe KG will come back.

  • CoachBo

    Great. Another Celtics fan champing at the bit for a return to that great 24-win team in 2007 by breaking this one up.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure out why Celtics fans jerk off continually to one of the worst teams in the franchise’s history, and so casually discard the people who saved us from Danny’s shit collection of useless draft picks.

    Thank God for Sam Presti and Kevin McHale, and superstars swapped for pennies on the dollar.

  • Brick James

    I think I agree with what you’re trying to say, but “shit”? That “shit” netted us 2 HoFs, a ring, a separate finals appearance, and a whole lot of exuberance from the fanbase for the past 5 years.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    ok , so a few things to address colaroster yes, the Shaq and Sheed contracts are off the books but it was my understanding that once they announced their retirement that they came off the books then and there, Celtics weren’t paying salary to a player who retired were they?

    to the grammar police, pretty confident you’ll read my future articles, empty threat

    as far as “champing” at the bit to return to a 24 win team, I am by no means excited to return to a 24 win team but im a realist, would you rather give old guys long contracts that you’ll regret in say…a year? or would you rather suck up a bad season keep your cap room open for next years much better free agent class? (Josh Smith, Monta Ellis, ect) YES I understand the NBA now has a minimum threshold for salary cap that the Celtics will have to hit, but I really don’t want to sit on bad contracts.

    Also on that point, not sure where you got the notion that I was excited to return to a 24 win team, these are only my predictions as to what would happen, and in those predictions I don’t think I sat here saying to trade away the core, refuse to sign key guys ect. I said KG would likely retire, Ray would likely join a team that has a chance at a title, and that Bass wouldn’t be worth the money he will be offered on the open market

  • Josh Dib

    Very funny beginning.

  • Chief

    Agree totally with the Dooling assessment, surprised me by his play during the playoffs, KG will stay, I can understand why he would retire but I think his pride will push him to come back, plus it would be good to see him and PP finish their careers together while mentoring the young guys coming in.
    Ray……hoping he stays and embraces the 6th man role otherwise I guess he leaves. ( but not too Miami )

  • paul

    For once I agree with ‘coach’ Bo. It makes really sick that so many ‘fans’ are so eager to ass-kick the guys from this team that almost made it to the championship round. As we’ve seen again and again and again, most fans are just bullies. Nothing more than that. Bullies.

  • PapaIrish

    I’m starting to feel like Bass’ run on the FA market will be very similar to big baby’s first go around. Only difference being big baby was a RFA. I think Danny lets him go see what he can get, and dares him to find a deal that beats the Celtics offer. With the power forward class being very similar, especially in terms of skillset, I can see him getting passed over. I’m struggling to come up with a team that will offer bass more than 5 mil a year

  • Kenny

    Are we still paying Vin Baker?

  • Cfo

    I think we all underestimate the vaue of KG on this team. There are very few guys who bring the type of fire he brings day in and day out. I would sign him for as many years as he wants to play and then immediately put him on the coaching staff. He makes players like Stiesma, Glann Davis, Bass and Hollins better. Also, Hollins played good minutes in game 7 vs the Heat. Two great athletic rebounds that I can remember and a put back dunk. Sign KG and KEEP him around.

  • classless

    Rick Bucher made an interesting point today on WEEI stating that the lockout negotiations drove a huge, bitter wedge between KG, Allen and Wyc Grousbeck, since Wyc’s stance was to squeeze the players. It sounds like Doc is really the only thing that potentially could keep these guys around, between ownership and Rondo being an insufferable alpha dog. My opinion is they should move on and build around Rondo.