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A New Look for Red’s Army

Howdy. Sambot5k here with a fun little update on things for all of you .

As you may have noticed, the familiar RedsArmy.com has undergone a bit of a makeover. It’s been nearly a year in the making and could not have happened without the patience and assistance of John, Chuck and the Red’s Army crew. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to highlight an awesome online hub for fellow Celtics fans. I hope you all enjoy browsing as much as Chris and I did making it.

That said, with all web redesigns there are questions, qualms or comments. If you have any feedback, head over to the contact page and use the “web comments” drop down to send us a note. Fair warning, the commenting system has moved over so you may not be able to access your old commentary. Apologies for that in advance.

That’s all from me for now. Have fun. Cheers, and go Celtics. Here’s hoping that the Thunder give the Heat a good throttling for all of us.


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  • thetitleisours

    I think we all the unknowns of the future starting a fresh Redsarmy is perfect. Nice guys

    By the way, do you guys have a favorite mock yet? I like Amick’s having us select Melo and White. Anyone else have a mock they prefer?

  • I like it, but maybe make the feature box on the front change a bit less fast.

    • sambot5k

      hey – that’s something to consider. thanks for the feedback!

  • Boston Man

    Red’s Army wont load on my mobile device. It says, “…can not load because too many redirects have occured.”

    • sambot5k

      hey there – on this issue – shouldn’t be an issue after 24 hours. everything is still propagating a bit, hence the early wonkiness.

  • Alex

    Interesting look. I’m going to keep at the Blog View because the other view was just a huge clusterfuck of things in front of my screen.

    I hope Red’s Army finds better pictures for their blog view section because most of the images are stretched apart… so you guys might have to get creative finding pictures.

    • Red’s Army

      That’s getting fixed.

      And the beauty of this site is if you don’t like a certain aspect of it, you can just go to a different section and get a traditional blog view. of that specific section.

    • sambot5k

      should be all set now 🙂

  • Lorilei

    Wow, I like this new look of the site a lot. Actually on the previous layout, it actually loaded pretty slowly for me, but it loads a lot better for me now.

    Thanks for all the hard work! 🙂

  • KY Celts fan

    This is gonna take me a while to get used to.

  • T

    Love the new look–definitely a “step up”.

  • colaroaster

    btw where the hell is the banner for the red sox site?

  • Red’s Army

    I’m sorry you don’t like it… but we anticipated some people wouldn’t. It’s a radical change. So we made sure to build in a function that would maintain some familiarity for you.

    Just go to http://redsarmy.com/blog/ and you’ll get nothing but the latest posts all in a row. You can bookmark it if you’d like and never visit the front page again.

    It’s part of the reason we love the new design so much. It’s very moldable to whatever you want the experience to be.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    • colaroaster

      and the sister site for red sox?


      • Red’s Army

        We’ll be working on the re-design for that as well. Everything will be exactly the same.

  • Kate

    nice work! Love the new lay out! To the Haters:
    “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

  • josh

    for the last month or so the site hasn’t been loading images for me. disabling adblock didnt help for that and i just accepted it because i’m here for the content, pics are just a bonus. Now the new layout looks like a mobile site. no photos and links just laid out. very basic. i go on the phone and i see all sorts of action going on. strange. only site i frequent that doesn’t want to cooperate. not a complaint, just passing the info along.

    i use mozilla with a 3rd party app called ghostly that blocks redirects as well as facebook, twitter, google + links. other than that, its the stock version of firefox.

    • josh

      app = ghostery

      site looks good in IE…

      I think what I’m seeing in Firefox is the blog view with no photos.

    • sambot5k

      hey – please use the form to send me your configuration in the website comments dropdown. let me see what i can do for you.

  • Ambar Srivastava

    Hey guys
    I don’t think the rss feed is working as my rss reader didn’t get the morning dump and a few other articles since the site upgrade
    Other than that, great new look and feel!!


    • John

      Yes, I’m going to ahve to fix that. It’ll be done by the end of the day. My apolgies

  • zippittyay

    A username and password are being requested by http://redsarmy.bearodynamic.com. The site says: “redsarmy”

    • sambot5k


  • Computersnacks

    This is a nice, clean look. Really diggin it!

  • Glory

    This is gorgeous! Great work!

  • PapaIrish


  • RedsLoveChild

    The new format is very good.

    However, I would include a few more “”recent posts” on the right side of the page. The more, the merrier.

    Congratulations…You will have “CelticsBlog” appearing as a tiny speck, in your rearview mirror, well before July 1st! Bank it!

  • Chief

    Nice work guys

  • I’m diggin the new interface! Keep up the good work!