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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc doesn’t want to let go

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“I don’t know,” said coach Doc Rivers. “Obviously, we’re all smart… I think we’re going to wait and see what happens with free agency and all that stuff. I honest to gosh hadn’t thought much about it, other than the draft… Other than that, I’ve given zero thought to the whole thing. (Celtics president of basketball operations) Danny (Ainge) has talked to me a couple of times recently. I probably didn’t hear much. We’ll find that out later. I just want to stick with this group, if it’s a couple more days, a couple more weeks, or whatever. I just want to stick with them.” 

“I wish we could have had healthy runs,” said Rivers. “This team won a title; got to another one (in 2010), a Game 7 (vs. the Lakers), where they had a shot to win. We got to the Eastern Conference finals and one game away on the road (this year vs. the Heat), banged up. So I don’t know — because of really Kevin’s (knee) injury (in 2009), I don’t know if we could have gotten any more out of the group. I would have loved to have seen this team in this whole stretch where Kevin was injury-free. 

“But you don’t get do-overs. Everybody has injuries. Not just us. Chicago, (Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau) is sitting at home right now thinking, ‘No Rose.’ It’s part of the luck of it. But great group, great team group. I know everybody will look at the Big Three individually — Kevin, Ray and Paul. I’m never going to look at them individually, I’m going to look at them as a group collective. They all gave up seven-plus shots each. They gave up minutes. I asked them to play defense and move the ball, and they all did it, and they’re willing to do it for the better of the team. So I think that’s what we should focus on, how much they gave up to try to win. That’s what I’ll remember most about them.”

ESPN Boston

Not sure where to begin. It’s too early to start the speculation about who returns, who doesn’t and potential replacements.

As corny as this sounds, Doc Rivers loved this team and this team loved Doc Rivers. Many of us were stunned when Doc signed his lengthy contract extension at the end of last season. But now the reasons are crystal clear.

I refuse to believe Kevin Garnett would play for another team and coach. If he wants to play another season, it will be in Boston. Is it possible for an alpha male like Garnett to take on a reduced, bench player role? Anything’s possible with KG and Doc.

On Page 2, Ray Allen’s emotional postgame comments.

Man, I can’t take much more of this. My eyes are gonna start welling up.

The general consensus is that Ray Allen is gone. I’m not so sure.

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  • Tyler

    Well Doc better let go because it is time to rebuild this team. Don’t get emotional about stock.

  • Tough night. I do have to say that seeing how close these guys are to each other & their coach is such a testament to Doc. He is the one constant that’s been there through it all. He may not have the rings and accolades that some of the other NBA coaches have, but he certainly is one of the great ones in my eyes.

  • sherman

    When he says he doesn’t know about Kevin, but that he has a lot of basketball left in his legs…. Sounds like a guy who wants to keep the band together. Hopefully even if that means leaving a lot of money on the table.

  • screaming jay

    I love these guys. Seems like they are family, to me. I hope the vets stick around for reduced money, willing to play less minutes, to help usher the Celts into the next phase…of greatness.

  • Hats off to RA on another amazing season of covering our beloved Celtics. You guys are the best. You made huge steps in improving your content and it is appreciated.
    As for C’s on a discount any of us should want this group back. Were PP retiring then you blow it up. Otherwise get the band back together and a solid opening act and rock the fuck out!

  • Alex

    Tyler, it’s time for you to get out of the basement once in a while and have friends so you know what emotional attachment feels like.

  • Alex

    I hope the vets agree to come back at a discount. We need the money to seriously build this team with healthy young men that can truly help this team at the playoffs. If Wilcox, Bradley, and Green were healthy, trust me, the C’s would be in the playoffs, hands down.
    Injuries were the main reason for their downfall.
    I hope Ray gets that surgery and comes back healthy.
    They could truly have their LAST chance next season. Seriously, it COULD be their last chance.

  • SC


  • D

    Nobody talks about Perkins any more, but that trade seems like it just happened to me. He manned the paint, gave KG the help. With Bosh getting hot, guess who they could have used to protect the paint. There won’t be any more championships until Perkins is replaced, and a strong rebounder is added. It’s been all downhill for the C’s since that trade, actually since that G6 Finals injury to Perk. And…guess who’s about to get his second ring with his new team?

  • thetitleisours

    In a perfect world the guys would all come back here at a reduced salary to help with the bench and cap. I feel their loyalty and friendship to each other so maybe it is not impossible.

  • Quest

    Thanks Redsarmy for great story lines. First thing I read every day. This team would have been amazing if it weren’t for all the injuries that plagued them. Doc’s right if only we were able to sustain a healthy run.
    Hoping the Big 3 return in some capacity w a more talented supporting bench.

  • Quest

    Do you think the fans at end of game 6 Chanted “Let’s Go Celtics” for 4 minutes because of their stock value?

  • I think alot of us are prideful of this team, they played hard and were true professionals the whole time. KG is clearly one of the best centers in the league and to lose him would be crushing. Ray, who I would also love to get back, is more expendable. He’ll be coming off surgery and hopefully be willing to stick around for less than the full mid-level. Also gonna be very interesting to see what happens with Jeff Green & Wilcox, and all the other free agents like Peaches & Dooling. DA has a busy summer with 2 1st rounders and only a handful of guys on next year’s roster.

  • Quest

    Hey Redsarmy will there be Boston exit interviews with Doc and the players?

  • Noori

    I think its time to move on from Allen for sure, but if you can play Garnett in a Tim Duncan like role as a starter with VERY limited minutes, I say go for it.

  • Kricky

    Given the slim picking son the FA market and the fact that Charlotte is not trading away the rights to that fabulous unibrow the smart move is to make a run with the guys we have and put off rebuilding for a year.
    I can see KG coming back for one year. Not so sure about Ray. He’ll have a ton of offers, maybe even including Miami (gulp – that would just be too much to bear).But Maybe Doc can use his inspirational magic and convince him. I’d love to see the guys make another run with a healthy Bradley and a couple of solid medium priced FAs (a big and a wing).
    But that damned 82 season is just brutal. Doc would have to take a page out of Pop’s book and really pace the squad – playoff seeding be damned.

  • PJ

    I guarantee that Tyler was around when we were loyal to the original big three and knows in the long run it’s a business that succeeds because of winning not loyalty. It suck to state it that way but it’s unfortunately the truth.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Agreed, we need solid enough roll players to allow our big 3 to get limited minutes. Plus we can run the young guns out there, Rondo, Bradley, Bass, Green and Steemer or Hollins. Actually, didn’t we buy out Green, or do we somehow still have first rights to him?

  • Jay

    Ray wont get any offers until he has surgery. The Celtics need to re sign KG and draft big. Likewise they need to make sure AB is healthy & ready to go. Green & Wilcox (if the CBA permits) are MUST signs because they are willing fastbreak players & defenders which Rondo desperately needs. Pierce has to take a reduced role as a change of pace player (6th man). I would also bring Ray off the bench if he returns. These guys cannot play 35+ minutes/night any longer. The real key is for the Celtics to draft 4 athletic bigmen (power forwards & shooting forwards) and DOC NEEDS TO GIVE THEM PLAYING TIME. A 7-man or 8-man rotation wont work with old players. I was just as frustrated with the disparity in the fouls but we simply don’t create enough movement to the front of the rim any longer. Pierce does not beat people off the dribble any longer and that makes Rondo very predictable. Length & speed are critical.

  • Fab Melo might be that guy if KG sticks around and teaches him how to be a bruiser. Look how good Stiemer got under that brief mentorship, and Melo is a bigger talent. If he can bulk up (and he can) and listen to some vets (I’m not as confident about that), he might fill that functioning center gap.