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Video: Rajon Rondo… defiant to the bitter end

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 10, 2012 Rajon Rondo, Videos 17 Comments on Video: Rajon Rondo… defiant to the bitter end

Some people might not like this, but I loved it.  After Doc Rivers had an emotional ending to his press conference, Rajon Rondo came in and was defiant and angry.  Make no mistake, he was just as emotional as Doc was, but it manifested itself in this icy death glare when he was asked if the Celtics over-achieved.

Rondo was PISSED that the Celtics lost.  Pissed.  And he wasn’t about to make any excuses for it either.  “We missed shots…. give them credit.”

I love it.  Takes losses hard, makes no excuses… that’s the kind of player I want.

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  • My Celtics, My team. This is why I love you. No other team/ franchise can make me feel this way.

  • joemama

    I know a lot of you don’t agree, but I love Rondo. He is Mr. Intangible on and off the court. My favorite moment of the Celtics/Heat series is when he was interviewed during halftime and he called out the Heat team for being a bunch of babies and whining all the time. His bluntness and dry sense of humor reminds me of Bird.

  • It was a little frustrating to see Rondo completely unguarded behind the arc standing there looking for a 3 point shooter when we were down late in the game. It’s sad that I have more confidence in his 3 point shot than he has.

  • JimmyG

    I think at this point he has more trust in the rest of the big four than he does in his own individual skills which is both good and bad. I’ll ride and die with him playing point for this team though. I’d rather have an overly emotional player than somebody who doesn’t care. This team was great to watch, I’d rather root for a Celtics team like this than the Miami team that advances, regardless of whether they beat OKC or not. I take more pride in a team losing the right way (teamwork, grit, selflessness, etc.) than winning it with individual players. Of course, it’s really easy to say that when you have 17 banners to fall back on.

  • putDJinthehall

    Love it that Rondo is leading this team. Thats the guy you want. No excuses no bullshit.
    Rondo will be a knock down mid range shooter in the near future.
    Love it can’t wait for next season to start!
    Now time for Perk to do some work!

  • Eric

    Thank you for the wild ride. Let’s go Celtics!

  • JR99

    I thought Rondo felt worse for Doc than for himself…. the way he looked at Doc as Doc got up to leave. He just wanted to go and be with Doc in that moment, but had to turn to face the press instead. His answer to the guy who wanted to force his “old/tired” narrative was priceless, perfect. Loved it.
    I don’t blame him for being angry. He knows this wasn’t a fair fight. We were down 3 guys, and had 2-3 more playing with pain. Miami meanwhile got back to full strength for game 7, and it showed. Also, he knows very well that the refs stole game 2 in Miami. I’m not sure if it would have made a difference… but it was one advantage that certainly can never be described as “fair.”

  • Quest

    Classic Rondo hope he never changes.

  • wil

    i wouldve slapped that reporter if i was Rondo, “Overachieved”? that was an insult.
    Hopefully, Rondo’s confidence in his jumper and scoring will skyrocket after this post season. He showed us that he can take over games. Work on that jump shot Rondo!! i love you man. i love this team. This got heart more than the rest of the teams combined.
    I totally understand why Rondo and KG left. Both are emotional players and this loss is so hard to deal with. Its just not in their nature to shake hands after giving their hearts out just to win.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Couldn’t agree more. Rondo embraces what it is to be a Celtic.

  • RyanH

    I’m glad Rondo refused to shake their hands. They put him on the ground alot and it didnt get called. He doesnt like his opponent, and that’s what I like most about him. You don’t play to make friends. This kid is the real deal, especially now that his jumper is wet. I see him continuing to make strides in his game next year and being an MVP candidate.

  • Mike

    I really wanna find video of Doc turning the press conference over to Rondo. Sounded like his voice cracked a bit when he said “I’m gonna turn it over to this guy… he’s wonderful.”
    Man watching those guys come out of the game was tough.

  • rachel

    when i watched this i couldn’t help but laugh at the reporter,the thing i love about rondo is his passion,he do or die attitude,we need more people like that,i’m a celtics fan and i could feel his pain

  • Martin

    ONCE AGAIN, the NBA is a joke and rondo knows it. this is twice hes been screwed out of a title to please todays WHORE INFESTED society and fans. the nba didnt want to c a hard nosed, veteran squad and rather c the trash play executing, chuck up shots all day miami squad because it fits todays agenda of shoving wheezy and drake down our throats simple as that. worst officiating since game 7 2010 and 2006 nba finals.. lmao .. now go ahead and delete my comment lmao

  • Hondo

    I don’t blame Rondo for not shaking hands, Wade purposely hyper-extended Rondo’s elbow last year and could have ended his career. I thought Wade was a good guy but that was unforgivable.

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