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Recap: Celtics get Bosh’d in Game 7


Props to Chris Bosh. It was the Boshtrich (19 points, 8-10 FG, 3-4 3 FG, 8 rebounds) who led the Heat to a 101-88 victory over the Celtics tonight. Not the punky Dwyane Wade who padded his stat sheet in the 4th quarter, or the phony LeBron James.

I have no desire to write a detailed recap of this game. The Celtics played valiantly for 24 minutes, but ran out of gas in the 2nd half. That is the story.

Rajon Rondo (22 points, 14 assists, 10 rebounds) is the first player to have two Game 7 triple-doubles in NBA history. That deserves mention.

I love this team. Absolutely loved the way they fought, clawed and scratched their way to within 24 minutes of the NBA Finals.

We know the injury history. From Jeff Green to Chris Wilcox to Avery Bradley. And that’s not including the debilitating injuries to Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. This team had no business playing in the conference finals.

It’s going to be an intriguing offseason. Will KG return? Is Ray gone? What will Danny Ainge do?

“I honestly thought we had nothing left… I tried to push every button I could.” – Doc Rivers

Box score

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  • Dutchgreen

    Just incredibly proud of these Celtics. They gave it their all despite all the adversity, and I feel incredibly honored to have been there to witness some of this season’s great games. I will always LOVE this year’s team!
    LET’S. GO. CELTICS!!!!
    And Red’s Army crew, thanks for facilitating my love for the Celtics wherever I am! Always the first place I go to.

  • screaming jay

    So much of the NBA is about attitude and getting your stats. This team, who I love as much as the first big 3, sacrificed their individual numbers for the sake of TEAM…. To me, that makes all the difference.
    I love this team!


    Our team has balls and grit. It hurts me to see dwade smilling and padding his stats. We should stay classy like Doc Rivers and acknowledge the Kings perfomance tonight. He took it to another level in the fourth and seeing him with a ring wont hurt as much as the flying shitbag or a punami Dwade.


    * of a punami dwade.

  • screaming jay

    Lebron played great, Dthug is a p.o.s, But I don’t think that the Heat are getting a ring this year.
    Go Thunder! Go Perk!!!

  • Proud.
    Go OKC.

  • Alex

    So, we are expecting this idiot to get banned, right RedsArmy?

  • It’s over now, but I’m proud of this team and the way they carried themselves this year. I never expected them to come within 8 minutes of going to the finals, and I have to think if we had even just Avery Bradley back, out of all the guys we lost this year, it might have been different. If this is the end of the Big 3 era, I’m grateful for the championship they accomplished and the one they almost got. I do expect KG back next year and hopefully Ray too.
    I have no respect for the Heat and hope they get beat by Perk and OKC. Gonna be a very exciting off-season for DA and the C’s and I’m excited about the future,

  • Go Boston.

  • Z

    First post here after years of reading (this is by far the best C’s, or basketball, blog out there). I have NEVER been more proud to be a fan of any team in my life. It has been an honor watching these guys play their hearts out for the past 5 years, and I will never forget it. Celtics fan for life.

  • RyanH

    First things first, Lebron James is fantastic as a player, and I appreciated him showing Pierce and Doc respect. Nothing good to say about Wade, but Lebron earned his spot in the finals.
    This team made me prouder to be a fan than any New England team. Everything that has gone wrong in the past few years since our title season just made me respect them even more. They had every reason to tap out and they didn’t. If we never see Garnett/Pierce/Allen together again, I’ll be sad, but will always be grateful.
    We have a lot of reasons to be optimistic going forward. We have THE premier pointguard in the league, the best young combo guard and the best coach/person in Doc Rivers leading us. Rondo was nothing short of phenomenal in the Postseason. I look forward to building a team suited to his skillset and watching his career unfold.
    This was a great run that I’ll never forget. Thanks for the memories, Celts.

  • paul

    I love this team. One of my favorite times. But let’s not lose sight of the likelihood that a decent effort two nights ago would have us waiting for OKC now.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Suprising playoff run. Pride is all I feel about this team, no sense of loss at all. Let’s go OKC.

  • SamR

    It happened in 2008? Funny, I don’t recall it that way.
    17 banners buddy.

  • Couldn’t be more proud of the Celtics. Lucky to be a celtics fan.

  • SamR

    This was a great team. Loved how hard they fought. Going into this series, I thought they’d be lucky to get a game. Figured they needed Bradley to have any chance.
    Go Perk, Durant, Westbrook, Harden, heck even Fisher. A nation that hates pretenders who crown themselves before they win anything turns its lonely eyes to you.

  • Quest

    So are you the guy that stabbed the celtic fan the other night after game 6?

  • sev

    kind of funny how last year people were hating on Lebron and Dwade was the “OK” one, but now Lebron has gained some respect back(mainly because of his play and he has humbled himself to a degree), while Wade has lost a lot of respect from fans. Thats prob because many of us have witnessed his dirty play, tough guy attitude, cocky demeanor, and I might add that he has been a little over hyped lately, as his game has seemed to digress a little.

  • right

  • CoachBo

    No qualms, no regrets. Great run by a team that did the tradition and the uniform more than proud. No need to blow this up; let’s see what we can do to reload and make another run this year.

  • So proud of this squad. Not enough room here to express it. I more so want to thank all the devoted readers of RedsArmy for your support, comments, feedback and everything else you do. Thanks folks.

  • Classless

    Citing the Celtics various injuries and saying they “had no business” being in the East finals was relevant a week ago. Once Bosh came back and Miami had their full squad, I feel like some fans were overeager to pull “…but we didn’t have Bradley/Green/etc”. They blew it, sadly.
    The fact is the Big 3 era Celtics have now blown 3 separate 3-2 series leads in 5 playoffs. One home Game 7 (2009) and this year’s game 6 being the worst. While I love this team and players to death, reflecting on the era now brings me to only 2 words: missed opportunities.

  • GreenInCleveland

    I love this team. I’ve been a Celtics fan in exile all of my life. Looking back, these guys have given me so much joy. They have brought me to the heights of ecstasy as a fan. They have been an example of how sacrifice and teamwork lead to success. That’s a lesson that everyone can learn from.
    After we lost tonight, I felt nothing but respect and gratitude for these guys. When a guest of mine suggested that the Celtics were “just like the Heat” (in the way that they formed around a “Big 3”) and called me a “frontrunner”. I had to ask him to leave without ceremony. I’ve remember watching every Celtics playoff game on BETAMAX! And this bunch of guys have earned my respect in such a deep way its indescribable.
    Think of Ray Allen and how many clutch shots you’ve jumped out of your seats for… Think of KG and the intensity that he’s inspired his teammates with each night. Think of Paul Peirce, just being Paul Peirce: the most underrated player of all time.
    and be PROUD. This team is what Celtics basketball is about. They fought hard and defied the critics. They did it TOGETHER.
    In the future there will be a team that does it together, that plays with heart, guts, grit, and balls, and they shall be called The Celtics. BANNER 18 AWAITS US!

  • Quest

    Its more than just missed oportunities. I think Doc’s comment Wish we had a healthy run looking back on these 5 yrs says it all. Too many injuries and too many untimely injuries has had a huge impact too.
    Will forever luv this team. Its been a special 5 yrs.

  • Nora

    Injuries has been relevant since starting the playoffs and has been mentioned PLENTY throughout the playoffs. This era can be defined as injuries to important players. Half of this game is about luck imo. The healthier teams win! Survival of the healthiest!

  • Phony Lebron? He’s the only reason we lost. He’s been nothing but superb against us – he’s no phoney – he’s the real deal. That was classless.
    Wade padding his stats in the 4th?? It was even at the start of the 4th! How’d he pad his stats? That was sour grapes no matter how much of a punk he is…
    As for the C’s – It was a sad thing to see but as Doc said, they had nothing left… So proud of them… This core group have given me a lot of joy over the last few years…..
    Sad to see it end…. 🙁
    Congrats to the Heat but I hope Perk and the Thunder stuff u look a turkey.

  • Glory

    I’m allowing myself to be devastated for the rest of today/tonight (it’s just before 4pm here). Tomorrow I’ll dust myself off and start thinking about the future.
    Thoughts for right now? Proud of this team. My heart could burst with the love and pride I feel for pretty much every single person in our organization. Thank you, to each and every one of them, for this amazing run. Selfishly, I want another year with this crew. I know it’s unlikely, but I can’t help but wish for it.
    Thank you to everyone involved with Reds Army for another season of well written articles and thoughtful insight. I look forward to seeing where the journey takes us next.

  • Greenman

    The better team went home tonight. (game two was rigged). Wake up. We were the better team, it was clear to any one that watched. I’ll stop watching the nba the second KG retires.

  • Greenman

    Fair officiating, we woulda won in 5. There is no arguement.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Go Celtics forever.
    I’m so proud of this team, and I thank Doc and all the players for an incredible, unexepected ride. We were that close to a fantastic dream coming true, but it doesn’t matter; at the end of the day, what I really feel is something like pumping on my chest and scream “I am a Celtic!!!” to the entire world.
    Living in Italy, waking up alone at night to follow the games while everybody else is sleeping, going on Red’s Army to share my love and to feel part of something so big and so emotional.. Priceless. Thank you guys.

  • Chief

    So proud of this squad, grit and balls all year.Great achievement to make the EC finals,even with the injuries we had we still played as a team. And to the fans who were at game 6 thanks for a memory I’ll never forget.
    Flights booked for next years playoffs.

  • Kricky

    Chris Bosch hitting 3s?? Really? Really?
    Some times its just not you r night. HUMUNGOUS Props to these 2012 Cs for fighting and clawing all season. I can’t remember a team doing as well as they did with all the problems they’ve had to deal with.

  • JR99

    There is SOME argument. No one is more acutely aware and pissed off about the refs than I am. But two things are true about what happened in this series:
    1) Had we won game 2, we don’t know how Lebron and Co. would have reacted in games 3-5. There’s a very good chance the outcomes would have changed… e.g., LBJ would have broken out earlier.
    2) We were ABSOLUTELY the better team…. so long as Chris Bosh was either not playing or not playing up to par. The moment he came back in full, they became the better team. The reason was simple and immutable: we were injured, they were healthy. We were down 3 players plus at least 2 more playing through pain. They were just about 100% with Bosh back.
    I.e., we would have lost anyway, once they got to full strength.
    But if WE were full strength? Fuhgetaboutit… we’d have whooped their butts.

  • Tommy was beating the “padded stats” drum in the post game. Guess I should have checked the play-by-play before running with the theme. Doesn’t take away from the fact that I dislike both Wade and Lebron, for various reasons.

  • Finally the Dropckick Murphys come to toulouse next week, going to their show while the celtics are in the finals would have been the cherry on top of the cake. I’m f***ing depressed right now. I hope the celts will be good during the offseason, I don’t wan’t to see the heat dominate…ever.