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Your Morning Dump… Doc wants the guys to pack for a week

WeekpackEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“They’re not just going to pack for [Game 7],” Rivers said of his team. “They’re going to bring suits for Tuesday and they’re going to bring suits for Thursday. And that’s the way we’re going to plan to do it.” 

Rivers, of course, was referencing the trip to Oklahoma City that would await the Celtics if they win Saturday night. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is a quick turnaround, Tuesday night on the Thunder’s home floor. Game 2 is scheduled for Thursday.

Leading the 2006 NBA Finals 3-2, Riley famously packed “one suit, one shirt, one tie” for his trip to Dallas for Game 6, believing his Heat would need just one game to close out the Mavericks. The Heat won Game 6, 95-92, securing a title and proving their coach prescient.  

A message on the Celtics’ dry erase board reminded players of an afternoon flight with the note, “Pack for a week,” scrawled below it. 

“We’re packing for a week — it’s self-explanatory,” said Keyon Dooling. “That’s how we feel about it. It’s not like we lost confidence or we’re scared to go in Miami. We’re going to be in Miami, we’re going to be ready to play.” 

ESPN Boston

Slick move by Doc Rivers. Let’s hope it penetrates the psyche of his team.

The Celtics players tried to talk themselves into a Game 7 mentality last night, but it didn’t work. I’m not sure what the excuses are. Not desperate enough. Too jacked up. All I know is, they played sloppy and missed makeable shots.

Keyon Dooling is spot on. This team is not scared of playing Game 7 in Miami. They thrive in those situations.

On Page 2, Doc and the players acknowledge the Garden crowd’s send-off.


Asked specifically about the chant, Garnett added: “It was crazy. It was f—ing crazy.”

Allow Ray Allen to elaborate. 

“Kevin was sitting next to me, and I said — I know I’m biased — but they are the best fans I’ve ever played in front of or ever seen in my life,” he said. “They understand the situation that is before us, and we understand it. And that was basically them sending us off (to Miami), letting us know, ‘Hey, this is still well and alive. We need you guys to go down there and get a win for us.’ We all felt it on the bench. 

“I know the game was going on. It seemed like that three minutes lasted forever. It was special. I’ll talk about that forever, just knowing that, being down 20, and these people are still standing up, cheering us on, because they know we just have to win one game.” 

“Did you hear our crowd the last three minutes of the game? What other crowd in the NBA does that?” asked Rivers. “It’s a terrific place to play. The fans were unbelievable. They did their part tonight; we just didn’t do ours.”

ESPN Boston –  Celtics touched by Let’s Go Celtics chant

To answer Doc’s question… No other crowd does that.

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  • Celts Love

    3 Reasons that the Celtics lost :
    1. Lebron
    2. Rondo called the wrong game
    (overly slow tempo, showboating / over-confidence)
    3. Paul Pierce went cold
    #1 might happen again in game 7, and may Red help us if it does.
    But I cannot see #’s 2 and 3 happening again on Saturday.
    If Pierce and Rondo had played well we still could have won game 6, regardless of this force of nature.

  • That chant was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen from fans in sports. It was really heartening to watch.

  • Tough night all around :
    E`Twaun Moore missed the first FT of his career {had been 7-for-7}

  • Noori

    Can anyone get a video of the chant I missed it!!!

  • kg215

    True the Celtics stayed in striking distance for almost 3 quarters, even with Lebron playing like that. Of course Pierce has been cold for most of the playoffs so there is a bigger chance of that happening than Rondo being sloppy again.

  • ITCelticsFan
    there you go.
    if it wasn’t for that punk who threw the beer on lebron yesterday night was a new definition of what being a fan is all about.

  • It’s on YouTube (search: let’s go celtics chant, 2012).
    Also embedded in this post on my blog:

  • classless

    Such a lost opportunity. Probably one of the most disappointing games i’ve watched in some time. Yeah, the chant was great…but are we really hanging are hats on the fans being better than wishy washy Florida fans? We already knew this.
    Paul Pierce is running out of quarters to suck at basketball. Besides game 5 in the 4th, Pierce has been completely shut down by Lebron.

  • Eric

    It will be much much sweeter to take game 7 at South Beach. Let’s go Celtics!

  • paul

    No, that’s wrong. Pierce was horrible, but Rondo played well. In fact, he played brilliantly. The pace was not his fault. And no, he wasn’t showboating. You people are freaking brutal to that kid. He was trying to make plays happen. He was the only one who showed up and he was trying very hard to wake the rest of the team up.

  • paul

    It was one of the most beautiful sports moments ever. It wasn’t just the timing, and the way the people gathered around the court, and the way they sustained it even though what they were looking at was garbage time. It was also the tone of it. It was very emotional. They love this team and they were letting the team know.

  • paul

    You know, there is a difference between sloppy and trying to make plays. Pierce threw some sloppy passes. Rondo did too on a couple, but mostly the kid was trying to make plays. If you want to blame someone, then blame the rest of the team that didn’t show up.

  • trytryagain

    Real original Doc. Never heard of a coach using the “pack for multiple days” angle. I’m sure it will rejuvenate and rally your players. Yeah. Sure.

  • Kricky

    Every time that they seemed to have an opportunity to get back in this one and cut the lead to single digits they missed easy layups (“KJ”)or made unforced turnovers (“Hondo”), or forced a bad shot (Pierce). Brainfarts all around.Not just the goofy and slurring Mayor (3-Martini pre-TV interview lunch, anyone?). It’s become infectious in Boston.
    Now that they got it out of their system I’m looking forward to a solid effort in South Beach and a gritty (and at times infuriating) 2012 Celtic win.

  • I take it you don’t live in Boston, Kricky. If you did, you’d know that Menino isn’t much of a drinker and that he always talks in a disorganized, slurry way, and that he screws names up a lot.
    Whether or not he’s a good mayor aside (I’m not big on him), don’t beat up on a guy just because he has poor communication skills.

  • Kricky

    Thanks for the Boston politics lesson. I wasn’t trying to beat up on the Mayor, just poke some fun at him. I’m a big fan of the 3 Martini lunch and think it has its place in municipal politics.

  • trytryagain

    Sounds like the perfect mayor for a sewer like Boston.