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Fans chant “Let’s Go Celtics” for four straight minutes

One thing to notice, the chant nearly tailed off a couple of times, but some group somewhere stepped up and kept it going.

Very nice moment, Celtics fans.  Nicely done.

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  • i’ve watched this clip 6 times today, on different websites. and i end up with tears and goosebumps, every freakin’ time…

  • Gary

    I was there, it was unreal. We couldn’t let them walk away in silence.

  • paul

    I can’t stop watching this clip. It’s eerie. It’s beautiful. It’s incredibly emotional. It’s why we love sports – because sometimes I’ll be damned if it doesn’t bring out the best in us.

  • classless

    Let’s pump the brakes here. It was cool…but fans today certainly are patting themselves on the back for this. Let’s win the game tomorrow and avoid another 20 pt embarrassment.

  • Mileke

    emotional point in the game for me. Literally tears were in my eyes, & chills over my body. ABSOLUTELY love this team! & the players really appreciated it too, but you could kind of see they regretted not winning this game in front of the BEST fans in the NBA. Let’s just hope this chant rings in their heads Saturday. Cause it’s all or nothing then! Let’s Go Celtics!!!!

  • Mileke

    Look at about the 3:37 mark, & Ray begins clapping with the fans. He just couldn’t help himself!

  • Danno

    It was us in Section 319 & 320 that kept it going. I had two empty chairs banging that sounded like gunshots.

  • KY Celts fan

    do you just get off on being Captain Buzzkill on every single post?

  • Danno

    You did the same thing in the Good Job, Good Effort story thread that was supposed to be funny.

  • Dave cowens

    I sat in 316 and we were right there with you Danno. Awesome moment

  • Danno

    I would’ve thought Dave Cowens could’ve scored better than Balcony seats

  • Brick James

    This reminds me of after game 6 of the ’08 Finals, where we dismissed the Fakers to win the Championship (was blessed enough to be there). Someone from ESPN was interviewing Doc about what it took to gut it out, and Doc said “you know, it starts with our defense…”.
    And the still packed Garden crowd starts chanting “DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!” .. after the game, during an interview, no bass track on the PA or prompt on the jumbo.
    To this day it remains the single coolest thing I’ve encountered during a sporting event, but this sure seems to rival it. Wish I was there.
    Doesn’t full capture it, but here’s what I’m talking about: (yes the girl is cute as a bonus…)

  • Brick James

    Were you born a miserable troll, or did you have to practice?

  • Greenman

    Amazing moment! This team absolutely deserves that moment this year. I’ve watched it all day. Gives me goosebumps.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Alot of fans will boo their teams when they don’t do well (Flaker fans especially), this was so much better, showing pride for a team that we might not see again with this lineup. I just wish they would’ve kept chanting and even gotten louder as LeBron was giving his postgame interview…and maybe someone could have hit his head with a ball too.

  • Frank

    Yep I totaly agree. We saw the home town crowd booing of the Hawks in Atlanta in the last series and it made me sick. I can not rememeber ever seeing that ib Boston no matter how bad the team was struggling.

  • Frank

    That was awsome.

  • Awesome, and precious.
    This is what makes the Celtics at another level: you have a story behind you, you have a future ahead.

  • I can appreciate that if you bleed green in LA, you have to develop a tough skin. However, part of what made this a great moment in the history of Celtics crowds is that the fans rose above the impulse to last out bitterly at the winning team (except for the knucklehead who spilled/tossed a drink on LeBron).
    If, in 1982, the fans had chanted “Philly sucks!” instead of “Beat LA!” at the end of the game, it wouldn’t be one of the most celebrated and remembered crowds in the history of the NBA.
    With any luck, regardless of the outcome tonight, Thursday night’s crowd will be remembered in the same category as the ’82 crowd.

  • wil

    this made me cry :’) damnn celtics fans, i wish i was there