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NBA Store selling OKC “Beat the Heat” shirts

We’ve been counted-out. Again. NBA Store now has OKC “Beat the Heat” shirts for sale.

h/t to Kim S.

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  • Glory

    Beyond wrong. FU, NBA.

  • Irisheyes9302

    Hey NBA – GFY.

  • Wow thats pretty pathetic. i knew the NBA was rigged they want the 2 teams that will bring the most ratings and so i guess the Celtics wont give them the money they want. David Stern system i guess. This makes me sooo disgusted

  • Kricky

    Doc! Get that up on the team bulletin board ASAP!

  • Green Girl

    ESPNBA strikes again. C’s strike back tomorrow. I’m buying one to wear during the Finals. Suck it, David Vincent McMahon Stern!

  • James

    They made these shirts because it’s a guarantee that it will be a Heat-Thunder Finals. It’s been a guarantee since the beginning of the season. That’s why the refs screwed the Spurs in games 5 and 6 and why Rondo or Pierce will just so happen to foul out if game 7 goes to the wire and LeBron will get 20 free throws, but I think game 7 will be a blow out since the Celtics players know there is no chance no matter how well they play. I hate the Celtics, but they have no chance in this series with how rigged Stern has made the NBA (Hornets getting #1 pick, Lakers not getting Chris Paul). The Thunder are overrated. The Lakers would’ve beaten them if they didn’t make unforced errors in the end of games 2 and 4, and the Spurs would’ve if it wasn’t for the refs. The Heat will beat them in the Finals in an NBA-forced 7-game series. LeBron > Durant easily.

  • Chief

    I’m hoping KG sees it……and gets super pissed

  • guest
    The fact that this article is on pretty much guarantees a heat win too. Game 7 will be rigged beyond belief. Then again, I hope the nba proves me wrong and the celts play a good game and win fair and square. That article is everything that is wrong the nba. “The finals should be about young stars, not about aging veterans.” GTFO with that nonsense, the finals should be about which team wins the most games and gets there.

  • Kricky

    Tack that one up with the T-shirt on the bulletin board too!
    KG was pumped Game 5 when he was rehashing the thing with the Atlanta owner. Imagine what he’ll do with something as fresh as this!

  • i seen that redsarmy on twitter was posting it to Pierce and Bradley’s twitter page..its a shame that KG doesn’t have twitter or anything that we can post this too and show him.

  • anyone know who the refs are yet? i’m guessing Ed Malloy & Marc Davis will be top on the list?

  • idiots


  • NBA Store has taken the shirts down off their site….CelticNation has spoken. Click the link again in the post and watch what you get now…

  • Hopefully its like last year when the idiots printed this but i agree with the comment above for the fact its on the game will be rigged. That’s why we needed to win game 6 gosh darnit

  • Chief

    I’m sure those two will let him know, man I can’t wait for game 7

  • RyanH

    When we win this game tomorrow and get to OKC, I hope KG rips off every one of Clay Bennett’s limbs. That team gets a free pass for murdering ball in Seattle, an area that took pride in their team. Fuck the Thunder. Fuck Miami. Fuck ESPN. Go KG, Rondo, Truth, Jesus, Brandon, Stiemer, Reverend, Peaches. Hell, go RYAN HOLLINS.

  • if u buy one ur just giving the nba money..just sayin’

  • KJ, Hondo, Quis? and is Reverend-Dooling?

  • Paul

    Sorry, Celtics fans, but a Heat-Thunder clash in the NBA Finals would be heaven for true hoops fans. Posted on

  • Paul

    They’re exactly the team you’d want in a Game 7 of the East finals, and also the team you want to lose, or should, anyway. And we say this with all due respect to Boston.
    Also posted on

  • Paul

    Note: I’m the biggest C’s fan in Vegas!!! I was just posting what posted on their website. I so love my beloved Celtics, but not sure if we can win game 7 in Miami. We blew our chance in game 6!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Just look for the refs to give the heatless this game!!!

  • JR99

    That article is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever seen on a sports page, digital or paper. What a total moron. And it’s on, no less. Unbelievable.

  • JR99

    But Powell’s “Please, please, pretty please” article about how important it is to have a Heat-Thunder Finals is still there…. right on’s front page.

  • RPD

    “The Thunder wouldnt have beaten them if” … AND… “rondo and pierce will foul out if” – You sound like such a Fuckin’ homer. Nothing is rigged, if it was we’d see the Lakers facing the Knicks every year since they have the biggest markets.

  • Yeah…saw that BS too.

  • Greenman

    That is so shady. Hard to believe we’ll get a fairly ref’d game. Also, if we didn’t get fucked over in game two, this series would already be over.

  • Jay Gags

    I would love to see the celtics wearing those shirts in warm ups today.