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Doc Rivers: Master motivator

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 8, 2012 Celtics News, Doc Rivers 12 Comments on Doc Rivers: Master motivator

Doc Rivers has this way of gauging the temperature of the room, and saying just the right thing to get people’s attention.

Remember back in April when we all watched the Celtics lose to the Bulls by 7 and we chalked it up to just another “not enough in the tank” game?  Doc came out and TORCHED his team for their effort.

That’s what the team needed. They responded by winning their next 4 games (against 4 playoff teams).  Last night, the team needed to be reminded of something different.  That they’re STILL in a position that anyone would have gladly taken before this series started

We left a huge opportunity on the floor, but we still have another opportunity.  And that’s what playoffs are about.  Clearly we’re at home, you want to win.  You always want to win.  Did you hear our crowd the last three minutes of the game?  What other crowd in the NBA does that?  It’s a terrific place to play.  The fans were unbelievable.  They did their part tonight.  We just didn’t do ours. 

Honestly, that was a great opportunity, but we have another opportunity.  We get to play another game, Game 7.  I would say most of the people in this room would have said, wow, they’re going to get to Game 7, we’ll take it.  That’s the way we have to view it.  We won a game at theirs, they won here.  Now we get to play for all the marbles.  This team has not done it the easy way this year.  Maybe this is justified for us, go in there and do it. 

As for Paul Pierce, who has been struggling this series?

He’ll bounce back.  Paul is a big‑game player.  Game 7s are the biggest that you can possibly have.  What I saw tonight was I thought he was ready for the game.  He just didn’t have a great game tonight.  We don’t look into it much more than that, at least I don’t. 

He was down.  Kevin was down.  The whole locker room was down.  But you can see their resolve in the locker room.  They’re not just going to pack for Sunday.  They’re going to bring suits for Tuesday, and they’re going to bring suits for Thursday.  And that’s the way we’re going to plan to do it. 

After hearing his press conference last night, I could see exactly why KG would run through walls for this guy.  Hell, I wanted to suit up for him after hearing all the stuff he was saying.  THAT is what makes him one of the best out there.  It’s just amazing.

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  • Wootay

    #keepdoubtingtheceltics Lets do this !!!!

  • Wootay

    Jon Barry: “I just thought (the Celtics) were a worn out team. They’ve exceeded my expectations to get to a Game 7 without question. But I think they’re fatigued. I think this is it. We talked about what would happen to the Miami Heat if they didn’t win. Well this is the end of the Big Three (in Boston). This is the last we’ll see of this Celtics team. Their run is over. They’ve had a tremendous 5-year run, but they’re going to be broken up as soon as this thing is over on Saturday night.”…… Is it me or does Jon Barry piss you off everytime he says something about the Celtics

  • Jordonn

    Who cares what Jon Barry thinks. They go back & forth anyway when we win we’re veterans when we lose we’re old & tired. Stfu

  • LeBron was simply unstoppable in game 6 and the Celtics failed to show up in another game 6 closeout opportunity. nevertheless, this whole series and especially game 7 will be historic and an all-out war. Doc will outcoach Spoelstra I’m sure, the Celts gotta hit those open shots.

  • there’s too much at stake for both teams for them to not show up

  • Barry has hated Boston since 1992…when they drafted him in the first round.
    He refused to play for the Celtics, and was traded to Milwaukee without ever playing here.

  • Kricky

    Doc is the engine that stirs this cocktail. No other coach could have gotten us as far as he did this year. Too bad they don’t give out the awards at the end of the post-season, he’d be the COTY for sure.

  • KY Celts fan

    Jon Barry actually picked the Celtics to win last night. But he sounded so disappointed when he made the pick. The guy is a douche and was a 2nd rate player.

  • Wootay

    So we all in agreement Barry is a douche!!! LOL

  • paul

    Doc is a great motivator? Really? So I guess it’s ok that we have booted closeout opportunities in the face in three straight series? I guess it’s pretty kewl that Doc couldn’t manage to get his team interested in actually closing out?
    Maybe KG and Paul Pierce love Doc because he panders to them.
    But I guess you all think it’s KEWL when this team barely shows up for a key game and then lays down and worships The King?


    yo rondo sucks bad.

  • GoCeltics

    They had a bad game versus the king. The sad thing was the Heat needed a performance from Lebron like that to beat us. I am really not impressed with Miami. The Celtics are the better team and when the smoke clears after game 7, the C’s will be still standing.