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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo & KG is like Magic & Kareem

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Q: One other thing going back to the history of the league and the history of it repeating itself, Kareem when he got Magic was invigorated.  That youthful exuberance made Kareem's career last another six or seven years.  Do you see that infusion of youth with Rondo helping KG and his resurgence in these playoffs as well as Ray and Paul? 

DOC:  Yeah, I do.  I think it's a good comparison.  I don't know if it was Magic Johnson‑‑ even though I do think his personality had a lot to do with it.  I really believe veterans have to feel‑‑ I think veterans‑‑ it's very difficult when a veteran is at the end of his career and he's just playing games knowing that his team can't win it.  I think that's hard.  I think when veterans see themselves with a shot at winning it and winning it all, then I think it invigorates them. And I think Rondo, after the All‑Star break and the way he started playing, I think it helped all of our older guys.  They said hey, guys, why not us?  We have a shot here.  Let's try it.

Doc Rivers conference call

There's nothing an old guy hates more than doing something that doesn't have a purpose.  Just ask our resident old guy, Chuck.  We ain't got the time to be doing something, especially something difficult over a long time, if it's not going to get us somewhere.  

So Doc's right.  Rondo reinvigorates the old guys the same way Magic Johnson reinvigorated Kareem because they know Rondo gives them a chance at a championship.  That's why everyone calls Rondo their leader.  That's why this whole thing is working right now.  Because KG can still finish around the hoop, and Ray can still hit 3's and Paul Pierce can still score in a variety of ways….. BUT…. only if they have Rondo to get them the ball or be a threat to get into the lane.  

I know it's tough seeing our guys being compared to Lakers, but I have a great respect for those Lakers.  And if anyone wants to say Rondo compares in any way to Magic Johnson on the court, I welcome that any day of the week.  I'll take this comparison and run with it, thank you very much.

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On Page 2: Kendrick Perkins awaits in the NBA Finals

When the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the San Antonio Spurs in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals on Wednesday night, it punched Kendrick Perkins’ ticket for his third trip to the NBA Finals in five seasons. 

[…] Many still speculate what could have been if Perkins had been on the court in the deciding game, including former Celtic Tony Allen. 

Shortly after the Thunder’s victory, he tweeted his support for Perkins and offered his own theory on how the 2010 championship would have played out with the big man.

@aa000G9: If Perk wouldn't of hurt his Knee I would of had 2 Rings" smh" Perk always say Good come 2 Good" Look at him now" FINALS"

CSNNE: Kendrick Perkins back in the NBA Finals

Wouldn't it just be the way… 

After all the talk about Basketball Gods… the Celtics meeting Kendrick Perkins and the Thunder in the Finals would just be crazy.

I don't want to think about it too much because I know these Celtics are perfectly capable of losing two in a row to Miami.  I see a lot of people predicting a big win at home tonight… and that wouldn't surprise me either… but let's just focus on closing out the Heat before we entertain these thoughts. 

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  • if Doc dresses Scal instead of Stone a hands Williams we win game 6

  • Gixr1

    Really?? Scalabrini? You are not credible with that dumb ass statement.

  • Danno

    Yes, because we all know jokes have to be highly credible.

  • I don`t really see the KG-Kareem comparison.
    Kareem was still the most feared player in the NBA when Magic arrived, but was uninspired and bored. Magic was the missing piece the team needed, and he revitalized Kareem`s passion for the game.
    With KG, the passion was never missing, but his health was. For the first time since 2008, KG is 100% healthy. KG now looks very similar to the KG of 2008.
    Since the day he arrived here, Boston`s fortunes are purely defined by KG`s health. As KG goes, the Celtics go.
    Rondo is playing great, but not any different than last year.
    Health {not Rondo} is the reason for KG`s resurgence.

  • thank you Danno