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Reliving KG’s craziest moments

Earlier this year, published video clips of Kevin Garnett’s 15 Craziest Moments. With KG dominating the 2012 NBA playoffs in ways only he can, I figure it’s a good time to relive the insanity.

The video above is Rajon Rondo’s reaction to hearing Garnett’s screams from the next room. It’s #15 on the list and its priceless.

Here’s the other KG moments:

14. KG throws water in his face

13. Shirtless KG after a win

12. Pounds ball of his face

11. Get that sh*t outta here block in LA

10. Telling Craig Sager he needs to burn his suit

9. Messing with Amare

8. Quentin Richardson meet KG’s elbow

7. Cooking with KG

6. Bill Walker choke hold

5. Chopping Dwight Howard

4. Channing Frye nut tap

3. Making Big Baby cry

2. Barfight!

1. Anything is possible

I’m pretty sure a new list will include the push-ups vs Miami. The bar fight interview might be my favorite. What’s yours?

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  • ComputerSnacks

    The water in the face one cracks me up

  • Jo

    These are all Boston moments some of his best work came in Minnesota my favorite one got him in a lil bit of hot water i wont ruin it just follow the link

  • Steve

    What about thumping on Leon