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Recap: The Celtics blow golden opportunity

Why am I surprised? This is the 2012 Celtics. They followed up a gritty, gutty win in Miami with a pathetic peformance at home with a Finals berth on the line.

LeBron James was phenomenal: 45 points, 19-26 FG and 15 rebounds.

Paul Pierce was phenomenally awful: 9 points on 4-18 FG.

James is going to get all the credit, but the Celtics beat themselves tonight. Bad turnovers. Wide-open 3 point bricks. Momentum killing lapses. 

Game 7 in Miami. Bring it. But I don't like their chances.

Box score

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  • RyanH

    I don’t want saturday to be the end. Not to these assholes. It was brutal enough listening to Jeff Van Gundy just going off about Lebrons public perception in the first half. No one played well, even with Rondo’s first half. Gonna keep hoping, but I have a horrible feeling like I had for game 7 in 2010. In Doc I Trust.

  • Ther is stil hope.

  • Z

    This is like the Laker’s series all over again. We go up 3-2 then lose two straight.

  • Don’t even want to think about the 2010 Finals.
    Love the Celtic Pride in the arena. The “Let’s Go Celtics!” chant gave me heart.
    Let’s get game seven. We can do this, guys. KG was already focusing himself for this.

  • Quest

    Gme 7 in Miami is going to be tough to get a win. Odds not good. Well hope OKC is resting up I just don’t want to see Le Bron get a ring.

  • Sometimes you just have to tip your cap. Lebron couldn’t miss and the Celtics couldn’t make layups or clean passes. A shame being at home with a chance to close and all but how many times have we said that? You just hope the well has dried up for Lebron by Saturday. That was a hell of a domination.
    Blown opportunity indeed.

  • Dutchgreen

    Sure, the Celtics screwed up big, but let’s give LeBron his due – he was simply sensational, a performance for the ages. Looking at him in the first, he WANTED this badly. But I still didn’t like the Heat as a time tonight, and if the Celtics could have kept it together… who knows. So very nervous, but not desperate for Game 7.
    I thought the Let’s Go Celtics at the end was absolutely FANTASTIC! That’s sticking up for your team, and no matter what happened tonight, or what happens Saturday, these guys deserve it for everything they gave us this season!
    Let’s get it Saturday, and if not…I hope Perk gets his second ring!

  • screaming jay

    Lebron had a game face on like I’ve never seen on him before. Its possible he has turned a page…
    I hope not, screw him, but more importantly, screw DThug.

  • I really hope that wasn’t the last game at the Garden for the Boston Three Party. Can’t go out that way. Gotta win game 7.

  • SamR

    Oh come on.
    Look, LeBron was incredible tonight with his jumpshots, and the C’s couldn’t buy a bucket. LBJ scored 45…and the Heat scored 98, despite hitting 7 of 14 from 3.
    I always feel like jumpshots are the most difficult part of the game to control. You either have it or you don’t on a given night. LBJ had it tonight, and the C’s didn’t.
    I wasn’t really as upset by this loss as I was by Game 2. This one had so many things go badly that it wasn’t ever really that close (yes yes, 10 point margin with 3 minute left in the 3rd, but when that’s the high point its hardly a squeaker).

  • RyanH

    I want to take a moment to address the guy who threw beer on LeBron. That shit is absolutely unacceptable. I do not like the Heat. LeBron just torched us. Is it normal to be disappointed? Yup. But acting like a savage and doing that to someone is beyond uncalled for. One person can hurt the perception of passionate, loyal Celtics fans. I loved the chant at the end of the game, but it stinks to know one person made a story bigger than rooting on our team til the end.

  • Quest

    The really sad thing is game 7 is the last window of Opportunity for the Big 3 to get that 2nd ring. Then its all over.

  • A bit dissapointed in that I just didnt feel they had a sense of urgency tonite. I still think they can bounce back and win this series though.

  • screaming jay

    Absolutely, that guy should be charged with assault, and kicked out of the garden for a while.
    Interesting, though, how that behavior went hand in hand with a cup of beer in his hand to start things off…

  • Celtics : Good Job! Good Effort!

  • RjD21234

    Celtics fans deserve better than this. That was an embarrassing performance at home. Lebron was great, but the Heat were beatable, that’s for sure.

  • paul

    No, Rondo played brilliantly, until Doc took the ball out of his hands in the second half and relegated him to feeding Pierce.

  • paul

    So you didn’t see the totally flat play by the Cs, the lack of ball movement, etc.? People don’t just miss shots. Anyone who has played knows that. There is an element of chance in shooting, and focus can’t always be controlled, for sure, but most of it is rhythm and being in the moment instead of thinking about the program you are missing on tv.

  • paul

    That really sucked. Lebron played brilliantly and honorably. If you could get him away from Wade, he might even be lovable. He was great tonight. That fan dishonored us.

  • paul

    I thought the Cs had a lot of urgency. They were urgent to get back home for the tivo’d episode of their favorite show, and a late snack.

  • paul

    I’m surprised that Coach Hate and the Hatettes haven’t shown up to complain about Rondo’s turnovers tonight. Yeah, he had seven turnovers. I would EXPECT him to have seven turnovers at least on a night when the rest of the team has, unfortunately, barely shown up and he is trying to make things happen. Rondo had a brilliant game. Had Doc not chosen, inexplicably, to feature Pierce for most of the second half, basically taking Rondo out of the game, we might even have clawed our way back into the game, but that would have depended on the rest of the team coming up to Rondo’s level. Rondo was at least trying. DO NOT blame the turnovers tonight on him. That’s going to happen when you have one guy trying to make things happen, and a bunch of guys lost in a miasma.

  • jadams5214

    Pathetic effort by the Celtics tonight. It’s inexplicable to have a Game 6 at home with a chance to bury the Heat and come out playing poorly from the opening tip.
    Plenty of blame to go around as the entire team put on an embarrassing performance tonight.
    Lebron was obviously incredible and hit some tough shots. Boston’s offense was back to the horrid unit that has appeared so often this season.
    PAUL PIERCE — he is now shooting just over 33% for this series! Those are the type of numbers that everyone loves to kill Kobe for and Pierce is doing even worse. He is obviously hurt and apparently can’t get enough lift on his outside shot — so he needs to STOP SHOOTING so many jumpers. In the 1st quarter he kept shooting bricks from 3 instead of taking the ball inside. He compounded that by fumbling away fast break chances and continuing to force up bad shots. Pierce cannot just keep shooting jump shots every game hoping they will go in.
    The only good thing coming out of tonight is that the Celtics were blown out which should have them ready for Saturday. The roles are now reversed as the Heat will hear about how great they are and Boston will be talked about as washed up.
    Really hope the Celtics find a way to pull out a victory in Game 7. Would really be a shame to see the Big 3 Era end with blowing ANOTHER 3-2 series lead with a chance to close out at home….

  • Tom Reed

    Why u scared of greatness

  • You should be shot for wasting good beer oh the humanity never never throw one on anyone poor beer never got drank awful