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Your Morning Dump… Where these are the Boston Cockroaches

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I'm gonna change the name of this team.  This team was hanging in there so much.  They came out… whatever Miami did to kill them off, they came coming back.  I'm gonna call them… cockroaches

Tommy Heinsohn, on CSNNE

Leave it to Tommy to put this way. 

The Celtics last night looked like they could, at any time, just fold and be done with the game.  I mean, they made some of the DUMBEST mistakes out there.  

Yet there they were, constantly hanging around… down 8… down 5… down by just enough to make a couple of baskets and have it be a brand new game.  Doing just enough to keep Miami from running away with it.  

It was just amazing. 

It was mind boggling.  I'm still not completely sure I saw some of the things I saw.  But it happened.  So… rather than wake up from this dream, I'll just move forward.

On Page 2:  The Celtics have done nothing

Honestly, they believe they can win, and we just got to keep hanging in there.  I told them, we've done nothing.  We're playing a heck of a basketball team.  So just because we're going to Boston, I told them, we have to play.  They're not going to give it to us.  We have to go get it. 

Doc Rivers postgame    

The Celtics are a win away from going to the NBA Finals.

Yeah, I know, that gives me chills too. 

But they're just two losses from being eliminated.  And the Heat have already beaten the Celtics twice in a row in this series alone.  I hate to be Buzz Killington over here, but isn't the motto of this team "Nothing is ever easy?"  

The best case scenario would be a Spurs win tonight, then a Celtics win tomorrow, and then an extra day of rest rather than playing a Game 7 in Miami.  

The worst case scenario… well…. there's no need to get into that. 

The Celtics just need to listen to Doc.  Go get it.  One thing helps:

“We’re coming home,” Garnett cooed, breaking character for the first time since they landed in Miami. They’re coming home with a series lead and a chance to do the improbable one more time.

They're coming home.  

With a chance to win and go to the Finals. 

We just have to go get it.

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  • josh

    You can watch a replay of game 5 on
    I’m still pumped from that victory. Haven’t been this happy with the Celtics since 2010 playoffs. It took damn near 2 years to get this emotionally invested again.

  • Kricky

    Man I miss Mike and Tommy doing the teleast. Would have loved to hear his reaction to the officiating in those first two games. Though I’d be worried about him blowing a gasket or somrthing. LOL