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The Basketball Gods smite Miami with block-to-3-pointer comeuppance

This play was all kinds of amazing in a very short time:


The block by Wade on the Bass dunk attempt?  Nasty?  Rondo recognizing in the span of less than two seconds, that Mickael Pietrus is in the corner and then slapping it to him while getting fouled (how big was THAT no-call??) was ridiculous.  Pietrus hitting the 3… well… that was probably just luck the way he was shooting.

Ok. I'm kidding.  Nice shot, Peaches.

It was, as Mike Breen said so disappointingly, a big turnaround play. It was a play the Basketball Gods, to whom Doc Rivers prays and sacrifices rookie playing time, owed the Celtics.  Because it wasn't too long ago that this happened:


Wade being involved in both plays is so deliciously karmic, isn't it?

Let us say a prayer of thanks to the Basketball Gods

Red Auerbach, who art in Heaven
Hallowed by thy name
Thy banners come
This will be done, in Boston
as it is in Heaven
Give us this day our daily hoops,
and forgive us our turnovers,
as we forgive those to commit turnovers for us
And lead us not into the lottery
but deliver us from Kobe
For thine is the parquet
the Green and the glory
for ever and ever.


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  • vivek NJ

    that was my reaction after seeing that play, it was same block ending up in a 3 pointer. but rondo- pietrus was just magical.
    nice prayer btw. i think the c’s should put this in their locker room. lol. there is a guy mycelts who belts out poem every post game comment. now he has company. lol. well done.

  • I really detest Mike Breen, and refuse to listen to him & VanGundy (another Knick homer)…they both obviously hate the C’s and have their tongues so far up LeBron & Wade’s arses it’s not even funny. At least VanGundy is inciteful, I just don’t like him doing C’s games.
    Bass, by the way, needs to break DWades hand the next time he puts in between a two-handed dunk and the rim.

  • ps, I would add this to the end of the prayer after Amen…
    “Boo-boo, go to bed”

  • Rondo somehow hit Peaches right on the numbers!
    Brought a tear to my eye!
    Can I get an amen?

  • Cam

    How about Rondos now forgotten play at the beginning of the game -the missing a lay up on the right side, getting rebound on left side, palming with his left hand and just shot putting it in within a half second

  • Coobs

    Amazing play, especially considering Chalmers was putting the arm-bar on his right arm

  • mike

    anyone else notice Bradley rotating his shoulder around after that play? was this the beginning of the end for him?

  • hmmn… but if the foul was called when rondo volleyball-tossed the ball to pietrus, then pietrus wouldn’t have hit that three… right? but everything happened all at the same time, they just let it go…

  • The refs are finally getting fed up with Chalmers’ holding, shoving and flopping. They probably saw it on replay at halftime and that got him the deserved tech for shoving Peaches after a celtic’s basket in the 4th.

  • eddie

    The celts are on fire and will win this series in 6 ! wade has been terrible and th eonly person who looked good last game was bosh! i wrote all about game 5 nd preview game 6 as well as tell u how to bet it right here