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Your Morning Dump… Where Chris Bosh is just another body

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“I don’t know how much different it will be,’’ Rivers said. “Kevin will try to post up whoever they throw out there. [Bosh] is just another body, a talented player, and he poses his own problems.

“He helps because of all the trapping we’re doing. It’s more difficult when Bosh is on floor. His value is he stretches the floor. He’s a great shooter, he’s long.’’

The Celtics’ defense is finely tuned. The Celtics have been able to limit the jump-shooting threat of Shane Battier and Udonis Haslem by sending defenders at them while Garnett remains in help mode.

Rivers talked of “getting a hand, or a finger tip, on the ball’’ against Battier and Haslem.

“Bosh is taller and you can’t do that,’’ Rivers said. “He will make it difficult, no doubt.’’

Globe – Rivers says he will not alter team's plan

So how will Doc play this? Keep doubling Dwyane Wade off screens, even when Chris Bosh is on the floor? I doubt the Celtics will do that consistently. Maybe the key is to throw Miami different looks. Keep the Heat off balance and guessing. 

I doubt Bosh is 100%. He hasn't played a game in nearly a month. The Celtics will test him, physically and mentally.

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On Page 2, are the Heat really staggering?

The reality is the Heat are staggering, with Spoelstra making changes in reaction to Doc Rivers’s changes. As the series has progressed, Spoelstra has realized he can’t use the standard game plan and standard roster to beat the Celtics. He has shuttled centers in and out. He has toyed with his second unit, even going with guard Norris Cole, who had hit the rookie wall and been banished to the end of the bench.

In Sunday night’s Game 4, Spoelstra felt a couple of minor adjustments along with the combination of James and a rejuvenated Dwyane Wade would be enough to win in Boston and take control of the series. But the Celtics withstood Miami’s comeback and in overtime James fouled out for the first time in four years.

The loss psychologically damaged the Heat, forcing them to look at their weaknesses and ponder a hasty return for Bosh, who has been mostly unheralded as the third wheel of Miami’s Big Three, but is appreciated within the organization.

Globe – Miami feeling the Heat

While I wish the Heat were dazed and confused, I think this angle is being overplayed. Yes, Doc Rivers has outcoached Erik Spoelstra, but he's also tinkered with his second unit rotations as much as his Miami counterpart.

Is Miami the more desperate team? Yes. They have to win tonight at home. Desperation generally leads to more aggressive play. I'm not expecting the Heat to come out and crap their pants.

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  • Bosh has not played in 27 days…he might be in shape, but not “game-shape”.
    If Boston can withstand the early, emotionally charged storm Miami will throw at them…this will be a long, grueling night for the Heat.

  • Mike

    I think the coaching adjustments Spoelstra made in the second half of game 4 were brilliant. Trapping/doubling Rondo gave him fits and really stagnated the offense. Time for Doc and the celtics to counter. I expect to see lots of pick and pops for KG jumpers.

  • I think Miami is putting the nail in the coffin for them trying to FORCE a Chris Bosh siting, Bosh hasn’t really played well against Boston anyway so he’s not a reason for Boston to get up tight. On the other hand for the heat putting Bosh in will mess up the chemistry that Wade and James has gotten use to since he was out, now the productivity of James goes down because Bosh likes to shoot to, so if Bosh does not bring it, James numbers goes down, James has had to shoot 25 and up just to keep the Heat a float, Wade is diffinitely hurt, I see this game going to Boston and Boston winning by 10pts or more.

  • Also the Heat is going to lose this series because when they won the first game, they laughed at Boston and thought they were going to sweep them, they did not prepare for this kind of play, this one to falls on the coach, he should have been planning for Boston and the 76ers when they were in their series, he thought with all the players Boston had out, the aging big 3, he NEW that Wade and Bron Bron could take Boston, now he (coach Spo ) has been caught with his pants down and half way through the series he’s trying to come up with something to match Doc “prepared” Rivers, Well good luck with that one. Boston has 2 head coaches, Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo, thats something not even OKC has.