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Paul Pierce drops a dagger in Lebron’s eye

Oh my…

If the Celtics are able to close out this series, we're gonna be talking about this shot for a long time. Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 years… but for a long time.

(Video courtesy @jose3030)

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  • Mileke

    Loved Pierce saying “I’m cold blooded” after that shot. It makes the shot so much sweeter, because he is cold blooded, & it’s a shame people don’t respect his game. It’s actually saddening. He’s a BEAST. It seems he gave us nothing tonight, but ended up hitting maybe the BIGGEST shot of the whole game, & ended up with 19pts 4rebs 4asts. That’s an off/bad game? seriously. He’s an F’ing beast. And I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!My favorite player of all-time!

  • Celts12′

    THIS is what we live for. Can’t fall asleep. No way.

  • Paul Pierce and the 1998 Draft :
    NINE players were selected ahead of this absolute treasure!!!
    Inconceivable then…Inconceivable now

  • Mileke

    Thank God they did jump over him, or he wouldn’t be in Boston!


  • The Captain! Right in Lebron’s face & he got fouled! C’s are playing top-flight defense , Ray & Paul are seemingly healthy, and Rondo & KG are dominating. I’m gonna sleep with a smile on my face if I can sleep…

  • classless

    Probably the first 3 time mvp to get punked so ruthlessly

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This team is resembling the 2008 team, still got the big 4 plus Doc and an individual roll player comes up big in different games (like Powe, Baby, House and PJ did), AND they keep getting picked against by the “sports experts”. Problem may be we don’t have homecourt if we beat Miami and OKC is a beast. LETS GO CELTICS!
    Looks like KG is now 9-0 in game 5 when tied 2-2.

  • sev

    All this on a sprained MCL….not like it has been healing with one day off in between games(for that matter even a couple days off in between games wouldn’t matter). Imagine the big three, with this Rondo, playing in their prime, or even just a couple years younger. That’s got to be pissing Lebron and Wade off, that not even in their prime can they beat these guys. Give them a healthy Bosh and us a healthy Bradley, Jeff Green, and Wilcox….not even close. I’m rooting for the Spurs, just like I would think most Celtics fans are because I have no idea how the Celtics would be able to cover the 3 big time scorers for OKC. They may not have a post game, but their back court has tough defenders, and Ibaka has proven he can hit the mid range off of screens. We’ve seen the celtics contain 2 big time scorers, but without our full squad, I would much rather see the Spurs. You know KG would be eager to go at Duncan, especially after those comments.

  • sev

    *Front court

  • sev

    not even like the celtics shot that well either

  • paul

    This is one of THOSE shots from Pierce. true celtics fans know what this means


    just in case yall like remixes check my video out

  • JR99

    PP’s shot was great, no doubt. But the play that will stick in my memory is Rondo’s perfect touch-rebound-pass to Pietrus in the corner for the 3. I mean…. guys hit shots all the time. But that play by Rondo…. jeezuss…. you could go a decade and not see something like that.
    What’s amazing is how the Cs won despite shooting 36% in the first half, missing EVERYTHING then, and despite Rondo doing silly things like passing into the backcourt and stranding Bass (who got a tech as a result), and Pietrus missing a wide-open dunk, etc., etc. But the DEFENSE held. And saved the game. They were RELENTLESS in this one.
    I think now they’ve gotten into the Heat’s heads. You could see it in Lebron’s attitude late in the game. We have them spooked. Scared. Ready to lose.
    Cs in 6. It won’t be close.

  • vivek NJ

    another classic in my memory is 2010 finals. kg threw a pass to pp who caught it one hand and threw it a running rondo who made the lay up while being chased.

  • I said it yesterday Coach Spo has gotten caught with his pants down, he didnt prepare for this series because he believed like, the media, his players and over half of america that they could take the boston celtics, now he’s looking and trying to find an answer and its almost to late. I bet he has learned one most important thing, you dont ever dout the heart of a champion, dont ever under estimate “ANY”, team. I heard Doc say last post season that when he was watching the playoffs even when they got eliminated that he was taking notes, that was a year ago. The Heat really thought that they could beat anybody because they had 2 of the best players in the league, but ask the Lakers that is not true. When the Dallas Mavericks won last season they won because “EVERYBODY”, on their team stuck together and stepped up, thats why OKC has been doing so well, those guys are deep and they have excellent chemistry. The heat should trade Chris Bosh and get some better role players.

  • dombili

    He actually said “I’m so bad” as he walked to the bench.

  • aaron

    this game FUCKING ROCKED…. i HAD to go to a bar after watching it at home. i was like a little kid xmas morning…. pierce is a beast. garnetts post game interview was CLASSIC

  • Lucy

    The Celtics play as a team,win or lose. They have the experience and there is no quit in them. There is no finger pointing when things go sour. They pull together and make positive things happen. Miami needs to take a good hard look at themselves and see that they are not a cohesive unit when it matters most.Too many guys on that team who want to be “the man”. It doesn’t work that way.