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Celtics win the craziest F’ing playoff game I’ve ever seen, 1 win from returning to Finals

Kevin garnett dunk vs miami game 5

Do you know what just happened?  Does anyone?

I'll repeat what I said on Twitter earlier during the game.  I've never seen a team so close in a basketball game but teeter so close to total collapse like the Celtics did all night.  They had a million chances to fold, and it looked like they'd take about 900,000 of them at various points. 

The most egregious loss of focus came in the third quarter when Miami was starting to make a litle run, got a 4 point lead, and Rondo casually flipped the ball back to Ray Allen for the worst back court violation you'll ever see.  Miami hit a 3.  Doc called a time out.  And the clearly dead and unfocused Celtics outscored Miami 15-3 over the rest of the of the quarter. 

Totally makes sense, right? 

The Celtics won the middle quarters 49-38, which really was the difference in this game.  The Celtics and Heat went back and forth in the fourth.  The Celtics best offense for a bit seemed to be random scrums where lucky bounces found open guys for huge plays.  Then Paul Pierce took a 3 that we would have killed him for, but instead we will celebrate because it was dead in the eye of LeBron James with :52 left…. and it was followed with a "oooohhhh, I'm so bad" on his way back down the floor. 

Rajon Rondo shot 3-15 and had an alternately brilliant and terrible game, which fit the flow of this thing perfectly.  He still managed 13 assists (mostly to KG for dunks), and was a game-high +11. 

LeBron and Wade combined for 57, but no one else had much impact at all, including Chris Bosh who only played 12 minutes. 

The Celtics win Game 5.  Teams that win Game 5 win 84% of 7-game series.  They'll have a chance to be on the right side of that statistic and close the Heat out at home on Thursday night. 

The old, slow, injured Celtics are 1 win from going to the NBA Finals. 


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  • KY Celts fan

    Woooooooh!!!!!! Fuckin A, man! Fuckin A! One more game! Let’s close it out!

  • Vivek NJ

    A Great Win. it wasnt like last game. old people rock.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why does the post time says 10.30 ? you got the post before forsberg. good speed.

  • And THE TRUTH shall set you free!!!!!!

  • RyanH

    Mickael Pietrus came to Boston, and on his first day said, “I came because I love, Doc, I love KG, and I want to win championships with them.” When he hit those two 4th quarter threes, I couldnt help but to think of that day, and the day he nearly died in Philly. One more win, fellas, and we can take the next step.
    Also, Paul Pierce drilling that three in Lebron’s face was maybe the most life-affirming moment I’ve had in Basketball. Unathletic, underrated guy drills a three in the athletic 3-time mvp’s grill. Poetic justice, my friends.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    a great team beat two great players! i think all celtics fans will agree: we’ll take a great team every time over great individuals.

  • Take that Miami!!! This team is destined for more greatness. This is fate. Game 6 is Game 7. Amazing win, total team effort……even Pietrus, who has been killing me, made more plays. The Garden is gonna be insane for game 6! GO C’s!

  • mike
  • Noori

    Paul Pierce has ice in his veins. Right in Lebums grill

  • classless

    Yo Bron Bron..tell me how The Truth’s ass tastes.

  • Amazing. Just, amazing. It didn’t matter how big of a lead the Heat had, the Celtics just hung in and got the shots they wanted. They picked their spots prefectly; never got down on themselves. The confidence and resolve just impresses the hell out of me. They knew the Heat would get tight when the going got tough. They put the pedal to the floor when Lebron, Wade, Chalmers, etc! Looked to the refs for the call and trotted back up the floor. It was like watching a surgery and Doc had the scalpel.

  • Quest

    Amazing…..not their best game and they won ….on the road….wow.

  • Mileke

    I’ve been saying all alone that this series had the feel of the 2010 series vs. the Cavs when everyone wrote the OLD Celtics off. They were also down 2-1 that series, & won in 6. Also sent Bron out of Cleveland. & if they win Thursday, may be sending one of the BIG 3 out of Miami. That was a GUT & BALLS win there. DEFINITION of a BAR FIGHT! Great game. I said at the 2:00 mark of the 3rd Q that I thought Peaches would come up huge down the stretch, & BOY did he prove me right. His activity tonight was tremendous. & the 3 in the corner may be the 2nd BIGGEST shot of the whole night. Good game Peaches. & one S/O to KG who continue to shut the doubters up. Even looked them in the camera after the game & said “ya’ll talk too much.” nuff said. Treat Game 6 like a Game 7, & let’s get the W. Go Celtics!

  • screaming jay

    Anybody else thinking along these lines….
    Let me introduce you 2…”Perk, meet KG,” “KG, meet Perk.”
    I was originally hoping to see a Celtics/Spurs final, to watch an epic matchup between two grizzled experienced old timers, especially Garnett/Duncan.
    Now its looking more like OKC vs Celtics. I love ya Perk, but….

  • Kricky

    Ok, so when do we realize that Doc is just about the best coach to ever tie a up a double Windsor knot??
    He’s been preaching team over talent all year. But it takes as a great Coach to pull this shit off. Mad props are due, sir! Singing your up to that extension is the bet move Danny ever made.

  • SamR

    When he hit those 3s, all I could think was “THERE’s the guy who gutted us in 2009. Been waiting for him all year.”

  • IanD

    Still gotta win one more first, Thursday night can’t get here fast enough. The Garden is gonna be a mad house!

  • Man, I just can’t believe it! This is crazy, I have no words to describe how happy I am!!!
    It’s a dream coming true, let’s get it done on thursday.
    Could not watch the game (it’s the playoffs first that I miss) because here in Italy it starts at 2.30 am every time.. let’s see what will happen tomorrow in the WCF: if OKC wins, well.. these are twin series!
    Right now it’s how it feels to be the Green, old underdog; beautiful..! 🙂

  • JR99

    It is unbelievable.
    – Cs walked off at halftime shooting 36%. But only 2 points down. Huh?
    – Cs hit TWO jumpers in the entire first half. Wow.
    – Rondo actually threw the ball into the backcourt for a TO. Huh?
    – Pietrus missed a WIDE OPEN dunk. Huh?
    – Doc has the balls to take KG out with ~7:30 left in the game. WTF?
    And they won. How the hell did that happen?
    – Btw, Lebron actually hit Paul’s forearm on that final 3. Shoulda been an and-1.
    It’s mind-boggling to think the Celtics are going to the Finals again. They’re amazing me every day now.

  • jadams5214

    Shows how the NBA is a game of inches. If Pierce misses that 3 pointer and Miami wins it goes down as another terrible isolation play late in the game. But since he made the shot it will go down as one of the great shots in Celtic’s playoff history if Boston wins this series.
    Really impressed with Rondo tonight. He was TERRIBLE in shooting by missing at least 5 layups, also committed a couple awful turnovers most of all when he lazily threw the ball for a backcourt violation. However tonight he stayed focused, ran the offense and made some incredible rebounds/tips that kept the Celtics alive.
    KG with yet another vintage performance after a slow start. Not many games over the past 2 seasons will you see KG dunk 4 times which showed his energy level.
    Pietrus FINALLY hit some big shots and at crucial times. If he can just provide a little offense it spreads the floor and creates offensive chances for the entire team.
    Celtics need to stay focused because this series is NOT OVER. All the media will be talking about for the next 2 days is how Miami is done, if they will break up the team and praising the Celtics. Doc needs to insulate the team and have them finish this out at home in Game 6. No one wants to think about comign back to Miami for a Game 7.

  • Catepillar- You have to watch this game on replay, one of the most insane games you’ll ever see, I think at least partly cause it was on the road….
    This team has not stopped amazing me since the All-star break, and now they’re on the brink of shocking the world!

  • vivek NJ

    on the brink of going to finals. we still got one more game.

  • FYI Doc has been very, very consistent about managing KG’s minutes. He got Garnett a huge rest last game as well around the same time.
    The bigger surprise to me was how Steisma contributed in the 4th to allow KG to get the much needed breather.

  • This is the type of effort I’ve been expecting from the Celtics. And it’s not the result I’m proud of. It’s their passion. It’s their drive. It’s Doc’s coaching. It’s the complimentary pieces that this team has. It’s their resolve. It’s watching the passing of the torch to Rondo. It’s witnessing guys I didn’t trust as recently as ten days ago find a way to help Boston get there.
    For weeks now I’ve been saying I was going to enjoy the trials and tribulations of this team. I’m in awe of this performance. Far and away the best Drama on TV this year.
    And that Boston won a game in Miami, something they HAD to do were they are to win this series, is just so sweet. As a fan I will enjoy the next two days. I want the C’s to conquer the Heat. And 48 minutes is all that should be left to the Miami’s season should so many things go right.

  • Well said….

  • As Doc said ‘we’ve won nothing’ – Game 6 is gonna be huge. But having siad that, after the Thunder won in SA I couldn’t help thinking about Perk and KG…

  • Miami suffers from “Heat-Choke”

  • White_Crow

    Fuckin’ man… What a game! That’s great, just a game to the finals. Keep focus, play hard… Saudations to all the greens, from Brazil!

  • Thanks Lee, I’ll do it for sure!
    But let’s stay quiet, guys: game 6 will be a war, and nothing is granted. As we say here, “don’t try sell the bear skin before the bear is dead..”.
    Go Celtics!