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Your Morning Dump… Is this team anything like the 2008 squad?


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Somehow they pulled it off. Somehow they’re still alive. They’ve done this before, of course, but never quite like this with Pierce fouling out and Rivers running Garnett on and off the court just to give him a minute here and a rest there. 

With Daniels and Mickael Pietrus on the floor in the overtime, the Celtics were playing 3-on-5 offensively and Rondo told Garnett it was time: “We have to take over.” Only they couldn’t. They scored only four points in the overtime, but it was enough. 

They’ve never had to win a playoff game of this magnitude with Daniels guarding Wade on the final possession, Pietrus crashing the glass for offensive rebounds and Keyon Dooling draining corner 3’s. 

“It’s kind of similar to [2008],” Rondo said. “It’s not the superstars that get all the praise â€‘‑ well, they do get all the praise, but the guys like the PJ.  Browns, the [James] Poseys. It’s similar to what we’re doing this year.”

WEEI – Celtics stay together, together

Not sure I'm buying the comparisons to 2008. The Celtics had reliable role players during that championship run. While Posey, Brown and Eddie House would take turns making big plays, they were much more consistent than this heart attack inducing crew. 

But hey… they are making some plays.

Keyon Dooling is having a great (for him) series. Last night he added 3 threes to his ball-hawking defense. 

Michael Pietrus continues to churn out bad fouls. But those consecutive offensive rebounds late in overtime were huge.

Marquis Daniels had a tough 15 minutes. His biggest contribution was not fouling Wade on the final play. Good enough for me.

The role players are really no different than the stars. Nothing comes easy. 

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On Page 2, Chris Bosh will play in Game 5. 

According to multiple sources, the Heat are hoping to activate Chris Bosh for Tuesday's Game 5 if he doesn't suffer a setback in workouts over the next two days. Bosh declined to discuss his status following the Heat's 93-91 overtime loss to the Boston Celtics on Sunday, which tied the series at 2-2.

He has been doing on-court workouts for the past week and got on the floor with teammates during practices while the Heat were in Boston. Typically players who return from abdominal strains take awhile to return to full strength and Bosh could be playing on a minute restriction when he comes back.

ESPN – Sources: Bosh back for Game 5

Chris Bosh, come on down. You're the next starting center for the Miami Heat. 

Bosh is an obvious talent upgrade over Joel Anthony and Ronny Turiaf. He will impact the game. But given the minutes restriction, potential for rust, and the fact no two games in this series have looked alike, I'm not overly concerned.

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  • I hope Miami is not looking for chris Bosh to seal their deal in game 5, when Bosh was healthy in the regular season he didnt make a big impact when Miami played Boston, he hadnt played in a few weeks, so he’s coming into a series where he’s going to have to come straight in playing hard, Miami is taking a big risk, but so be it, Boston will be up for that challenge. They are bringing Bosh back because Wade is having knee problems that they dont want to publicly say anything about. They sat there in game 1 and laughed at Boston, I really think they thought that this was going to be an easy series. Miami must be feeling some sort of way in order to bring Bosh back and make him play through his injury, Boston needs to dig deep and go ahead and win the next 2 games, I know that sounds like alot but its got to be done. They need to take advantage of the fact that Wade and Bosh are both injured.

  • i was thinking the same thing…well KG is playing sort of like 2008…Rondo playing even better and Ray last night gave me a pinch of hope for the rest of the playoffs… still we don’t have the bench with such a potential like 2008…
    On the bosh thing…it’s a dumb decision!!! KG is too much for him,he’s just coming out of an injury, and Chris will be taking minutes off Battier and Miller who are playing well already.. I say we still have hope to make it into the finales!!

  • Bosh last played on May 9.
    He cannot be in “game shape” after sitting for 27 days, nor will he be much of a factor.
    The Celtics have now put a lot of pressure on Miami these past three games, and you know they will not let up.
    They could blow this series wide open if they could only get one more unexpected “break”….be it a great flashback shooting performance from Pietrus or Allen, or a twisted ankle suffered by Wade, etc. .

  • classless

    Nothing like 2008. This team steamrolled other teams that year, had an excellent bench and the Big 3 at the peak of their powers. The 2012 bench is trick or treat. Will Dooling contribute 10 more points in game 5? Doubtful…but Mario Chalmers won’t either.

  • Not even near 2008 team but they are playing hard got give them props

  • Kricky

    The 2008 squad was a straight up JUGGERNAUT. Just look back at that deep bench: Posy, Powe, Baby, PJ, House, SamIam,m T-Allen. WOW. Trick or Treat Tony barely even got off he pine in the playoffs- they were that good.
    They did have a few struggles in the playoffs (winning games on the road) but that’s because the group was still peaking. Once they got to the finals they just demolished a good Laker team (that went on to win 2 straight titles after).
    If it wasn’t for the injury to KG in ’09 and Perk in ’10 (not to mention the discon to let Posey walk – thanks Danny!) they could have run off 3 straight titles.