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Rondo on the Heat: “they’re crying and complaining”


That was subtle, huh? 

First of all, I love any non-canned answer out of an athlete. 

Secondly, I love that Rondo blatantly called the Heat out for crying to refs during games.  The sad thing is, it's not exclusive to the Heat. Hell, our guys do it too.  

But still… Rondo has no fear, and I love him for that.  And he's right.  When a player turns and begs for a call, his guy needs to bust his ass down the court and get into a position to score or make the next pass on the break.  

You take any advantages you can.  And if it's LeBron turning and looking for a ref because he didn't get a call, the Pierce had better be getting somewhere where he can score the ball before LeBron recovers. 

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  • Agreed that the Celtics complain. Every team complains. However, NO ONE does it more demonstratively, and gets away with it (See: Ray Allen tech), than the Miami Heat.
    Dwyane Wade is #1 at complaining and not getting back on defense. For a guy that gets away with mauling Pierce, ripping the ball from him and racing up the court and getting a call, you’d think he wouldn’t have so many gripes. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even get a foul called on him for throwing Rondo down and breaking his arm in last year’s playoffs.
    It’s the Lebron effect. The entitlement factor has seeped in and made Wade, who used to be a good guy, as unlikeable if not more than Lebron.
    What Rondo said was fact. Can the Heat really deny it?

  • Dutchgreen

    I loved it. I was watching yesterday and thought: What?? Did he really just say what I thought he did? And sure enough he did, which makes Rondo an even more awesome cold-blooded killer in my book. I didn’t really catch the sequel at the end of the game, though – it looked like Rondo was annoyed by one of the interviewer’s comments or something – did anybody get that?

  • More Rondo interviews please espn! Calling out Cryami was hilarious.

  • screaming jay

    Yeah…it looked like he was going to turn around and go “chest-bump” her the way he bumped that ref a couple of weeks ago.
    Ha! Rondo…..

  • Danno

    That’s about as close as you’re ever going to get to any player calling Lebron and D-Bag “crying bitches”. PERFECT.

  • DJinthehall

    i had to rewind it 3 times last night to make sure I heard right. I wish pros would say what they more often. It would make interviews worth watching.
    Only other person better at dead panning is Steven Wright