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Giving Pietrus some of the credit he deserves

Paul Pierce hugging Pietrus captioned

Mickael Pietrus is a funny guy.  

I don't just mean that in a "he makes everyone laugh" kind of way, although, he certainly does that.  I mean it in a polite, flummoxed way. 

He has the ability to put the ball to the floor and drive, but he doesn't because he says he's been scared off by his injury.  Yet he'll do it every once in a while.  He get torched on D five straight times and then he comes up huge with a defensive stop. 

Three of the biggest plays last night, you could argue, were made by Mickael Pietrus. 

The first came with 1:51 left overtime when a Michael Pietrus held his ground against a retreating LeBron James and drew a sixth foul on the three-time MVP. The next came on the ensuing possession when Pietrus grabbed an offensive rebound and kept the possession alive with 1:31 left. The third play came on the same possession when Pietrus grabbed another offensive rebound with 1:04 on the clock and extended kept the ball in Boston’s hands for more than a minute as the team nursed a one-possession lead.

You can argue whether LeBron's 6th foul was actually a foul or not, but Pietrus put himself into a good position.  As an aside, you could probably argue that LeBron committed a 6th foul (or more) somewhere else in the game that didn't get called… but I digress.  The point is, Pietrus got into a good spot, he took the contact, he probably sold it a little, and LeBron was gone. 

And even though the Celtics didn't score on the extra possession they got, anything that forces the opposing defense to play harder for longer hurts them.  Hell, just look at the Celtics and how they get killed by offensive rebounds all the time. 

It's always the little things that add up to make the difference in close wins.  Marquis Daniels avoiding the foul that would have given Wade free throws at the end of the game was as big as anything else in the game.  Pietrus getting LeBron out and extending possessions at a critical time was huge too, and plays like that should be acknowledged as part of winning playoff basketball.

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  • Jason

    I’m sorry, but he’s still awful right now. Would MUCH prefer Quisy. Easy call really as he’s better on both ends of the floor. Never understood why Quisy has been stuck on the bench all year. Doc must have his reasons, but it seems like a year long mistake.
    Speaking of mistakes, I know you can’t run these guys into the ground, but the second either Rondo or Garnett comes out, this team flatlines something awful. Just ride them hard Doc or you will blow a game and this series.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    as for Lebron’s sixth foul, there is, it seems to me, only one argument to make. if the foul on garnett was indeed a foul on garnett (on the play when lebron and garnett were entangled and fell to the floor, or lebron pulled garnett to the floor), then the sixth foul on lebron was indeed a foul on lebron. turnabout is fair play. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. etc. etc. etc. lebron got hoist on his own petard. it was poetically and dramatically perfect to watch lebron foul out (for the first time in ages!)on the same play he had used just a little bit earlier.

  • It’s hard to ride Rondo much harder than Doc’s ridden him this series (e.g., 53 minutes in game 2).
    The problem with riding Garnett hard is he’s too old to do it for 48 minutes. One reason the Celtics are back in this series is Doc’s gutsy calls to give Garnett the rest he needs—even if it means Miami going on a mini-run—so that KG has some gas left in the tank for the final few minutes of the game.

  • This. Also, if Pierce’s sixth foul on Battier was indeed a foul, then James’ sixth foul was a foul.

  • classless

    Seriously, why can’t Pietrus shoot?

  • I dont care if he went a 2 minutes doing nothing but getting offensive rebounds…he sucked and deserves little credit for anything at all…hes been….hmm…pathetic…I like the guy dont get me wrong but hes been dreadful, not just that but we never scored on that possession

  • Marquis sucks… his contributions in game 3 must be the most overrated thing of all time, he sucked all year, didnt play all year for a reason and has been bad as a celtic pretty much altogether…Pietrus is….or i guess was a much better player before tthe concussion…now they both suck

  • Everyone here seems to be a little too extreme. It’s not all or nothing. Pietrus was not pathetic. He did get two HUGE excellent offensive rebounds and made a few driving layups. He did set himself into Lebron’s backside as you should when someone is posting you up. Lebron did absolutely commit an offensive foul. You’re not allowed to just back over the defensive player and that’s what Lebron did. The KG play was different. KG did knock him down but only after Lebron held him, shoved him and jostled him. It was either a double foul or no call. Pietrus, on the other hand, set up his body legally. The Pierce 6th foul was illegal contact but never should have been called at that point in the game and as Pierce’s sixth. That kind of shoving goes on all game long. Pietrus’ outside shot is just not there and he commits a lot of stupid fouls. Marquis was great in game 3, cutting, slashing and playing good D. Not so great in Game 4. And he really doesn’t deserve credit for falling for Wade’s upfake and giving him two feet to shoot a wide open 3 for the game. If Wade hit it, you’d all be cursing him. I’m just happy they’re playing hard. Keyon deserves lots of credit for tenacious D and for finding his shot.

  • Jason

    The Celtics are plus-164 with Garnett on the floor and minus-116 with him on the bench. He needs to play every minute he possibly can, even if tired. And why would he be tired? The man is fit as hell.