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Enemy Chatter: Bosh had better find himself a cape

Enemy chatter

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here's a look at some enemy chatter from Miami

With a healthy 6-foot-11 Bosh in the fold, the Heat's attack can be stabilized again. The question is, will he be healthy? The truth is we don't know; heck, the Heat don't even know. But one thing's for sure: Bosh was speaking the truth when he told ESPN.com recently, "I need this team just like they need me."

Bosh had better find himself a cape, because it's time to rescue the Heat.

Heat Index

The link has a bunch of numbers as to why Chris Bosh is suddenly the savior of the Miami Heat.  There's also this simple explanation:

The Heat is most dangerous when Bosh is setting screens. Without Bosh, still sidelined because of abdomen strain, Anthony or Turiaf -who are averaging six points combined in the playoffs – set the screen, which allows the defense to sag off and concentrate on Wade.

And this is where Bosh will have the most effect.  Because instead of letting Joel Anthony just pop to wherever without caring…. Bosh can pop and make the mid-range shot or roll and score in the post. 

I know, I know, I know… we all want to make fun of Bosh.  He's easy to make fun of when he does stuff like this, or this (or, if you prefer something that will keep you up at night, this).  KG's numbers against Chris Bosh are good, but it's not about the 1-on-1 match up.  KG will win the 1-on-1.  But it's how Bosh affects Miami's offense, which the Celtics have shut down fairly well so far that will be the issue.

This all, of course, hinges on whether Chris Bosh is actually healthy.  If he is, he'll be trouble.  If he's not, then he could do more harm than good by being tentative.  Think of how Miami played off Ray the first couple of games.  If the Celtics find out Bosh is struggling and he can't hit his normal shots with normal regularity, then they'll treat him like they've treated all the other bigs, they'll double Dwyane Wade, and dare LeBron and the rest of the Heat to be the James-era Cleveland Cavaliers.

I guess we find out tomorrow night, don't we?

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  • paul

    How bout we compensate by playing more than half a game? K?
    I know it’s a crazy concept…

  • JimmyG

    Haha, agreed that we need to play a good 48 minutes which we haven’t seen yet. Bosh coming back does make me nervous though. I’m not expecting him to be the second coming of Willis Reed but it does make their offense more formidable. I don’t think it’ll change the fact that Rondo is torching them though and that’s really their biggest issue at this point. I’d be interested to see the
    +/- for them with Bosh on the floor.