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Corinne Grousbeck > Micky Arison


How awesome is Wyc's wife Corinne? She tweeted out this photo from last night's game.

Meanwhile, Heat owner Micky Arison is busy complaining about the Garden floor.

Corinne Grousbeck FTW.

Photo: Lisa Wan

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  • I’m so f„Ω€œ∂g proud of my beloved Celtics!
    But guess what, for NO reason whatsoever I had a flash watching these series: LBJ will wear Celtics green sooner or later..! (dunno if you like it or not, just saying..).

  • fick

    Ugh. Mickey Arison. Complaining about the floor… Did we flash back to the 80’s suddenly?

  • Lebron’s eating a booger which is why bosh is bowing his head in disgust.