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Recap: The grittiest and ballsiest win yet


Three reasons the Celtics won this game:

Grit and balls.

Balls and grit.

Grit and balls.

What did I tell you all before the game via Twitter? Joey Crawford is the only ref with the balls to take on LeBron Wade and Dwyane Wade. And Joey delivered with the 6th whistle on James.

Now excuse me while I restart my heart.

(image courtesy Jose3030)

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  • I’m still shakin too……Holy crap that was an insane game. If that last play was what Spoelstra drew up, I’m glad we have Doc! If MVP voting was based on or included playoff perforance, Rondo would win it every year. KG was his usual iself, he’s just amazing in every game. We needed every one of Ray’s points tonite, but the best thing is he’s shooting well again. On the negative side, the missed free throws are driving me crazy, and at one point I actually wanted Pietrus to foul out (although he did come through with the 2 offensive rebounds). And the captain needs to stop fouling out of every game. Doc needs to remind Bass what he does well. Game 5 is the one they can take down there, the C’s have their number now, just need to keep the foot on the gas and stop blowing leads. Go C’s!

  • Danno


  • RyanH

    Rondo has grown into a leader and closer before our eyes. Running the huddle, making the go ahead bucket/FT . He and Kevin once again got us over the hump. Also, I don’t want games decided by arrogant assholes like Crawford and Kennedy. No OT game should be without Pierce and Lebron. That’s just stupid.

  • Dutchgreen

    Wow! this one cost me a few years of my life – I’m not even sure I will be able to recover before Game 5. Let’s just hope the guys do. This was a phenomenally gutsy win and I hope the C’s can continue this all the way to 18!

  • Greenman

    I might be tripping but James got called for 3 fouls in the first half…. But that number got changed to one over halftime. WTF happened there. Not to mentioned when wade picked up his 5th in the fourth and they switched it to bass for getting hit in the face by Anthony…. Glad we won cause the refs sucked.

  • Pietrus saved the game w/those offensive rebounds. Totally makes-up for all the dumb fouls, missed shots. It’s odd because he’s known for his shooting but has been contributing more-so on the boards. Quis’ D on Wade in the closing minute was great too. And how’s about The Reverend aka Keyonce? But obviously Rondo is the reason we won this game. His offensive explosion and masterful control of the pace enabled the C’s to build that big lead, and got us over the top, w/the help of Ticket of course, after Paul fouled-out. 2-2 baby.

  • Almost had a heart attack when Wade put up that 3. Just finished watching SportsCenter and almost fainted watching the highlights, like oh crap, maybe this time he makes it. Can easily be 3-1 C’s right now. Time to take our talents to South Beach for game 5. Cannot wait.

  • Had a feeling the bucket KG/Bass spotted early for the Heat could come back to bite them 😉
    C’s have outplayed the Heat for most of this series, just need to keep their foot on the gas!

  • Joe

    As my wife said…… “This isn’t good for your health.” I’m supposed to wake up in 5 hours and my heart’s still racing from the game. Wade had the chance to go to the line by jumping into Daniel’s on that last play and of course he could’ve tied it on a drive as well. I wonder how his teammates feel knowing that he doesn’t trust going into another overtime with just them since Lebron was fouled out.

  • Joe


  • Kricky

    Grit and balls. You said it.
    And though we got soem calls on LeBung, I don’t think the Heat get back in this one without a little help from the refs. Check the replay on a few of those calls on the Captain. He had all ball n those swats he got whistled for.

  • every time the heat scored i always thought about that KG/Bass tip-in

  • this series should have a health hazard warning prior to broadcast =))

  • JR99

    Once again Bill Kennedy TRIED to throw the game to a Celtics opponent, but Crawford kept it reasonably fair. Kennedy made 3 bad, crucial calls:
    – KG travel @ 4:36 4th qtr: KG’s pivot foot didn’t move.
    – KG offensive foul @ 0:21 4th qtr: Replay showed Lebron pulling KG to the ground on top of him.
    – Paul Pierce 6th foul @ 4:22 in OT — Crawford was closest to the play and did not whistle it at all.
    Crawford whistled Lebron out of the game, which helped make up for the Pierce call. Kennedy is a lying piece of crap.

  • Best part of night was Rondo’s hilarious halftime interview…
    Other than the win of course.
    Third favorite part was Spoelstra’s looking lost in post game interview…
    This one is shortened. In the full interview I saw Spoelstra called this series the most unconventional series yet and how his team is reinventing themselves daily. He looked dejected that Boston has outplayed Miami for three straight games. Now he’s facing a better coached team that’s likely to outplay his precious Heat for three more.
    Celtics take Game 5. Heat have met a team not willing to wilt to their bullshit. Expect Rondo to completely bring it. Go C’s!

  • SamR

    Those boards were great. Also the final foul on LBJ. But man, what happened to the shooter who daggered us when he was with the Magic. I have zero belief his shots will go in now.

  • The officials working future Miami games should at least peak at the film from last night as means to call fouls on the anointed Heat. That fact about LBJ not fouling out, combined with him being on the All-Defensive team, as a FORWARD is disturbing. The two don’t seem to jive.
    Rondo looked awesome last night. Great to see Quisy get some valuable run. Thank god MP got those boards/foul. That cam could so easily have gone the other way it’s scary.

  • Agreed. Bass did well last night on the boards too, but he & Pietrus both have struggled mightily in the postseason.

  • Agreed.
    I`ll take the “Orlando Pietrus” over the “Boston Pietrus” any day of the week!

  • Mencius

    Remember when if Dallas even looked at Wade the wrong way they were called for fouls in that Finals series Miami won years ago. Thank god he’s not getting those bogus fouls so far this series. Refs made some bad calls both ways last night, but all in all, we have nothing to complain about. Absolutely great game. If the next couple of games go down to the wire, this series will rival the great Boston/Philly series of 81, Boston/Lakers of 84, and the Chicago series a couple of years ago. I think this is my favorite team of this Big 4 era. Like them better than the 08 team, because we now have 5 years history with these guys, and because it’s all the sweeter that they’re doing this when everybody thought they were through. Particularly gratifying season. Thank you, Danny, et al, for a great 5 years.

  • I can’t believe that Joey Crawford actually was the “fair” ref in a Celtics’ game. I never thought that could happen. As bad a ref as Joey Crawford is, he’s the only one with the guts to foul out Lebruise. The crew was busy calling phantom traveling on KG. Imagine a ref calling Wade or Lebron for traveling at any time during their careers, let alone in crunch time in the 4th quarter. Anyway, this series is starting to remind me of Boston/Philadelphia in 1981. Except for the quality of some of the offensive play. No lead is sacred and defense is killer. Rondo has stopped his constant cheating so I am learning to love him again. Sure he gets beaten here and there and forces some passes but those are forgiveable with the guts and talent he has been showing. KG was spectacular despite a cold spell for awhile outside and getting into some wasted wrestling matches. Pietrus was a mess, what with bad shooting and dumb fouls, but those offensive boards robbed Miami of crucial time even though we couldn’t score off of 4-5 attempts. Anyway, this one will go down in the annals. Game 5!!!!!