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Your Morning Dump… Where the jungle was f—ing rocking


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"The next game, game 4 is going to be even more. You gotta anticipate them making adjustments.  We're gonna make some adjustments.  But the tenacity, the desperation has to be there.  We're playing at home, we have to give it all out, and it will be out.  The jungle was rockin' tonight. I want to thank all the fans that came out. [expletive] jungle was ROCKIN' tonight.  I loved it.  [expletive] loved it. [expletive].  Alright?"


I often wonder what Kevin Garnett would do if he couldn't drop f-bombs.  I'm not sure he could exist in that world.  But as along as KG can play like he played last night, he swear at nuns holding babies for all I care.  "That's one [expletive] beautiful [expletive] baby"

The Celtics established KG deep in the paint on a regular basis, allowing him to (a) get easy baskets and (b) draw the attention of the defense and get them all moving around.  Even the best defenses break down if there's good ball movement and everyone is forced to move.  

Of course, being in the paint that much means you get hit a lot.  And we know that one of those times resulted in this:

Kevin garnett doing pushups game 3

The good Reverend Keyon Dooling explained this one.

"As an athlete, you have to get yourself going, especially when you get knocked down, you don't want your opponent to see you vulnerable," said C's guard Keyon Dooling. "So that was his opportunity to show them that they can keep hitting him. He loves it. he plays a lot of mental games with himself, and with others."

KG is a unique [expletive] character.  Over g-chat, Chuck summed it up best:
"i'll tell you… if KG retires after this season… I'm gonna be crushed…
i love everything about that dude…"

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On Page 2:  Marquis Daniels gets some love

“I continue to go back to Marquis because he’s a guy who hasn’t played much throughout these playoffs,” Dooling said. “I spend a lot of time with him off the court and there are a lot of frustrating nights for him. But through all the frustration he is able to keep a level of professionalism that is second to none. Imagine not playing much throughout these whole playoffs and having the cardio to play against some of the best athletes we have in our league- and be able to excel. I tip my hat to him.”

WEEI: Marquis Daniels saves the day

Yesterday, before the game, Marquis Daniels was doing interviews about the bench needing to step up and I thought "why the hell is anyone talking to Marquis Daniels?  He hasn't even played."  

Quis swears Doc didn't tell him to be ready or anything, but Doc went to him last night and Quis delivered big-time.  He was a +14… second only to Kevin Garnett's +27 in the game last night.  I like how  Dan Duggan opened up his piece in today's Herald:

Marquis Daniels remained on the Celtics practice floor after the team’s shootaround yesterday morning, working on his game as he has done throughout the playoffs. Daniels put in the work, not because he knew he’d play in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals, but because he knew he had to be ready in case he did.

That's a professional for you.  I know he has to be pissed off about how this season has gone.  He's got pride and he knows he can help and play basketball.  He's better than a DNP-CD on a regular basis.  But he knows that if he's not ready to play IF he's called, then he's never going to earn another minute. 

That's impressive.  That takes mental toughness.  And maybe that's going to all add up to Marquis being the random guy no one expected to step up and be the reason something unexpected happens in this series.

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  • Brick James

    Great video, gotta love KG.
    Gotta also root for Quisy as well. Great to see him succeed, the dude is so versatile and can flat out ball. Hope he can continue to give the Cs productive minutes off the bench.

  • Kricky

    KG is a F-ing living legend. Lets enjoy him while we can. We will never see another like him again.
    One thing I don’t understand (and maybe you guys could help me out) is why he doesn’t operate in the paint/post more like he did last night (or like he did in the Atlanta series)? He has such an advantage out there most of the time. Is it just that it take s too much energy and wear and tear on his body to fight off fronting and establish position every game?
    And KG isn’t the only one. A lot of guys that have an advantage in the post drift away from that part of their game. Sheed comes to mind. Carmelo too. You constantly hear commentators urge players to get back to posting up their guys. What gives?

  • Kricky

    You said it. More Quisy please! Give him some of Air France’s minutes.

  • It’s habit. It’s easier to fall away and not have to battle for space and endure the physical punishment of moving toward the basket. Guys like KG, who aren’t beefy, don’t have the luxury of say Shaq, knowing that, in a battle for space, his weight, size and strength will move the opponent backward when he moves toward the basket. KG has gotten into the habit of avoiding that grunt work by developing a fallaway. He has to be reminded to wade through the shorter guys when he has this kind of advantage.

  • RyanH

    Im not sure there’s another guy who embodies new england quite like KG. Brash, fiercely loyal, reserved to outsiders, a legendary worker. The guy gets us and we get him. I’m gonna miss his crazy ass when he’s gone.

  • I really hope if KG retires that he’s not completely lost to us all. He’s a such a unique individual. His passion and knowledge is 2nd to none….