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Miami media are not fans of the Garden


This series has me flashing back to the mid 80s and I love it.

First, the Heat staff complained about the temperature in the Garden for Friday's shootaround. Now, we are getting complaints about the quality of the floor. 

Somewhere Red Auerbach is smiling.

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  • RyanH

    Big Windhorst is a whiney bitch. The Boston court sucks, it smells like piss and pot, they’re mean to our stars…yeah, welcome to the 1980’s, big boy. The fuckin jungle rules.

  • That’s what happens to a floor after a while. Once their court is older than the NBA equivalent of preschool, they’ll notice things deteriorate with heavy use.

  • vivek-nj

    what are the heat complaining about temperature ? was it too cold ? they can’t complain if it is warmer or hotter, they are the heat. it cuold be them causing higher temperatures.

  • Sam

    What’s the issue fat boy, it’s not like you’re gonna play on that hardwood, right?
    Every time I read Windhorst bashing the Celtics, I remember Delonte killing him on Twitter and I smile..

  • Windhorst is a straight clown. That guy shouldn’t even being covering the Heat. Just a straight CLOWN.

  • Dennis Johnson

    Watch out for the dead spots.

  • sev

    that court isn’t that old though…i didn’t think anyways