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Is Kevin Garnett planning a “proud, strong exit?”

Garnett's Steve Aschburner has a speculative column on Kevin Garnett's future in which he cites a "friend of Garnett" who thinks the Celtics star is planning on retiring after the season:

Back to Boston? To another NBA team? Or home to stay, where he can glare at the kids who stray onto his lawn and talk trash once a week with the garbage men?

It is a decision — actually, a sequence of them — that hangs over the Hall of Fame-bound player, the Celtics and any other teams that might be interested in getting some KG for themselves. It's a situation about which Garnett isn't talking, of course, since he does so little of that these days once he steps off a court, his rapport with the media more cantankerous than ever.

But at least one league source who knows Garnett well thinks a proud, strong exit and, as they say in show biz, a chance to leave 'em wanting more might be his plan. "I think that's what we've been seeing in these playoffs," the friend of Garnett said. "The way he's been playing, it's like he wants to go out on his terms."

I hope this isn't true. I want KG back for another year. One more.

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  • CoachBo

    Tell that to Jackie Mac, who says KG is coming back.

  • If we get another great performance out of Rajon Rondo we are taking game 3!!!! Keys to the Game #iamaceltic #celtics #celticstalk

  • Quest

    Going with the “friend” of Garnett saying KG retires this year, leaving on a high note and his terms. Garnett himself has said it takes a lot to prepare his body for games and needs to think of the future and what more his body can take.
    Lot of pounding under the basket at 36 yrs of age. Besides can Boston even be a playoff team next season if in rebuilding mode. Like why would KG come back if not to win a ring.
    Hoping KG doesn’t retire even if he steps into player development role for Boston. Hey Jackie Mac is not always right.

  • sherman

    Yeah, this is the first time in months I’ve heard anything other than him coming back for at least another year. Seems even more speculative than anything I’ve read to this point as well.

  • Quest

    Thinking outside the box… drastic measure…. Phil Jackson looking to return in front office type job.. Fire Danny Ainge hire Phil Jackson. Its one way to attract talent to Boston.

  • RyanH

    He’ll be back if we get him some bigs to play alongside of. If I’m KG, I only come back if the front office vows to bring in young, healthy bigs to do the dirty work on the glass. Otherwise, I think we will all wish him the best in life after ball. He’s been great for us, and really inspired us like teams and players of old.

  • Brick James

    One more? I’d take him back for another 3.

  • Ace-one

    “his rapport with the media more cantankerous than ever…”
    KG might be cantankerous, but if I were a reporter I would love talking to him. Dude is a walking quote machine. Yeah, sometimes he takes shots at reporters, but it seems mostly in jest, or as a way to build up the “you guys called us old” chip on his shoulder. Never picked up any real animosity.
    Whether during the game or post-game, he almost always give reporters some good copy.

  • It`s not even an issue…KG is definitely coming back!
    This is the best he`s looked since 2008.

  • Draft Meyers Leonard and Royce White and he will stick around….

  • paul

    Jackie ‘don’t know’ Jack

  • paul

    KG will come back as player coach.