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Your Morning Dump… Where the refs missed 5 or 6 calls somewhere

KGMauerEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The general manager of the Boston Celtics was trying to understand how LeBron James could get to the free-throw line those 24 times, and so Danny Ainge stood in the hallway recreating a clear-path foul call to the NBA's vice president of referee operations, Joe Borgia. Ainge slid his feet, and tried to show how the Celtics defender had reached around to the Miami Heat star, how they were far too close to the rim for that call.

"How?" Ainge asked him.

They did some kind of a dance here late Wednesday night, Borgia and Ainge, the NBA official delivering his explanation, and Ainge, the ultimate contrarian, challenging the premises. And hey, how could Paul Pierce foul out again? How could the Heat get to the free-throw line 47 times? These were the things on Ainge's mind, and there would be no satisfaction coming out of here for these Celtics, no solace out of an epic effort and a historic performance out of Rajon Rondo. Ainge was persistent, polite and Borgia finally relented that he'd watch the film of the Heat's 115-111 Game 2 overtime victory

"I'm sure we missed five or six calls somewhere," Borgia said.

Yahoo! Sports

I'd forgotten about that clear path abomination, probably because LeBron James clanked both few throws and the Heat came away without any points. 

I didn't want to rail on the officiating this morning. I wanted to bask in Rondo's glow. But I'm not there yet. I'm still hurting. 

Maybe the Celtics will be on the receiving end of the officiating Friday night. And we'll all just accept it, because such is life in the NBA. 

Sigh. If I want fair officiating, I can always watch the NHL or NFL.

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On Page 2, Wally Szczberiak takes shots at KG.


Wally Szczberiak is one to hold a grudge. He and KG hated each other during their playing days in Minnesota. The two fought after practice in 2000.

I'm guessing Garnett wasn't a fan of Wally's "I don't play defense because I don't want to mess up my pretty face" mentality.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Lebron missed those FTs, but that was one more foul on Pietrus. If that doesn’t get called, Pietrus doesn’t foul out and is able to close the game.

  • Wally also tweeted this gem: “KG is another one who lacks the #clutchgene always has!” See screenshot here:
    Wally then realized he was Wally and deleted it.

  • classless

    Miami missed 16 free throws. Just stop with the officiating. This was the series last night. Boston maxed out and threw the kitchen sink at them…still didn’t win. Most devastating loss since Game 7 in LA

  • throwdown40

    Stop crying about the Refs. Boston has had their fair share of no calls. Face it thats why the Celtics are still playing today (Remembering Atlanta). So play ball and take it as part of the game, because it IS!

  • Rondoing

    If it IS part of the game then we can openly discuss it! Why shy away from the truth!?
    With a fair officiating we would have won that game!
    Thats the truth!
    We are here to discuss the reality not the imaginary of what happened in the game!
    We are here to discuss Rondo brillance and the refs impotence cause like u said its part pf the game!
    U can’t come here and tell us to stop discussing whats actually part of the game, can you?
    Stop protectin the refs!
    Lets make them accountable!!
    If they blew it we should be able to tell them!
    No need for conspiracy theories or anything but if the guy made a mistake that cost us the game then we should be able to tell it like it is for as long as we want! Players got to move on and get ready for next game but WE fans amd the media should be able to reflect on the game and analyze the issues we saw!
    Its been 3 games in a row we get biased refereeing against us!
    This GOT to stop!!
    Something needs to be done!
    And if anything we got to be at least ALLOWED to talk about it!

  • CoachBo

    You won’t miss them if you’re not at the line, or don’t deserve to be.
    Got another point for me to shoot down?

  • Terry Bogard

    I think this was the proverbial needle that broke my nba-watching back.
    I can’t keep doing this to myself…

  • Wally Z is now, and has always been, a frat-boy jackass. KG is hall of fame guaranteed, the only way Wally is getting in is with 25 bucks.

  • Leo

    There will always be blown calls in nba games
    maybe its bias, but to me the calls seem to go against the celtics more often than not…
    last year game 4 v heat… lebron blatant travel… this year game 2 v heat… rondo gets smacked across the face but fails to draw a foul in what was the most pivotal sequence of the game
    Maybe its rigged… maybe im a loony conspiracy theorist… maybe the nba is just flawed and fans demand too much
    all i know for sure is last nights game was heartbreaking

  • Danno

    chew on this:
    In playoffs: LBJ ranks 2nd in MPG (41.1), 1st in FTA (10.8), 15th in RPG (9.2), 4th in steals (2.2) … and 104th in fouls per game (1.8)
    104th in fouls called against him.
    1st in Free Throw Attempts.
    I’m sorry, but you cannot sit here and read these stats and not recognize an alarming disparity.

  • Reggie35RIP

    lol, you think this series is over after two home games? They’re meant to win those games, that’s their advantage for finishing the season higher than us. We win our two at home it’s 0-0 again.

  • Reggie35RIP


  • Reggie35RIP

    lol, I also love the presumption by everyone complaining about the refs that – if a couple foul calls went our way we undoubtedly would have won the game. Come on.
    Rondoing, you sound like you’re pretty fired up about this issue. You should start a Facebook page about it and then if you get to 100 likes email Commissioner $tern and maybe finally something will get done about this atrocity! o_O

  • Fact

  • David Stern
  • Danno

    When National Television Sports media heavy hitters like Smith, Simmons, Van Gundy, and others are pointing out the disparity and charging the league and Stern with allegations of collusion and game fixing – it’s more than just a few homers on a local blog grousing.
    you should take a look around a bit before opening your ignorant yap.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Dude, his career PF average is 1.9pg over 9 seasons. The highest he’s ever averaged is 2.3pg. Guess he might just be a decent defensive player that doesn’t foul much, but has a knack for getting to the FT line.
    Seriously is this what it’s come to? Crunching numbers to come to the conclusion that; OMG LeBron totally gets fouled heaps, but doesn’t get called for fouls himself. Is that why we lost game 2? Without words…

  • Lissy

    Hi Celtics fans, it seems like some of us are pretty ticked off by the officiating. I started a petition about it! So sign, sign, sign, and share away.

  • Danno

    I copied this from Bill Simmons, a guy who gets paid millions to crunch these numbers and report on them for a living.
    The egregious foul disparity is all over the national sports media.
    This isn’t “what it has come to”. This is what it is. Stats can’t be dismissed in favor of sentiment.
    We lost game 2 by 4 points in overtime. There were two horrifically bad calls in that overtime that resulted in the 4 extra points for the Heat.
    YES – this is why we lost.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Obama’s an alien. True story.
    This is because the Hornets got the No. 1 pick right? ;p I’d be more than happy to look at any links or video evidence you have supporting this claim. If there is any collusion going on I would say it would be a rare occurrence and isolated to lowly ranked teams that aren’t televised nationally. It certainly wouldn’t be happening in the Playoffs when the NBA is under a spot light.
    But to be honest I don’t really give a fuck about NBA politics and Stern. I give a fuck about the Cs beating the Heat.
    And if we’re looking at this whole conspiracy-theory-sterns-fixing-games thing in the context of game 2 between the Celtics and the Heat – which I am, considering this is a Celtics blog. I don’t think missing one foul call and a dubious 50/50 call warrants a “Stern’s head on a platter” type scenario.
    Although with what you’re saying in mind, if I ever do watch a game where the officiating is so overly biased without question. Then I might start wondering.

  • Reggie35RIP

    lolz. I seriously hope this is a joke by a Heat fan.

  • kg215

    Nope, Atlanta was an inferior team. The refs definitely favor the Heat but nothing can really be done about that. The Celtics still had their chances and failed. Yesterday Rondo carried this team’s offense so it went from bad to decent, but the defense wasn’t good enough.

  • jim

    For a team of washed up ,walking wounded vets,missing four or five players and with a bench that hardly exists they are putting up a helluva fight.The Heat don’t seem quite so hot for such a “starry” team.If we go down,lets go down fighting like last night.One thing for sure,neither the Spurs nor Oklahoma will be loosing much sleep.

  • aaron

    this is just a fucking joke. i really really am thinking about no longer watching basketball because of how crappy the refs have become and how this league is CLEARLY rigged by stern. the draft and this game… i mean…its all too much…

  • Reggie35RIP

    So ok, if I’m reading between the lines here, what you’re implying – or your beloved Bill Simmons is implying – is that David Stern has tasked the referees of every Miami Heat game in the Playoffs to not call fouls on LeBron, but make sure he gets to the line at least 10 times per game?
    You are aware that LeBron’s career FTA average is 8.8 and that he has averaged 9-10+ FTA per game for 5 out of the 9 seasons he’s been in the league?
    I’m sorry but this doesn’t look like a disparity to me, it looks more like consistency. His regular season and career stats are almost identical to the Playoff stats you’ve posted.
    Playoffs (your stats)
    FTA (10.8)
    PF per game (1.8)
    ’11/’12 Regular season
    FTA (8.1)
    PF per game (1.6)
    FTA (8.8)
    PF per game (1.9)
    Taking into account that the Playoffs are a much smaller sample size of games, and that in the Playoffs LeBron has the ball in his hands a lot more than in the regular season, this could account for the 2.7 FTA disparity between the Playoffs and the regular season. Although it’s a fairly minor disparity anyway.
    But then if your logic – or Bill Simmons’ logic – is correct that would mean that LeBron’s been getting a free ride since he joined the league?
    Stats aside, I’m still at a loss as to what LeBron’s Playoff FTA and PF stats have to do with us losing game 2. Tell me how many plays LeBron was involved in that you think he should have been called for a foul? And how many bad calls were there that led to LeBron going to the line? And were these plays pivotal to us losing the game?
    If anything you should be dissecting Wades Playoff stats. Isn’t he the one that should have been called for a foul on Rondo?
    Any speculation that those supposed missed calls cost us the game is foolish. You’re forgetting a massive variable which is: the Miami Heat. Do you think they just would have lied down if they were behind?

  • Rondoing

    You are simply ignorant if you dont think that a few timely bad calls can cost a game!!
    I dont need to start a facebook page! We come here to discuss the story of the game! The refs where part of that story last night! Everybody on national media is talking about the refs and their impact in the game. Why wouldnt we Celtics fans comment on the refs as well??? Especially if their bad officiating IS part of the game??
    That’s all my point here!
    Refs can make mistake, they are humans! But we are humans as well and can comment on a mistake and vent about it if we like! I dont need an ignorant troll to come tell me i shouldnt talk about the refs!!

  • Reggie35RIP

    Hear, hear. Bring on game 3.
    I think this vid sums it up, love it:

  • Reggie35RIP

    I’m not a troll. I just hate whinging about refs. Sure we got some bad calls. All teams get this. We just should have found another way to win. You can’t do shit about the refs and whinging about the calls isn’t going to win us game 2. But yeh you’re entitled to your opinion as am I. Vent away.

  • Reggie35RIP

    I think he’s referring to the call the refs made on Quis that should have been two shots for Atlanta, but they only got the ball from the side. Would have most likely cost us the game.

  • Holy Sh#t Wally is still alive? He was on IR so much in his career I thought he would have died by now.

  • Preach on Stu Jackson!

  • OK, lets all think hard and come up with one or two big shots that Wally Szerbiak hit for us or anyone else….

  • Danno

    Wally Sczcerbiak’s bloated contract made the $$ work in the deal for Ray Allen. Best shot he ever took.