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Video: KG loses focus, C’s lose an opportunity

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 31, 2012 Kevin Garnett 4 Comments on Video: KG loses focus, C’s lose an opportunity


With less than a minute to go in the OT, the Celtics had a shot to cut the Miami lead to 3 or even 2.  The Celtics drew up a play for Ray Allen.

He inbounds, goes to the baseline and then circles back between 2 picks in hopes of getting a 3.  Looked like a pretty nice wrinkle to plays Boston has run before, but Miami defended it well.  At the :05 mark, Dwyane Wade switches on the screen, so Rondo drives.

At 10: Rondo circles under the basket after getting past LeBron.  He's not going to risk getting blocked, and he knows Ray is still lurking out there somewhere.  They have developed that chemistry.  At that same point, Kevin Garnett has set a pick for Ray and is now watching Rondo. 

This is where KG uncharacteristically loses focus. He's so intent on watching Rondo, he doesn't realize that if he just steps forward and screens his own guy, Udonis Haslem, Ray is sneaking in behind him for a corner 3. 

Instead, KG floats to the corner himself.  Rondo throws it out there looking for Ray.  Ray is going to the corner looking for the ball.  His hands are out. But KG is there. And not only is he there, he launches the corner 3 with 12 seconds on the shot clock.  There was time to get it back to Rondo and have him create. 

I'm not going to kill KG for a bad play, though the timing of that play was pretty awful.  We don't know if Ray would have hit the 3 but he was hot last night and man, does he love that left corner.  It was a definite, uncharacteristic lack of focus by Kevin Garnett that effectively sealed the win for the Heat.  It's the little things like this that are the difference between winning and losing.  

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  • The Garnett play that kills me was towards the end when he had Wade one on one and decided to pull up for a mid-range jumper (which he missed). I was screaming for him to post up Wade and take advantage of the mismatch.
    Please don’t anyone accuse me of hating on (did I say it correctly?) KG. He’s been great but his refusal to play in the paint irritates me at times to no end.


    No biggie. he took the shot cause they had nothing better at that time. besides we lost this game before the ball tip to start the game.

  • Robby C

    That KG three had me in utter disbelief. I had to pause the TV and rewind to make sure I saw correctly that there were still 12 seconds on the shot clock. Unbelievable loss of focus there.

  • jadams5214

    Yeah KG had a post up on Wade and settled for a jumper off the glass that missed. Even worse was when the C’s were down 2 and Ray passed to KG. KG again had a 6 inches shorter Wade on him. Instead of taking him into the post KG threw a terrible underhanded pass to Bass that became a turnover.
    KG has to take Wade in the post there but he wilted in the big moment on both of those huge possessions