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A few words about Rondo’s night

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 31, 2012 Rajon Rondo 5 Comments on A few words about Rondo’s night


I don't want to get into any "I told you so" disguised as flowery prose with Rajon Rondo.  I don't want to get into fights about his consistency or how he should play on any given night. 

Right now I just want to appreciate for a minute the amazing performance by Rondo last night.  For 53 minutes, Rajon had every aspect of his game working.  The shots he was hitting… the passes he was making…. the hustle… the desire to win this game… it was all literally unbelievable.  His numbers, as someone said to me on Twitter, would seem made up if we didn't witness it.  24 shots.  8 misses.  And 5 of those misses were at the rim.  From 16 feet and out, he only missed twice in 12 tries, which happens to be the same he shot from the free throw line. 

Rondo's not at that "superstar" level that LeBron is at.  He might get there, he might not.  He definitely has room to improve.  But what we saw last night was special.  

Someone else can write something that will give you chills or that you can pass around to all your friends on Facebook.  All I want it to make sure we don't overlook what Rondo did because of the loss or the officiating.  

Rondo said last night that his performance was irrelevant because the Celtics lost.  I don't think that's true.  I think Rondo's night gave us a better look at who he truly is as a player.  When the team needed him, he responded.  That's what winners do.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Hear, hear.

  • classless

    Rondo said it best: “it’s irrelevant. We lost.”

  • Brick James

    Go away.

  • I’ve been saying for years, all he has to do is be a legitimate THREAT from the outside. On the positive side, that game changes everything. I predict a solid 10-15 point victory at the garden on Friday.

  • “When the team needed him, he responded.” <--- BINGO.