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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo’s IQ hurts him

Rajon rondo layup game 1 v miami

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“He’s got to be in attack,” Rivers said. “The second quarter he was attacking. I thought he was reading a lot instead of playing on his instincts. Sometimes his IQ hurts him. He’s trying to read the defense. You can’t read and play a speed at the same time. We have to give him more room and guys have to hit shots. They were helping off of [Mickael] Pietrus. They were helping off of Ray. If you don’t make them pay for it then it makes it easier to guard Rondo.”

WEEI:  At their worst, Celtics no match for Heat

Two interesting things are happening all within this relatively short quote. 

1: Rondo's thinking too much instead of reacting. That's probably because LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are amazing at coming out of nowhere to block shots.  If you're afraid they're going to come in and get you before you can lay it in, then forget it.  Go sit on the bench and just wait for the game to end.  Because that's going to happen no matter what.  The moment you think instead of react on the floor, you're dead.  Forget it. 

2: They're helping off of Ray Allen.  RAY ALLEN.  That's how much he's struggling.  They'd rather take their chances with Ray missing than with Rondo penetrating.  

It's all tied together.  This team has too many complimentary pieces to have too many of them go out of whack. The book on Ray is that he's lost his touch… and it's hard to argue.  So you sag off of him, you sag off of Pietrus, and you get within striking distance of Rondo.. and you get a lot of the stuff you saw last night. 

Rondo's got to make them pay.  He has to attack and force the refs to blow the whistle.  Even if he misses free throws, he has to draw fouls on guys to get them to soften up.  He has to.  He can't worry about anything else. 

Just. Attack.

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On Page 2:  Ray Allen opens up about his struggles

Ray allen against mike miller game 1Instead the veteran guard’s grip only seems to be slipping in the wake of his 1-for-7 performance from the field in last night’s 93-79 Game 1 loss to the Heat, which was exacerbated by a 3-for-7 free throw performance. It was the first time in Allen’s career that he missed four free throws in a playoff game.

That his ankle is a debilitating issue isn’t the point.

“You always ask, if it’s the playoffs would you play? Well, it’s the playoffs,” he said.

Herald:  Ray a-miss over shot

I've never seen Ray Allen miss a 4 free throws in any game.  I did a quick search and the last 4-missed FT game I could find was December 26, 2006.

Look, we all know Ray Allen can shoot.  He can do it as well as anyone can.  And the one thing he could always do is shoot free throws.  So you know something's going on in his head if he's missing this many. In fact, he's never missed this many. 

His last miss last night was his 12th of the postseason, which is more than he's had in any postseason in his career.  His previous high was 11 misses in 2009-10, where he shot 69-80 for the playoffs (86.3%).  He's currently at 18-30 (60%). 

I love Ray for playing when he shouldn't.  It's part of why these guys reach mythical heights in our minds.  But when you're on the floor, you have to play better.  And he's not playing well enough for the Celtics to win. 

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  • classless

    Bad Rondo last night. Passed up at least 2 open layups for dumb kickouts. As for Ray, i dunno what you do about a broken, washed up player besides pray he can play better.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ray is broken, but he is hardly washed up.

  • With Avery, that game is a nailbiter at worst, Ray needs to shut it down and come back next season with us. Sasha would do better right now.

  • Start Sasha and keep him on a short leash. That way Ray and Peaches come off bench. Sasha’s not afraid to check wade /LeBrick and if Miami is leaving Ray alone imagine the looks Sasha will get! Also the first fouls from our wings can be committed by him and not Ray which takes him outta game. Allen has enough trouble with poor health and play. Relieve him of needing to cover a totally fresh Wade to start each game. Also introduce another player to our rotation. Short leash doesn’t work at least Doc tried.

  • Ray Allen has as much business starting in this series as a 75 year old man who has never touched a basketball!
    However, Doc`s sense of loyalty has already made the decision for him that he will sink or swim with Allen.
    In January against Orlando, E. Moore made the unforgivable mistake of coming off the bench, as a rookie, and turning in a phenomenal performance. Doc “rewarded” him by banishing him to the bench for the remainder of the season.

  • Quest

    Not buying the story line…. Rajon was out played….Heat got his number and Rondo couldn’t adjust to their game. Shut down the Big 3 leave Rajon dangling, pressure him and Rondo doesn’t know how to react, poor shooting caught up to him. Luv the guy but call it as it is. Has Rondo ever been in a position before where the Big 2/3 are neutralized. Pat Riley congrats. Now can Doc come back w an answer or have the Big 2 just become team liabilities. KG you’re the man sorry to see u go out like this.

  • evets

    You’re absolutely right. Doc needs to get creative with his personnel. There’s no reason not to — they don’t have a prayer otherwise. A healthy role player is simply more valuable than a hobbled former superstar. Take a chance!

  • evets

    Two of the starting five can’t move. Another (Bass) can’t find his shot. Certain point guards (Westbrook for ex.) might be better in this sort of situation than Rondo. But you wouldn’t want them over Rondo when the team is up to snuff and needs a quarterback.

  • Quest

    Next year when there is no Ray or KG or PP’s role reduced for younger roster will be the test for Rondo. Do Mike D’Antoni’s sarcastic words on Rondo start ringng true?? Would Rondo just be a medicore PG w/out the Big 3? The problem now is the Celtics are not up to snuff and the Final Champ is fading from their grasp. So sad they have worked so hard to get this far.

  • Are you serious, have you watched Rondo at all the past season? Nobody came to camp in shape but Rondo and Ray, Rondo has been a key player for Boston this year, If Rondo did nothing else this year he did prove to the world that he got game, that he is a true P.G. in spite of the Big 3. The Big 3 relied on Rondo more this year then Rondo relied on them, Ray has been hurt most of the season and so have Paul Pierce, so how is Mike D’Antoni’s words ring true? And where is Mike D’Antoni???????????? This was by far one of Rondo’s best seasons in the NBA, this kid is a walking triple double, are you kidding mE?????????????