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Video: LeBron laughing in KG’s face, plus KG’s response

There are certain things you just don’t do.  And laughing in KG’s face is one of them.

Maybe LeBron feels like he can get away with it.  The Celtics obviously need KG, so he can’t do anything there that could get him tossed or suspended.  The referees were obviously quick with the technical fouls last night, so who knows how much of a reaction KG could have gotten away with.  Hell, the tech whistles were so quick, I’m almost surprised LeBron didn’t get one there.

Still, KG got punked there.  And while I don’t know KG, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t appreciate getting punked.. as this photo may indicate

Kevin garnett glaring at Lebron game 1

KG’s response, when asked if LeBron was showboating.  “A little bit”.. followed by

““A little bit. Little bit. It’s all good. They’re home, they’re comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, you do things like that. We’ve got to make sure we take them out of their comfort zone and fight a little harder.” 

I don’t know.  Calm KG scares me more than pissed off KG.  And when Rondo adds “you know, they have to hit the deck, too”… I’m guessing the Celtics are going to come out with a little more energy in Game 2.

Buckle up.

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  • What would Larry and Kevin do?

  • sammy davis jr.

    They would play harder/better instead of spending all of there energy on fake tough guy stare downs.
    OOOhhhhh, so intimidating.
    KG, the scawy staredown works with soft euros and 6′ guards, but not quite everyone else.

  • Terry Bogard

    Lebron hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha getting a hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha technical hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • You guys are taking this all wrong. Lechoke was offering the game ball to the ref for his over and above performance. He’s laughing because even he can’t believe how hard the C’s got Donagheyed last night.

  • Josh

    KG legitimately attempted to bash Lebron when he was going for that ball. It was a hard forearm hit you don’t usually see from him. To his credit, Lebron took it and threw it back at KG. It was this exact moment I turned the channel. Couldn’t stand to see Lebron enjoying the moment like that.
    If they are going to get called for a foul every play, they might as well make the most of them at this point. Beat these whiny bitches up and down the court. If we aren’t going to win the game, at least there’s some satisfaction in a hard fought battle.

  • andrew

    haha! It is amazing how much of a descrepancy there was in technical fouls last night. Lebron James jumps up and down screaming at an official in his face about a foul call and does not get a tech. But Ray Allen says a simple NO! while walking away from the official and gets one? Doc gets one for saying c’mon??? Wade and Lebron jump up and down like the world is going to end and get nothing!

  • greengrass34

    Still, KG got punked there? I think that’s a stretch. KG fouled him hard, then Lebron, “was saying yeah, yeah”. Who cares it’s not that serious. We all know what Lebron is about. He’s a great athlete, but sucks as a person.

  • Bean

    Lebron is a punk. A ringless punk. His coach knows that they haven’t accomplished anything, so why doesn’t Lebron? He’s an idiot with a lot of talent, but zero humility and zero heart. If the Heat win this series, I am completely confident that the West will win it all. And Lebron will continue to be a ringless punk.

  • FRank

    And if the West does win the finals against the Heat there’s a good chance the Heat will (aside from cry in their locker room) not be back next year in their present form.

  • RyanH

    Fuck those punk Heat bitches. Guys are front runners. Anything goes wrong, they melt like icecream. We’ll see it happen before all is said and done.

  • I don’t have a problem with this, because there is nothing new. It’s lame as hell for the refs to let it go on, but doesn’t change my opinion of anyone. KG gets suspended for any retaliation, smart. LBJ can’t come up with anything to do/say, won’t even look KG in the eye. Lame. What are they going to do, knife fight after the game?
    Nothing new here.

  • My favorite day of the year is the day Lebron’s season again ends with a loss and he is one year closer to retiring without a ring.

  • JR99

    I felt he was showboating for the crowd, not to insult KG. Also, he flashes that ridiculous over-broad grin to show off his even more ridiculous dental guard, with “16” on it.

  • aaron

    lebron is a punk. no class at all. When you win you dont rub it in people’s faces. He wants to be Jordan so badly and YES jordan was a dick, but he NEVER would have done that.
    Lebron has been this way his entire career and honestly we should just use marquis daniels to punch him in the nuts. who cares if daniels gets suspended a year?

  • All I want to say is Boston better answer back, I even seen d wade laughing on the sidelines. They think they really did something, I can’t believe how they laughed and its just been 1 game. If anybody can beat the heat is Boston. I would not care if Boston didn’t get a ring, just as long as they beat the heat. Doc needs to start Sasha, at least he can move better and when he gets hot he can shoot the 3. They just can’t have games against this team where Brandon scoring 8 points and 2 or 3 rebounds, they have come to far to turn back now.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    If the Celtics go down 3-0 in this series, I hope game four is spent trying to tear a few ACL’s hell, two of the Big Three will be retired next year, they have nothing to lose and I’m pretty sure Lebron/Wade are universally hated everywhere outside of Miami, they’d be celebrated for doing what we all wish had been done a while back

  • no doubt he wants to be like jordan. and word to LeChoke he isn’t going to be like Jordan unless he gets a ring, another ring, and 4 more rings after that. also he thinks he’s top shit until the games on the line and he is scared shitless to shoot. Ohh and whoever told him that his mouth guard is awesome has some really bad taste. He thinks its so cool cause when he cant talk and he has to make weird huge mouth gestures to talk to a teammate u can’t miss his ugly thing in his mouth. I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE SPURS JUST DEMOLISH THEM IN THE FINALS. I wish the celtics luck but there r just too many injuries. i hope kg and ray come back for less money and we get green and wilcox back and we could win it next year as long as there arent any key injuries.