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Enemy Chatter: Does anyone in Miami understand basketball?

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here’s a dose of ‘enemy chatter’ from Miami.

Playing in the first conference game of his career, Shane Battier recorded his first postseason double-double. He had 10 points and 10 rebounds and shut out Brandon Bass from three-point range. Bass didn’t attempt a three-pointer and finished with eight points.

Miami Herald

Congratulations to Shane Battier for holding Brandon Bass to no three point attempts.  And while we’re at it, congratulations to every other defender since December 27, 2010… which is the last time Brandon Bass took a 3-pointer.

In fact, defenses have been keying on Brandon’s 3 point shooting for his entire career, because over his 7-year NBA career, he’s been held to just 13 3-point attempts.

I mean, that HAS TO BE the reason Bass is averaging less than two 3-point attempts a year.  It certainly can’t be the fact that he’s not a 3-point shooter, and his game is made entirely of shots from about 18 feet and in.  There’s no way a writer for the Miami Herald, a major newspaper, credentialed to cover NBA games and tasked with telling fans the story of the game, would get this most basic of details wrong.


Look… I get things wrong from time to time.  We all do.  But I at least know the basic scouting report of the teams the Celtics play.  It’s not asking too much of the people who cover the game to know who the starters are and what they’re capable of on the court.  I mean… c’mon.

(h/t Skeets)

On Page 2: There was little sign of the Celtics’ characteristic fighting spirit

There are a few prevailing theories about this Heat-Celtics Eastern Conference finals. One is that the Heat are the favorites. The other is that the Celtics are going to scrap and fight to the death, their deficiencies in health and depth be damned. Because that is what they have always done; it’s their character.

Maybe that is coming but in Game 1 there was little sign of it. The Heat, and James especially, plowed through them without a care in the world. The Celtics don’t have anywhere near the margin of error they had facing James two years ago; they don’t even have the wiggle room they had last year when this matchup ended in five games. They know it, too. But they didn’t play like it in their first crack at the upset.

ESPN Daily Dime

Wake up call, Boston.  The Celtics have to play damn near perfect basketball, and they have to do it with a mean streak to get the job done.  If they don’t have either of those two things… well… you get LeBron laughing in your face.

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  • They won game 1. Maybe I’m confused but the Heat should have won game one. Home court, no rest for the C’s, well paid referees but its not like they just won the series and the C’s aren’t done yet. Game 2 is big, let’s steal home court and then listen to the media piss all over themselves trying to explain it away.

  • Mike

    ahhhh yes, that bass 3 point tidbit is helping to lessen the pain of last nights loss just a little.

  • The fact that Shane Battier…SHANE BATTIER!!! Had a double double is more frightening than the fact that Miami sportswriters haven’t the slightest clue when it comes to the NBA. Gotta tighten that up STAT.
    I believe I heard someone on the broadcast say multiple times that Bass has had an excellent post season. That’s when I stopped listening.
    I do miss regular season Bass though, but I have faith that he’ll come through for us. He was too solid all season to simply forget those contributions.

  • JimmyG

    The Celtics played like crap, LBJ played out of his mind, the referees were awful, and Mike Miller/Shane Battier lit it up. The referees didn’t beat us and I’m not going to give into that loser talk despite mentioning it already. Lebron is going to play well because he hates the Celtics more than any other team I seem to think. The real thing is that their role players stepped up which they haven’t done. I don’t see their bench producing half as well as they did last night and honestly, it was away after getting barely any rest. I don’t feel too bad about where the Celtics are at seeing as how I felt Miami played their type of basketball for most of the game. What’s going on with Ray’s free throws? I know he’s injured so I’m assuming it’s that but it’s just so confusing.