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Recap: 12 good minutes won’t cut it vs Miami


Fueled by a 35-point outburst in the 2nd quarter, the Celtics had us all believing at halftime that a Game 1 victory was possible. But faith quickly dissolved into disgust as the Celtics offense collapsed returned to form in the 2nd half. The end result: a 93-79 Heat victory.

Rajon Rondo (16 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists) had a rough start. All 4 of his TOs came in the 1st quarter. He took several circus shots rather than draw contact. He did improve as the game went on. It’s hard to say Rondo needs to be more aggressive when he takes 20 shots.

Paul Pierce (12 points, 5-18 FG) was awful. Too slow passing out of traps. Weak drives to the rim looking for whistles that never came (0-0 FT). He needs to be A LOT better.

KG (23 points, 9-16 FG, 10 rebounds in 31 minutes) was great. The Celtics needed more from him in the paint, but the Heat defenders were flying at him from all angles.

Ray Allen (6 points, 1-7 FG, 3-7 FT) is still laboring. Is the ankle pain so severe that Ray can’t make free throws?

Brandon Bass (8 points, 2 rebounds) was mediocre. Mickael Pietrus had 1 point. The Celtics can’t win this series w/o more production from these guys. Their counterparts on Miami (Battier, Miller) combined for 18 points and 13 rebounds.

The Celtics missed 10 free throws.

The Celtics were hit with FOUR unfair, unjust and absurd techical fouls. The worst of the bunch was Doc Rivers tech for saying “C’mon Eddie” after a foul went unnoticed by Ed Malloy.

Gary Tanguay had a great stat during the post game; 23 technical fouls have been called on Heat opponents during playoffs, while only 3 have been called on Heat.

Just sayin…

Box score

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  • sev

    how many times does James get to throw vicious elbows after the whistle is blown. He did it to KG tonight, but he had at least 2 in the Pacers game against Granger. Yea he misses with those, but how many times would it be on sportcenter if one of those landed.

  • RyanH

    I fucking hate the Heat. Yeah, we played like shit. We gotta make buckets and we gotta hit free throws. At the same time, Rondo got crowned on a foul by LeFuckass, Pierce is getting smashed on drives, we got hit with obscene techs while Miami was taunting and yelling at refs. I don’t honestly know what we can do. You breathe on them it’s a foul. You argue a bad call, it’s a tech. I don’t expect to go out quietly, but that game felt just like last years Danny Crawford/Malloy combo that tossed Pierce when wade ran through his screen. Lastly, someone needs to retaliate on Lebron clowning KG. Hard ass foul in game 2.

  • Perfect headline. Doc has said that the “offensive lapses” have been the C’s biggest issue all year. We simply aren’t going to get away with 12, 24 or 36 mins of decent bball against Miami. Bass took too long to get going, as did Rajon. He had some flashes of offensive aggression, but there were times when he kicked the ball out instead of driving. And someone from that bench has to chip-in. Pietrus got his 1st point (a free-throw) near the end of the 3rd and only took 1 FG all game. That won’t cut it. The defense looked solid for the 1st half, but again, have to play 48 mins. The Heat dropped 26 on us in the 3rd as our D disappeared. This game was definitely winnable. I know everyone will say “what about the bad calls?”, but they do not justify scoring 11 pts in 1 quarter and 15 in another. I’m more frustrated at the fact that this was a game the C’s could’ve stolen if they’d executed. Oh well-have to adjust, and look to play better in Game 2. A wasted 23 & 10 for KG tonight. Man he played well. And I know Ray missed the most FT’s since 2006, but you cannot deny that his defense (yes-defense), hustle and rebounding were on-point tonight. The guy’s working hard and making an effort despite being in pain.

  • jadams5214

    The refs were terrible but to blame them for this loss would be letting the Celtics off far too easily.
    Once again the offense was mostly PATHETIC. The Celtics scored 35 points in the 2nd quarter by moving the ball led by Rondo directed the offense. KG got great looks and the team actually made open 3 pointers for once.
    However in the 3rd quarter it was right back to the same old crappy offense. The first 3 possessions of the quarter were terrible jump shots as the shot clock wound down and it got worse from there. Pierce started to ISO and turn the ball over. Rondo was a non factor. The team settled for poor jumpers instead of moving the ball. The end of 3rd quarter play was a perfect example. Rondo stood there and dribbled then passed to KG as the clock wound down. KG had to take an almost 3 pointer fading away before the buzzer sounded.
    Plenty of culprits tonight as the Celtics scored 35 2nd quarter points and only 44 for the rest of the game! Rondo missed several point blank shots. Pierce had a great 5 minute stretch in the 2nd quarter and was otherwise awful. Ray Allen continued to be a liability – now he can’t even make 50% of his free throws which shows how much these struggles have gotten into his head. Bass returned to his invisible self. Pietrus couldn’t make open shots or free throws.
    It’s become so painful to watch this great team play such horrific offense night after night. There is no excuse for a group that has Ray, KG, Rondo, Pierce, Bass, Pietrus to continually struggle to score points even with their injuries. Doc fails to make any adjustments during the game and just lets the team continue to play poorly.
    Hopefully Doc just shows the film of the 2nd quarter. It’s so simply how to beat the Heat by working off KG, sharing the ball and at least occasionally making wide open shots.
    Something needs to change because the Celtics aren’t playing the Hawks or 76ers anymore. They have ZERO chance in this series if they can’t actually score points…

  • Edward

    Im sorry, but Brandon Bass with 8 points and 2 rebounds was absolutely not mediocre. Hell Glen Davis did better than that, Brandon Bass need to be getting 15 and 7 at least, and he is definitely capable of it.

  • Ace-one

    What did Lebron do?

  • Noori

    I think we need to shop Rondo for something of value next season. I know this argument is age old, and I know the guy can do phenomenal things, but it all comes back to the jump shooting. I am sick of teams sagging off of him. right now he has the benefits of future hall of famers hitting their shots irregardless when he passes to them(maybe not really this year) but in the future when players sag off him on defense, who is he gonna pass it to?-

  • The Celtics are going to need to put up 90 reliably to beat the Heat. Raise your hand if you think they’re capable of that?

  • I know Paul is hurt, but he’s a hell of a lot better of an option than long shots by Ray at the moment. He needs to get involved.
    Too many missed freethrows. Can’t happen in the playoffs. Take away those misses and it’s a winnable four point game in crunch time.
    Too much scoring off the Heat bench, not enough off the Celtics bench (per usual). If you’re not going to contribute offensively as a role player, you better get your ass in gear on defense, especially against an equally weak bench. Get off the three point line and drive to the basket. I’m lookin at you, Pietrus.
    Too many long rebounds for the Heat for a ton of second chance points.
    Need more from Rondo that’s just a fact. He’s capable. Need more from Bass. I’m not so sure about playoff Bass coming through though. Basically need more from everyone not named KG.
    Lastly, on the officiating. It didn’t cost them the game, but if you’re going to call it one-sided, call it one-sided throughout. It’s such a cop-out to cover their asses trying to even out freethrows when the game is over. We could have used those freethrows when it mattered at critical junctures. They need to own their officiating. That’s my only complaint.
    Overall, the Celtics can play better and they will. If we know anything about them, we know they’re going down swinging.

  • Quest

    Well at least KG can retire with his head held high as he was the only one who has consistently showed up.
    Changing my vote Heat win in 4/5. Celtics just don’t have enough talent to go further. Peaked at the wrong time.

  • RyanH

    After a foul on KG with 2:00 left, LeBron held the ball in KG’s face saying, “Yeeeeeeeeeah” repeatedly like a clown. KG stood there staring him down, because if he did anything he’d probably get suspended. It’s such a double standard. We can’t talk, but they can taunt and yell like jackasses about every call. We gotta have our teammates stand up for one another within the context of the rules. A hard foul or two are necessary.

  • paul

    Well said. Rondo is of no value. Damned disco dancer.

  • aaron

    i vote for marquis daniels to finally contribute by punching lebron in the nuts. who cares. he gets suspended.

  • Classless

    Allen/Pietrus 7 points over 48 minutes is unacceptable. I don’t really know what Boston does with the SG position. Ray Allen, especially, looks like toast.
    The technicals were terrible, but didn’t affect the end result. Outrebounded by 15. Putrid shooting. Same old story with this team.

  • Classless

    I don’t know who you think Brandon Bass is, but he’s a career sub forced to play starter’s minutes due to multiple injuries.

  • trytryagain

    Checking in for the predictable “ref blame” conspiracy after a loss. You didn’t disappoint!

  • You all see how “good” Mike P. is.
    His incredible defense. His 3 pt shoot.
    Being a French Celtic fan, I’ve been posting things about him now and then and nobody felt like answering because it seems to be an elite club over here, I do love this blog anyway.
    C’s need more firepower to go over this ugly Miami team. KG can’t be the only consistent player.

  • Nora

    You must be a Heat fan, they never need to blame a loss on the refs because they get all the calls!

  • Nora

    Anytime C’s had any momentum a tech was called. It is not a conspiracy. It’s a solid FACT

  • Nora

    Another thing here is a stat that Red’s Army brings up FACT:
    ‘Gary Tanguay had a great stat during the post game; 23 technical fouls have been called on Heat opponents during playoffs, while only 3 have been called on Heat.’

  • I hate the Heat.
    They just became the perfect NBA product selling for David Stern, so LeBitch and Sade can do WHATEVER they want on the court, from harassing opponents to making spectacular plays. Well directed officiating assists them on their purpose.
    THAT SAID, the Celtics have showed power and horses to win…one game in these series. Maybe. Not more, because the Heat are younger, stronger and they have lots of quality, and if you don’t run how much they run, they’re gonna score on you like that.
    The game went EXACTLY like how I expected, unfortunately..

  • NorthernGreen

    I hope the ref’s get the hair from across their collective a*ses and call this like an NBA ECF should be called. It’s not supposed to be about the refs!! A 23-3 disparity is not reasonably possible. The C’s need to wake up, regroup, and win game two. I would like to see this series tied up when I am at Game 3!!

  • Really?!?

    The refs were soooo bad. We mighta lost if this game was called fairly anyway but that was terrible. I’m really starting to question the integrity of the NBA. Not one of those Techs were legit. We got called for everything. They got called for nothing. How can the refs be that bad if they aren’t trying to? You can say the same thing about Game 4 last series.

  • trytryagain

    No, I’m not. Just a realist who has seen the hilarious patterns amongst Celtic’s fans and particularly this blog over the years.

  • trytryagain

    I agree 100%. And except for the one on Doc, they were all deserved. Swallow it.

  • trytryagain

    Better defense, smarter play = way less techs. Makes sense.
    If the stat was in the C’s favor, you would either be ignoring it or boasting it as a sign of the Celtic’s obvious superior basketball talent.