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Video: Rondo’s killer 3


After the game, Doc Rivers said he thought Rondo was a good shooter when he catches the ball in rythm.  He also said you could tell Rondo wanted this shot.  

The kid showed some big-time sack in taking that shot.  And check out Pierce's reaction….

Rondo 3 pierce celebrates gif

This team kills me sometimes.  I feel like I need a defibrillator to watch some of their games.  But goddammit I love this group.  

Grit and balls man… grit and balls.

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  • paul

    Are the Cs still going to come out flat for every game? ‘Cause then the Heat really will steamroller us.

  • Quest

    Look at Rondo’s face man he wanted it and was focused.

  • JimmyG

    Barfight man. If Rondo played every game the way he played the last three minutes he would be the best player in the NBA. Can’t overlook KG’s defense but Swag played incredibly well in the fourth.