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Bosh might not play (and it’s not necessarily a good thing)

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“He’s doing a little bit more, [but] he’s still indefinite,” Spoelstra said of Bosh. “For me, it’s my responsibility right now to prepare this team without him. If and when we get to a point when he starts to emerge into the picture, we’ll gladly deal with that. For our mental state of health — and I’d love to [get] Chris — but our preparation is without him.”


Chris Bosh is a good player.  We joke around.  We have fun at his expense because he has had the toughest transition to the Big 3 circus in Miami.  But he’s good.

But a funny thing happens when he faces Kevin Garnett.  Let’s check’s Stats Cube for the numbers:

Kg vs bosh statscube

KG plays worse in a Chris Bosh game when Bosh is on the court. Bosh plays worse in general.  And this takes me to a quote from Frank Vogel after he got eliminated.

“Chris Bosh is an awesome basketball player, but when he goes down, that just means more touches for LeBron and Wade,” Vogel said. “That’s not exactly an advantage.”

Focus on the second part for a minute.  More touches for Wade and LeBron is a bad thing indeed.  Especially when you have a matchup that Bosh loses.  Back to Stats Cube for a minute

Kg vs haslem statistics

KG’s numbers with Haslem on the court take a bit of a hit. That’s not to say he can’t get going against Haslem, but Udonis is tougher, and he’s a better defender.  Plus, Haslem doesn’t demand touches like Bosh does.  Haslem gets leftovers right now and his job is to just knock down shots when LeBron or Wade have drawn a ton of defenders.

With Bosh in the game, he needs touches to get going.  He needs more than overflow offense or else he gets whiny.

Again, it’s a tough argument to make because it’s not like Bosh is a slouch.  He can burn you if you let him.  But it’s obvious that KG is in his head, too.

Bosh might miss this series… and you’d think that’s a good thing.  And I think it is… but the numbers seem to tell a little different story.


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  • paul

    People make fun of Bosh, and there’s plenty of good reason for that, but if he played for us, he’d be brilliant. He’s on the wrong team.

  • Lantrell Walker

    Think about it like this: KG is one of the greatest defenders ever, he’s mobile, long, smart & 7ft tall. Now take one of the greatest defenders ever(team & individual, not to mention that he doesn’t have to key in on Chris Bosh) and let him play free safety around the basket. KG’s gonna have his hands in a lot of pies defensively(as if he wasn’t already a great help defender)& put some serious fingerprints on this series on that end of the floor(as usual).