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Your Morning Dump… Where the guys are confident

Paul pierce, ray allen, kg on the celtics bench laughing
Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Asked about their resiliency, Rajon Rondo said, "We haven’t got it done yet, but we will tomorrow. I think it’s our mindset. It’s our focus and our intentions coming into the game. We’re going to make sacrifices and make plays."


“Of course, we’re at home but they’ve beaten us on our home court,” Pierce said, referring to the 82-81 loss in Game 2. “You still have to go out and play the game but I feel good. A couple of days rest for a veteran team, much needed. I like our chances.


I've said it a bunch of times in a bunch of places.  I'm supremely confident in a win tonight. The Sixers are going to get caught up in the hostility of the Garden crowd just like they got caught up in the craziness of the Philly crowd.  They'll make stupid mistakes because of it. 

The Celtics, meanwhile, have a long history of bouncing back at home after horrible losses on the road in the playoffs.  This is tailor made for a Gino-time romp and a Rondo triple double.

Don't give me jinxes.  I don't believe in that stuff.  This is history and reality.  Even with the injuries, the Celtics can pull this off in a big way.

On page 2:  Philly fans think KG has a point about the "fair weather thing"


It's pretty funny to see that many people agree with KG's "fair weather" assessment.  I know through the magic of television that you can edit a lot of things to look almost anyway you want it to, but that was still a lot of Philly fans acknowledging KG was right. 

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  • Let go of 2012, Celtic fans….Get ready to party next year!!!
    The Celtics always win a championship exactly TWO years after the Cardinals win a World Series.
    1964 Cards…1966 Celtics
    1967 Cards…1969 Celtics
    1982 Cards…1984 Celtics
    2006 Cards…2008 Celtics
    2011 Cards…

  • Quest

    Agree with Mike Walsh’s comments;
    “A lot of this is Doc Rivers ‘ fault. He has to realize that without Bradley for the remainder of the playoffs, Rondo can’t play his gambling style of defense. Ray Allen is not quick enough to back him up when he guesses wrong, nor is Pietrus or anyone else. That is why Jrue Holiday suddenly looked like Allen Iverson Wednesday night. Then, because we are playing small ball, there is no one to protect the rim.”
    Doc needs to make adjustment too its not all on the players.

  • Other than praying that a severe case of mononucleosis breaks out in the Miami Heat locker room, I’m about ready to start thinking about next year as well….

  • kg215

    Well the only super quick guys the Celtics have are Rondo and Bradley, and Bradley is hurt. Sorry but Doc can’t produce more super quick guys out of thin air. Even Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson can’t do that. It’s fine though if Holiday goes off as long as everyone else is shut down as usual. Can’t have guys like Lou Williams play well too.