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Recap: Rajon Rondo takes over down the stretch, Celtics advance

Rajon rondo layup in game 7

It looked like a killer moment for the Celtics.  Paul Pierce had committed his 6th foul with 4:16 left in a 3 point game.  The tide appeared to be turning.  This was truly a game changing moment.


It changed the game in the Celtics favor…. because Rajon Rondo went absolutely effing nuts.  He scored 11 of the Celtics next 12 points, including a long jumper to beat one shot clock buzzer, and a long 3 to beat another.  He was in full-on takeover mode, pulling Paul Pierce plays for the Truth while he cheered on from the bench.

The final tally for Rondo?  An 18 point, 10 rebound, 10 assist triple double.  Etch his name in Game 7 history.  He didn't dominate for a lot of the game, but he did when it mattered.

Ray Allen was terrible.. until he hit two massive 3's in the fourth quarter to keep Philly at bay. The Celtics had been 0-14 from that 3 until then.  

Kevin Garnett had a monster game that his 18 points and 13 rebounds can't quite capture.  He's not only THE reason the Celtics won this game (really, without KG, Rondo's heroics don't exist), he's THE reason they won the series.  

Brandon Bass stepped up and hit some big shots too.  The Celtics starters scored all but 7 of the team's points in this game.  

I will give the Sixers all the credit in the world… they fought their f'ing asses off.  They made mistakes, yes, but mostly because they're young and they got anxious.  They didn't make mistakes because they're bad.  Okay, Spencer Hawes is bad.  He was terrible.  I mean… yeesh.  But the rest of the team… props to them.  They will learn valuable lessons from this one.  I don't know if they collapse next year like they did this year. 

The Celtics now move on to face the Miami Heat.  Game 1 is Monday at 8:30.  This is going to be a tough one.  Let's enjoy this series win and relish the fact that in the 5th year of a 3-year window, the old, slow, Celtics… a team that will have at least SIX guys who started training camp with this team undergo surgery by the end of June… are one of four teams still standing in the NBA.  

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    Props to the 76ers for making this an awesome game. They could have easily given up, but they kept coming at us. Bring on Miami

  • Manny

    The moment Rondo got his first offensive rebound, I bet with my brother he would get a triple double and I won!!for the first 3 quarters I was begin for Doc to get Ray out the game and I’m glad he stuck with him. Kg was punking Brand all game haha.
    All I can think of now is how much of a difference Bradley would have been in the next series as i replay his block on wade in my head.

  • Kricky

    WOW! RR really is really taking a big step forward this season and in these playoffs. Amazing to see him close a huge game 7 game like this. I hope this dose wonders for his confidence and propels him to become the player we all know he can be.
    On to Miami. God I wish we had AB healthy and to sic on wade! (neveR thought I’d be saying that at the beginning of the season)

  • RyanH

    So, so proud of Rondo and KG in the final moments taking over. Rondo hit two long J’s and 4-4 FT’s. KG, who for most of his career was tormented for clutch moments, grabbed every rebound and made crucial shots. Not many people would expect us to win without Pierce as the closer, but Rondo did what we’ve all wanted him to do for his entire career- step up and lead. Let’s shock the world in this next round.

  • *shrugs shoulders as Rondo drains clutch 3’s*
    I truly can’t explain what i saw the last 4 minutes. But THANK GOD for Miami. Some good old fashion pure hate coming up Monday to wash this brown streak of a playoff series away.

  • lkk23

    that gif of KG is terrifying, lol… his post game interview was pretty good too. i think sbnation has a gif of KG looking into the camera ‘breaking the 4th wall’…


    Man i love bass. If he plays with confidence and takes it to the hoop miami will have a tough time. Any way you look at it RONDO/ALLEN/PIERCE/KG combo is greater than LEBRON/D-vagina. We make our shots and rebound and will be playing the spurs in two weeks.

  • Noori

    Gif = win

  • If you had told me earlier the C’s would would need 2 long jumpers late in the game from Rondo I would have worried. That was an amazing finish by an amazing player. This team has come a helluva long way since the all-star break, and have nothing to lose heading to Miami. I thought the whole team played hard tonite, especially Ray, who I thought did a great job staying with Turner. As beat up and tired as we are, just need to win one down in Miami.

  • Crowd collectively sh*t itself when Paul fouled-out. He was getting pounded all night and got 0 calls from those 3 bum-ass refs. I looked to my companion and said: “Either KG, Rondo or Ray steps-up or we’re screwed.” Just amazing to be in that building tonight when Rondo took-over. He just blew the roof off that place. Even though the stat sheet won’t say it, Pietrus’ energy tonight was important as hell. But 7 bench points ain’t gonna cut it. Someone will need to step-up against the Heat. We live on to play another series!!! Ubuntu.

  • First of all, the beginning of this recap–the part about the game changing but changing in favor of the Celtics– was literally taken DIRECTLY from CSN, so you might wanna cite your sources.
    But anyway, I’m glad to see the Celtics live on for another series. Who knows how this series will go, honestly? But a couple of points.
    1. I think the Sixers honestly have more heart than the Heat have. They may not have the same talent, but their defense was honestly INCREDIBLE. I think this series was ugly for a reason. Not just because the teams played badly (which did happen sometimes), but mostly because the defense was incredible. Miami is good defensively, but I’m not sure those guys bring it like that for 48 minutes the way Philly did.
    2. The Celtics are not deep at ALL (especially since losing Bradley), but we have to realize that Miami is also incredibly thin in terms of guys who can score, especially without Bosh there. They have nothing like the depth that Philly ended up having.
    3. Regarding Rondo: I’m willing to give him all of the credit in the world for hitting those big time shots at the end of the game. He stepped up at the end the way we’ve been asking him to do for years and hit huge shots. However, I have one caveat…
    if he would f****ng give a better effort on each and every play consistently, this team would often not even BE in these situations where they need him to do what he did. You cannot just look at a guys stats and say that he played an amazing game. This is not baseball. This guy literally drives me NUTS. I’m saying this now just to show that it’s not only when he has a bad stat line or when the Celtics lose that I blame him. It’s even in games like this, where he ends up closing well. The kind of stuff I get pissed at him about has more to do with effort than anything else.
    It’s funny, because Doc preaches to this team about not trying to be the hero, and to a large part that message really is absorbed by everyone on this team–EXCEPT for Rondo. I’m not talking about offense here. I’m talking about on defense. This guy ONLY puts in energy on defense or to get rebounds when it’s going to be a big play that makes him look good. This is why he gambles all of the time, lets guys go by him and then tries to poke it away, etc. A perfect example is the play when he went for the steal and then Holiday had a WIDE open three that sparked a Philly run. Rondo completely gave up when he didnt make the home run play. It is PATHETIC, and I lose a ton of respect for this guy as a former basketball player myself when he does that. What’s even more pathetic to me is that he can be playing on a team with Kevin Garnett (who is the polar opposite) and still pull that bull shit. There is such thing as hero ball on defense, and that’s exactly what Rondo does, night in night out, and that seriously hurts this teams chances.
    Finally, props to Ray Allen. Seriously. This guy is REALLY sucking it up to play each and every night and he hit two HUGE shots for this team. It’s so damn hard to be able to hit shots when you have any sort of lower body injury because of the way it effects your ability to be on balance and get lift, and he just sucks it up and plays. Someone above said they were begging Doc to take Ray out–who are you going to play? They don’t have another shooting guard on the roster…Dooling? Forget about it.

  • paul

    I can’t even imagine the horrendous officiating we are about to witness Monday night….

  • JR99

    Well, it’s not likely to ever get worse than Bill Kennedy in game 4… as blatant a thievery as I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, with the increased scrutiny that comes from being in one of only two conference finals, we can get something close to fair officiating. But then, that’s always my hope, and I am often (well… usually) disappointed.

  • This entire recap was written on my own. I don’t plagiarize… period. If others watching the same game had the same reaction, so be it.
    I take accusations like this seriously… so know your facts before you toss them around

  • I searched around and could not find whatever he was talking about. Considering the Reds Army recap was written immediately after the game, one possibility is that CSN plagiarized your account and then took it down.

  • DJinthehall

    Let me clear up the Rondo controversy . Your EXPECTATIONS ARE TO FUCKING HIGH!
    Maybe people don’t know how to react to someone that throws out triple doubles on the norm in the playoffs.
    Not really sure what you want haters want from our 6’1 point guard

  • DJinthehall

    and Stats do matter, because 3 of those defensive rebound were gigantic in the last 3 minutes.

  • I don’t think that happened either. I don’t doubt that someone had the same sentiment about this somewhere… written or on TV. I’m sure a lot of people did. That was supposed to be a turning point. All of us who write about and cover the team thought that would be one… and the Celtics went nuts.
    We’re all watching the same game. I’m sure from time to time, we think, write and say the same things about them. But I’ll be damned if I sit there and take a plagiarism accusation lightly… especially when we cite a million other things on this site daily