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Video: “This is forever…”

If you're not pumped-up for tonight's Game 7 of Celtics-Sixers, you may want to see your doctor. I've also got a short clip that may help. This is another in ESPN's "A Champion Will Rise" series. It features Larry Legend telling it like it is: "You don't play for stats…..your records will be broken….."


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  • Yes! You’ve got to believe it’s still out there people.
    The guys can’t take beating Philly tonight for granted, it’s true. But it would be awful if they played mopey and just let it all go because Avery just got shut down and they believed they couldn’t win it all.
    Our team still has the guys to beat Miami. The Rondo/AB backcourt was so great against Miami, but they’re not going to have Bosh now. Kevin and Bass upfront are going to be tough for Miami to deal with. Paul and Mike on Lebron is as good as most anybody else can put out there. Rondo is in much better shape in terms of battle damage this year than last year, even before the take down. Miami relies on Wade and Lebron to score more than ever before and that makes them vulnerable.
    They CAN beat Miami.
    And then what? Then you’re in the finals. Anything is possible. Somebody from the East has to play for a title this year. And if this is the end of the era, I hope at least they go out PLAYING for a championship.
    So here comes Philly.
    I don’t think they should be able to beat this Celtics squad unless the C’s don’t play like they are capable of playing.
    If these Celtics play like they are capable of playing and Philly wins anyway, then so be it. I can live with that.
    Play with pride and let the ball decide.
    I believe the ball will want to see if Miami really deserves a trip to the finals this year. They’ve got to show the ball that they’re the team for the job.