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What if the Celtics lose…

SixersVSceltics03112011-9Have we even considered this reality yet? I mean after all, the Celtics are supposed to win Saturday night aren't they? They are a much better team than the Sixers right?

Is it me or is there minimal panic in Celtics Nation for what could be one of the biggest Game 7's in the Big Three era? Few have been losing sleep at night wishing they could get just one or two shots back (Ala 2010 NBA Finals) and I have to wonder why that is. It is that overconfidence in Celtics Nation that has worked its way via osmosis into the heads of the Celtics players throughout the season. It is that overconfidence that has fueled the Sixers to push that much harder to prove everyone wrong; for the first time this postseason the Celtics are no longer the underdogs. But what if they lose? What will the fallback be? 

Yes, the Celtics are the favorite, but what if they lose? How will fans remember this team? Will they be remembered for the miserable start to the season? Will they be remembered for the heart and hustle they found late in the season? Will it be remembered for the moves (or lack there of) made at the deadline? Or will they be remembered as the team that just didn't take advantage of a golden opportunity that lay before them?   Personally, anything short of a championship in the city of Boston is a failure. When the Celtics had the opportunity to blow things up or make one last push, the goal wasn't to make Game 7 of the second round, it wasn't to just make the Eastern Conference Finals, it was to win the 18th Banner and anything short of that is a failure.

That may sound harsh but that is the reality of the decision that was made at the deadline. The Celtics had opportunities to get younger, more athletic and to give a headstart to the rebuilding process, while I didn't agree with the decision to stay put at the deadline, I knew we as fans had no choice but to ride the wave, but at the end I feel that if the Celtics fall short, Ainge will be questioned for his decision to stay put as much as he was questioned for the trading of Kendrick Perkins. Making the Conference Finals will dwindle the crowd that will question this, but a loss in the second round to a far inferior team from Philadelphia will undoubtedly raise the question.


So instead of just assuming the Celtics will win, have a bit of concern; this team isn't exactly in the best physical condition right now, they do have depth problems and quite frankly they're exhausted. It's healthy to have a little concern about your team, its obnoxious to be overconfident. So what if the Celtics lose this game? What will your history book say about the 2011-12 Boston Celtics?  Will a loss change your final view on what you remember about the New Big Three era? 1 Championship in five seasons, weren't they supposed to win at least two when the team came together according to the "experts"?  Overconfident or not, Celtics fans should get ready to ride the palomino stallion and get behind your Celtics,  but man if they lose won't it be an old fashioned shot to the nutsack?

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  • Joe

    They’re not going to win the championship no matter how you slice it. So there’s absolutely no pressure on them. If they win Saturday, it just prolongs their knockout date.

  • APC

    Just to be realistic, our chances vs. Heat, Spurs or Thunder are very small.
    Those teams are rested, healthier, deeper, and played better for all season.
    So win game seven or not I think we had a good run, and maxed out our potential.

  • APC

    you beat me to it…

  • vandell

    Im proud of our Celtics, period. I know its a chance they could lose game seven, but they knew what dragging this thing out would produce, and honestly… if they don’t get it done they’ll hafto suffer the consequences .

  • Bryant

    What Joe said. They may well lose, but I started mourning their championship chances when Pierce was injured. When Bradley went down, that was just icing on the cake. Tonight doesn’t affect that one way or another.
    And Ainge made the right call at the trade deadline. It wasn’t a choice between rebuilding well and going for it one more time, it was a choice between rebuilding poorly and going for it one more time. There’s no point in rebuilding poorly even if the odds of a championship were low. Which, as it turned out, they weren’t — if you magically restored the whole current roster to health, they’d make the Finals.
    So no regrets, and much pride in my Celtics for showing so much heart this postseason.

  • Losing Game 7 is a very very real possibility.
    They would be remembered as a Celtic team that {once again} was forced to deal with ridiculous adversity that never affects NBA athletes {Green, Wilcox}…staged a great second-half revival spearheaded by KG and the emergence of Bradley….then finally succumbed to a crazy injury to Bradley that never affects 21 year old guards.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    They’ve exceeded my expectations for this season. Win or lose tonight, and win or lose against Miami, we’re not beating the Spurs or OKC. I just want to know what the team will look like next season.

  • Alex

    Like everyone said above, I thought the Celtics had an amazing run. Lots of heart… but unfortunately for the Big 3, their one and only chance for a championship… that window has officially closed when Pierce’s knee got screwed up (during practice *sighs*) and Bradley went down (Wade is surely happy about this).
    Good stuff, Celtics. I just want 2 months to pass by now and see how the team has changed.

  • GoWyo

    I guess I’d rather see them go down in game 7 against Philly than in a sweep against thos whiney assed d-bags in Miami. I didn’t expect much from this team this season, and they surprised me, but game 6 is the only game I’ve watched these guys play that truly pissed me off. That’s when I could tell that it’s over and the team knows it too.

  • paul

    Comparing Ainge not making a move this deadline to Ainge basically kicking a probable championship in the nuts last year is nothing short of insane.
    Literally. It’s insane. Anyone who persists in such beliefs should make an appointment with a good therapist.
    As for tomorrow night, we will get blown out. This team has played this entire post season with little to no urgency. They have allowed a Sixer team that was ready to bow to them two or three times beat them repeatedly. There is no way the Cs win tomorrow.
    Unless. Jeez, unless they actually play with some urgency, and if Garnett stops being a kitty kat, and if Rondo gets over the Avery Bradley funk, and Allen hits some shots, and all the rest. This is an emotional team. But they need to learn that you can’t just always react to external events. You can’t always let the outside world drive your emotions. You have to find the fire within, or really, just forget it and go home.

  • Andrew

    I think like most others have comented, that this team was a champioship caliber team when healthy at the end of the season. With injuries to Ray, Pierce, Steisma, Pietrus, And finally are defensive stopper in Avery Bradley it has taken us out of the running.
    I think we can still put up a fight against the heat and maybe squeeze out 2-3 games against them, but i would be glad just to put up a good fight. Has been a great season when hopes were not too high.
    You never know though…..if Bosh does not play at all next series we could pull a stunner and knock off the heat. Rondo and KG would have to be consistently aggressive as well as Pierce. So i am saying ther’s a chance!@

  • GreenMachine#5

    Why am I not surprised Nick Sannicandro, wrote this piece. If they lose to the Sixers, which can happen. I would be disappointed more this series, than last season’s series loss to the Heat. Though the Sixers are well coached and play great defense, they’re still an inferior team compared to the Celtics.
    There’s no reason for the Celtics to be in a game 7 with the Sixers, but the Celtics have a habit of making things worse than they should. The Celts are a difficult team to grasp. Reality is the Celtics should of won games 2 and 4 or 6, but instead chose the hard route by not showing up for games 4 and 6.
    New Big 3 Era:
    2 Finals appearance 2008, 2010
    5 Division Titles
    2 Conference Titles
    2008 Coach of the Year – Doc Rivers
    2008 GM of the Year – Danny Ainge
    2008 Defensive Player of the year – (BOS) K.Garnett
    2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 – Three seasons of injuries that prevented a title run
    (KG 09, Perk 10, S.O’Neal, J. O’Neal, West, Rondo, Daniels 11, Wilcox, Green, JO, Allen and Bradley 12)
    This Big 3 era, had an outstanding run. They made the Celtics, one of the most successful franchise in sports history relevant after more than 20yrs.

  • rondo719

    Why the Celtics should become like the Spurs this offseason:

  • I am still watching for the perfect storm, I think they can still do it. All they have to do is shut down one of the big two on the heat and they have a chance. I think this last game with the 76ers will be won with pure heart, and if they dug deep and won the game against Atlanta without Rondo then they can make it to the finals, Rondo was not pleased with the way he played game 6 and if I know Rondo, he’s not going to roll over and play dead for nobody, they have had two days of rest, thats nothing but gas for K.G., that was time for some cortizone for Paul, and some time of reflection for Bass, Bass had a taste of the spot light and he liked it, he wants to get there again, with all this and on home court, they got this, this one is for A.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trey A

    To be honest idc what happens in game 7. We’ve already got past expectations and this last run is sort of a bonus run. I thought and hoped that danny would trade ray at the deadline. But there were plenty of trades that we could have made without including the big 3. I was hoping danny would try to go out and get a guy like marcus camby or jordan hill who were both traded for next to nothing but that didnt happen so no matter what im a celtic 4 life

  • James Eisenman

    OMG. I am so tired of this guy’s pieces. I hate what he writes about my team. He was wrong about Indiana. He was wrong about Brandon Bass. He wastes articles on issues such as “What would the Celtics have been like if Reggie Lewis and Len Bias had survived?” (I’m joking. His was on the crushingly important issue of “What if the Celtics had drafted Durant?”) Now this non-issue of how should we view the Big 3 Era if they should lose Game 7. Nick, let me say this. NO ONE CARES! We love the Celtics. I have loved the Celtics long before you were a twinkle in your Daddy’s eyes. I don’t examine eras or compare decades. I love this team and I ALWAYS want them to win, even when they have guys on their team like Rondo. He’s on my team and I live with it. There is no reason for anyone to assess eras or wonder what would have happened if Larry Bird had a better vertebral structure. Life is what it is. Talk about something someone cares about. I care about winning Game 7. This team will go down like the 1969 Celtics (long before your father probably was watching Nick). They played hurt and they won a championship after coming in 4th place with everyone hurt and bandaged. No one thought they could do it. And no Celtics fan wrote an article on how the Russell Era was going to be defined if they lost. Get a life Nick!

  • CoachBo

    Agreed. We are so bad and so erratic offensively that there simply is no shot at a title, win or lose Saturday.

  • CoachBo

    To the author: Yeah, I have considered it, given the steaming turd Rondo laid Wednesday night and the possibility that he’s busier lining up summer tee times than preparing for game 7.
    I have to wonder, though, about anyone who’d suggest that this era may have been a failure. You would have preferred the steaming pile of crap we called the 2007 Celtics? I know, given my time on other sites, how in vogue it is to pine for the flotsam and jetsam Danny palmed off on McHale and the alleged genius Sam Presti – God knows, I really miss Wally Z and the microscopic basketball IQ of Gerald Green myself, about like I miss my wisdom teeth – but serious basketball fans realize how thoroughly full of shit that sentiment is.

  • Funny part is I know exactly who this is, the fact you don’t approve of my articles only encourages me to write them more because reality is its someone thinking outside the box rather than like other blogs that just copy other peoples work.
    Lastly, your grammar sucks, glad nobody has to read your crap

  • If you look up “horse’s ass” in the dictionary, Nick Sannicandro’s picture is next to it. My God, if my comments cause you to write more “out of the box” articles, I promise to stop commenting. Just stop writing! Please! You once falsely claimed to have played two years of college basketball. I thought the lie was that you played basketball. The lie is that you went to college. I guess my magna cum laude degree from UCLA, graduating in the top 10% of my class at UCLA Law School and teaching Business Law in college for the last 10 years was not based on grammar. Your comment is literally the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever written. In the worst run-on sentence in history, you wrote:
    Funny part is I know exactly who this is, the fact you don’t approve of my articles only encourages me to write them more because reality is its someone thinking outside the box rather than like other blogs that just copy other peoples work.
    Hmm! You don’t start a sentence with “Funny part is.” You say ” The funny part is…” There should be a comma after is. There should be a period after “who this is.” You should say “The fact that you don’t approve,” not “the fact you don’t approve.” You don’t say “reality is.” You say “the reality is.” When you say “its someone thinking outside of the box,” you’re supposed to use an apostrophe. ( “it’s” ). It’s “other people’s work,” not “peoples.” Also, this thing you call a sentence should actually be about three of them.
    Anyway, Nick. It’s not my grammar that sucks buddy. Let me suggest a topic for your next probing article. Hmmm! It’s difficult to think outside of the box for a dummy like me. Yes, I have it. How about “If Brandon Bass scores 30 tomorrow night and goes 15-15 from the floor, maybe I should complain about him hogging the ball too much!”

  • dude I really dont give two steaming loads what youve done or if you like me or my writing or if you believe anything I’ve done, for all I care you can fall in an uncovered manhole and cease to exist. The reality is you are nobody to me, there are 19 other people that have commented on here and all contributed something to the piece and their opinion yet you are the only one that feels the need to bitch and moan at every article written and you contribute NOTHING, what are your credentials as a basketball fan again? What makes your opinion that much more valid? Oh thats right it isnt so do me a favor go play with yourself a little more and pound sand because I’ll be honest with you if you wanna play hard I’ll play ten times harder big shot. Try me

  • Wow. We’re a little touchy, aren’t we Nicky? That was was worst pile of steaming crap grammar that I’ve ever seen before. I don’t have to mean anything to you. Who cares? You are a stinky writer with no credentials as an analyst. You think you know something but know nothing. Where’s Indiana, Mr. Credentials? My point is that there was nothing constructive about your article. Danny made a great move to put this team together. Championships are illusive. They depend on more than ability and talent. So, wasting everyone’s time on an article about the legacy of putting together The Big Three if they lose tonight is simply mental madturbation by a person with too much time on his hands and no real insight. And dude, your grammar REALLY SUCKS!!! LOL

  • Nick Sannicandro

    like I said bud you wanna keep playing the game you have no clue what your starting and who your starting with

  • Ooh scary. I may not sleep tonight worrying what’s going to happen when tough guy Nicky “starts” with me. I’m not worried buddy. Get a life. Go back to school. You’ve chosen the wrong career. You don’t think out of the box. You think out of anyone’s interest. Have a nice night tough guy.

  • And what if they won?!!!!! Good post Nicky. LOL