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Bradley having surgery today

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) May 25, 2012 Avery Bradley, Celtics News, Injuries 4 Comments on Bradley having surgery today

Avery bradley shoulder injuryThe Avery Bradley situation has gone from "he might play in Game 6" to "out for four months" in a blink… and that was solidified today at shoot around when word broke that Bradley would need surgery to repair his constantly dislocating left shoulder.

If you go back to the beginning of training camp, Bradley will be the fourth Celtic this season (Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox, Jermaine O'Neal) to have surgery, while two more (Ray Allen, Mickael Pietrus) will likely have surgery before the end of June. 

You tell me, what team can survive six players having or needing surgery before the season ends? 

Other practice notes: 

  • Keyon Dooling missed practice because he is sick. 
  • Greg Stiemsma's foot hurt so much he couldn't play the second half of Game 6.  But he and Ray are feeling better.

So everyone's hurt but most guys will play and they'll worry about surgeries and recuperation later.  

Say what you will on this team, but they're full of tough bastards that are playing through a whole lot more than most people would.  They may be too beaten up to get much further in the playoffs, but they're not rolling over and using it as an excuse, that's for damn sure.  You can be proud to be a fan of this team.

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  • Chuck

    The most overplayed theme of the playoffs is “don’t bitch about injuries because everyone is hurt.”
    Big difference between hurt and injured. The Celtics have a lot of guys who are injured.

  • KY Celts fan

    This team reminds me of Sgt. Horvath at the end of Saving Private Ryan. He may have been shot eight times, but he was still gonna keep reloading and firing that bazooka as long as he could.
    As long as these guys can put one foot in front of the other and get the ball in the air, they’re gonna play.

  • RyanH

    Be well, Avery. Kid was inspirational in how he never gave up. He was taking HARD fouls on that bad arm and never bitched like that egomaniac Wade in Miami. I’d go to war any day with Avery Bradley. Very much looking forward to watching him progress in his career.

  • Go Celtics

    It is what it is guys. The hell with it! It has been a fun ride, I just hope if we do go out, we go out with a BANG!