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Report: Orlando wants Doc Rivers

DocESPN's Chris Broussard says the Orlando Magic want Doc Rivers:

The mere mention of Shaq, even if he turns out to be something more than a courtesy candidate, surely (and sadly) overshadows the most interesting part of Broussard's notebook-on-TV report, which revealed that the Magic's secret dream is trying to find a way to convince Doc Rivers to leave the Boston Celtics to come back to Central Florida. 

Now THAT makes sense. It's the longest of long shots with Doc only just finishing Year 1 of a new five-year, $35 million contract to coach the Celts, but Orlando's thinking there is steeped in sound logic. If they could somehow convince Rivers to rejoin the Magic — even if Doc insisted on a management-only role — Dwight would surely be wowed. And the number of true stars in the Magic Kingdom would instantly double. 

Don't have a clue how the Magic plan to convince Boston to let Doc out of his contract, but why let details get in the way? The mere idea is the smartest we've heard out of Orlando in years. 

Why the hell would Doc leave a stable environment in Boston for the chaos in Orlando? The answer is he wouldn't.

The Celtics future is bright. The team is a blend of young and veteran talent. There's cap space looming this summer. If Danny Ainge plays his cards right, the Celtics will be contenders for next season and beyond.

Orlando is still being held hostage by Dwight Howard. If he goes, the organization goes into rebuilding mode. If Howard stays, I still don't see the Magic as a better team than the Celtics.

As for the possibility of Doc wanting to return home, his kids are growing up. Austin will be playing pro ball. Daughter Callie is a pro volleyball player. His youngest son, Spencer, is in high school. It's not like Doc will be packing lunches and handling car pool duties.

Doc made his intentions clear last year. He wants to be part of this organization. He's a Celtic.

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  • Alex

    Orlando might have the better weather, but Boston is less insane than that organization.

  • How can anyone take an organization like Orlando seriously…when they are considering Shaq for the GM position???