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Enemy Chatter: Rajon Rondo is a weird dude

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Philadelphia.

The Sixers played a lot better in this one, and we'll talk about some of the good Sixer performances, but really, Philly was able to win this game because of three things, all Boston-related: Brandon Bass couldn't make a shot, Ray Allen is off his game, and Rajon Rondo is a weird dude. The first two are easily explained—Bass had probably the best game he's ever going to have in the playoffs in Game Five, scoring 18 points in the third quarter, and was probably due for a clunker like this. Meanwhile, Allen has been dealing with injury the entire playoffs, and while his 4-11 line isn't awful, he missed a couple key good looks (including a three with a minute to go) that you feel like Ray Allen at 100% hits at least 90% of the time.

Rondo, though…man. You get why rooting for this guy can be so frustrating an experience, because his talent is so blinding that like few players short of LeBron James, when he's on his game, you wonder how you can ever beat him. But when he's not engaged, which seems to happen every now and then for no particular reason, you get games like tonight, where he refuses to attack the basket, misses jumpers and free throws, and makes careless turnovers (like the one in the final minutes where he lost an easy rebound out of bounds), without even seeming to care all that much. Dude's an enigma for sure, but he generally has way more games like Game Five than like the one he had tonight, and you'd expect him to bounce back for Game Seven on Saturday. This was certainly an opportune time for him to have a stinker, though, and we'll take what we can get. 

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Welcome to our world, Philly. 

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  • You know maybe a year ago I would have agreed to this article, but Rondo has carried this team on his back all year. You know back in the day you could say something about Rondo not being engaged but that certainly was not the case last night, it looked more than that, I even saw Paul Pierce trying to encourage him from the sideline. People have to realize that even though this is not the time, we cant tell our bodies and our mind when to have an amazing game, Lebron is suppose to be the best player in the NBA and even he has bad games, so guess what, Rondo will have them to, even in the playoffs.This kid has had an amazing year, people had them counted out for the season not to even mention the playoffs and they made it. Rondo has been playing practically the entire game each time they play, even though hes young, he gets tired to. I hate it when he is doing good, everybody want to be on teamRondo, then time he has a bad game, its time to trade him, its not over until its over, they have 2 days to rest, they have home court advantage, they still can pull it together, its not time to panic. The Celtics have an opportunity to be in the ECF, when nobody thought they would make it, so lets be there with them to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And please dont say how much money this kid makes, because that has nothing to do with being over worked, if that be the case, come fill in for him so he can have a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CoachBo

    Baloney. He doesn’t play hard often enough, and he just refuses to run this offense in a manner in which we can win – attacking, kicking and distributing.
    He took the game off last night. Period. And if you’re OK with that, take it up with Hubie Brown, who was ripping his lack of effort on the air, and other bloggers like this one who are making fun of it.
    The excuses made for this guy on the Web never cease to amaze me.

  • When they win, it’s usually been because 2 guys have 18-20 points, not any one person. On the flip side, their loses can’t be pinned on one guy either.
    Rondo had a horrendous game, awful. He knows we can’t afford him to have another one.. he’ll be good on Saturday.

  • Evelyn Roak

    It takes more than Rondo to attack. How many times have we seen Rondo want to push the ball and because he is surrounded by older, and now hobbled, players that can’t happen. Remember when Wilcox was running with him (and that was the idea of Jeff Green)?
    But, no, any offensive failure is Rondo’s, not the fact that other players on this team would ever do anything wrong. Steamer is never out of place on offense. PP never holds the ball too long in iso’s. KG never settles for the jumper. Etc etc. The problems are not all Rondo’s. Of course he plays poor games at times. But so do other players. But it is always the same broad critiques of Rondo ad nauseum.
    As much as some see the excuses as amazing others find the constant scapegoating unbearable.
    And, hey, what I am not going to do is call out all the other players who didn’t perform up to their standards as well as bums and useless. Cause that would be overreacting and painting with too broad a brush. And be oblivious to the fact that not every player has his best game every night. But please keep on doing that with Rondo.

  • Quest

    Well I say Rondo’s stock sure pummelled downward after that stinker of a game. Its the playoffs and he comes in looking disengaged and disinterested. Can’t see any contract exensions with Danny Ainge.

  • Quest

    Check out ESPN Boston “Which Rondo Will Show Up” article. Its about being a starter. Its about being the leader. Its about HIS role to set the pace and set the offense. Its his job on this team. Its the Playoffs you don’t take a night off. Fatigue… that belongs to the older guys. Commenting on his play is part of sports world.

  • paul

    ‘Coach’ Bo is in seventh heaven!!

  • paul

    Rondo played horrible. It was a punch in the gut. Here’s hoping he responds.

  • paul

    Nice hating. Rondo has had a brilliant season. He had one truly awful game. We’ll see how he does on Saturday. Another mega-stinker, and you may even have a point.

  • I can almost tolerate the Rondo haters. I don’t agree, but the debate has merit.
    I refuse to accept people here sighting ESPN/Disney as a credible source. Have some self respect!

  • Rondo can play his best with someone at about his same speed and not Ray Allen. On fast breaks he gets to the paint and has to look back for help who is half length of the floor behind. We should face the fact that Ray is also injured and cannot perform as his usual self. Maybe we should rely more on Dooling. I also don’t understand why Greg does not get enough minutes compared to Ryan who is really useless.

  • Totally agree that Rondo would be lights out in a lineup with speed, look at what he, AB and Wilcox started to put together.
    Steamer would be playing if he was healthy. His feet have been falling off for what seems like two months now and my guess is has just hit a wall with them. He has had plantar fasciitis in one foot and I think a fracture or something in the other. That’s why they had to even sign Hollins, especially after Wilcox’s condition.
    Steamer is playing for his NBA livelihood, he would be out there if he could be, Doc just can’t put him on the floor if he can’t move.